10 Easy Ways To Increase Career Visibility in Nigeria

by Ayopadeayo Oluwadamilola
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To experience growth in your career, it pays to be visible. Becoming visible in your career opens a lot of opportunities for you.

Another thing is having a career and making an effort to be known as an authority in your career. It would help if you had career visibility to achieve more feats. 


As a Nigerian, you need to work towards becoming known at your career because, as it is, it is not about who you know. It is about who knows you.

So how do you get to increase visibility at your workplace and career in Nigeria? 

Why Should You Increase Your Career Visibility? 

When you are known to be an expert in your field,  you will always be recommended for any job in your area. People who ask for your services will be confident in giving you any task.

Increasing your career visibility puts you in a map of credible professionals, it gives you an edge over others. So, you have to put yourself in the spotlight to become successful in your career. 

Sometimes, it gets good when people recommend you for opportunities rather than seeking for them. Once you’ve got the work and career you need, all you have to do is to increase your career visibility as it brings out the culmination of your efforts. As a Nigerian in the labour market, you must know how to increase career visibility at work. 

10 Easy Ways To Career Visibility In Nigeria 

  1. Be open to learning opportunities

The world is going digital, and organisations are looking out for people to take them through the journey.

As someone who wants career visibility in Nigeria, you must open up to the learning opportunities around you. 

Let’s say you work as an OAP (On Air Personality) in Lagos. You can open yourself to more by learning about voice-overs, public speaking and relations because opportunities might open for you to cover up those roles, and since you’ve learnt about them, you will handle them well. 

Today, many companies have made it a priority to introduce training, seminars and lectures. Attending them will allow you to become better and known in your workplace. When you attend, make sure you are active, network and meet people outside your departments. 

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  1. Get high visibility projects and do more than required

This is not you showing off; this is you showing up. If you notice any lagging project, put yourself up to the task of working on it. To get visibility, you have to task yourself. Do more, carry more and build more.

This act will put your name in your boss’s space, closer and even get familiar with other colleagues you’ve worked with outside your department during the project. 

Perhaps, you are a marketing executive in your organisation. Put yourself up to the task of leading your team, discussing this, way out, how to liaise with clients and seal the biggest deal ever. If you do this, you cannot go wrong. Instead, you are going up. 

  1. Find career sponsors

Recently, I attended a networking event, and some words stayed with me. One of them was to differentiate between mentors and sponsors. If you want career visibility, a career sponsor is needed.

A sponsor is a senior individual within your workplace who can put your name forward when opportunities are looking at them. 

A sponsor will advocate for your career visibility at higher levels of your organisation. They will work on your behalf even in meetings where you are absent. Finding a sponsor is one way to increase career visibility in Nigeria. 

  1. Build on your career expertise

When you are seen as an expert in your field, you will become an authority. People will come to you for solutions.

This expertise can lead to more high-visibility jobs, speaking engagements and career opportunities that will increase your career visibility. 

So, to become that go-to person, you need to build on your expertise. Perhaps you are good at customer management delivery, choose an area within that and build on it, become a professional and everyone will keep coming to you. 

By doing that, you are raising your scope and getting the needed ground to increase visibility at work in Nigeria. 

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  1. Be heard; author a book on your area of expertise

‘A closed mouth is a closed destiny.’ To gain career visibility in Nigeria, you must show your expertise, which becomes evident after building it. You have to be an outspoken person, not the quiet one, because it is by speaking up that you will be heard. 

When you are heard, people will mention your name and recommend you for jobs, although it’s not easy. You can start by asking and raising questions that will usher in an in-depth discussion. 

Or you can also write a book, own a blog about your experience and share it with others to learn more about it.

Let’s say you know more about personal branding, author a book or own a blog about building a personal brand and share your years of experience, hurdles, and way out with others. 

When you do this, people will see you, hear you and learn from you, increasing your career visibility as you journey through. 

  1. Have a good working relationship with your boss

You must develop a good working relationship with your boss if you want career visibility. No thanks to some bosses anyway. Nevertheless, look at the bright side of being good with your boss. 

When you develop a working relationship with your boss, your boss becomes an ally in increasing your career visibility in Nigeria.

You will become closer and share your thoughts and interests with them by placing them in charge at the table you are not sited. 

When next you are in discussion with your boss, ask for suggestions on the way forward on how you can add more value to the team and also take them to another level. 

There’s no way your boss will disagree because you want the best for the team, and someone who wants the best for the team wants the best for the organisation.

If opportunities are open to increasing the company, your name will be all over, and your profile will increase. 

  1. Volunteer, collaborate and represent your team 

Volunteering has helped in so many ways. Ask around (professionals and experts). They’ve all volunteered to help at a point, allowing them to show their expertise. You can do that, too. This is how to increase visibility at work. 

Do you think your team will perform better when you have a training session with them? Walk to your boss, put the idea forward and volunteer to take them through the session even if your job description says otherwise. If it’s what you can do, volunteer for the role. 

Collaborate with your team members to work the project out and put yourself forward to represent your department. This is not you being forward like Nigerians will say; this is you putting yourself in the limelight because your career visibility will increase your success capacity. 

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  1. Be open about your decisions

When you network, you are building an experienced way of connecting, sharing, and knowing more people across your spheres and building relationships with them.

Networking gets you the career visibility needed if properly done. Not the meet and greet one. Make it a point where you talk about who you are and how you can help grow and increase the team.

With networking, you grow, build, and nurture relationships. Be strategic and open with your approach and decisions and what you are working on. Your projects need to be heard, not kept.

Get the idea of what you want when you network and the people you’ll want to network to raise your career visibility in Nigeria. 

  1. Own and accept compliments

Modesty is important, I know, that’s what you are taught from childhood, but there are some areas you need to keep off from, like accepting compliments.

Most times, you might not like to receive compliments for a job well done, but you need it. So let people who see your effort compliment you and also take it from them by saying, “thank you, I appreciate it.” Do you know what it does to your career visibility? 

It brings confidence, and confidence boosts career visibility. Accepting compliments isn’t pride, but when you do not accept compliments, it becomes pride, and you don’t want that to stop the increase in your career visibility. 

  1. Build your brand

Do you want to know how to increase career visibility at work and in Nigeria? Build your brand. You are a brand. These are moments of personal show-up and reward; you have to put yourself out for what you want to boost your career visibility. 

How can you achieve that? The Internet has made it easy to access such opportunities. You are not just working within reach of your organisation but also to the outside world. Opportunities to show your expertise outside Nigeria might knock if you prioritise building your brand. 

To increase your career visibility, you must invest in personal brandings, such as showcasing your unique quality on platforms like Linkedin, writing a book, and owning a blog. Invest in personal development, have a consistent social media presence, and talk about his you can help businesses, brands, and individuals that you can help. You are a brand. Prioritise YOU! 


Career visibility takes a lot of hard work of bringing yourself to the table, what you can offer, and how you can help your organisation’s goals, mission and vision. And at the same time, building your expertise to what more you can do outside your career or work.

To increase your career visibility at work, you need to walk through the easy ways we’ve developed for you and make it something you will build on. You are to start it before others get to see your effort and carry your matter like theirs. Be your number one support. 

You can definitely send us any question on Whatsapp about career. We will gladly engage you with assuring anwers. Follow us on Twitter to also get tips on career as a Nigerian worker.

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