4 Recent Gaming Technology Trends For Players

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by Adetola Rachael Iyanuoluwa
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The gaming industry has improved its business in several ways, from acquiring excellent programming experts to hiring screenwriters for the flowing storyline most games offer. However, when it comes to advanced technology in recent years, the gaming industry has topped the chart.

The industry fuels its growth through the consistent development of gaming technology trends. This is why consoles like Microsoft Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, and Nintendo’s Switch have come a long way from 1972’s Magnavox Odyssey, which is the first gaming console.

The introduction of new game technology like AI and VR has given players excellent audio quality, fast streaming services, exceptional graphics, improved gaming gadgets, and many more. This article will discuss the gaming technology trends that exhibit the creativity of the video games industry.

4 Recent Gaming Technology Trends for Players

The introduction of these trends has given players an avenue to interact with the games in ways many thoughts were impossible. These are some of the gaming technology trends you shouldn’t miss and why you should consider them:

  1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming

Two gamers playing computer connected with joystick.

With the new accessibility to gaming on every device, smartphone players can experience the same features as a gamer with pads and accessories. However, one of the drawbacks for many gamers is device space. 

While you can download the game on your phone, it might be too large for your memory space, which eventually causes lags while you are playing. 

It’s usually why your game skips, the frame per second (FPS) doesn’t align, and you get a terrible game day. This is where cloud gaming saves the day.

Cloud gaming, also known as gaming-as-a-service, allows you to access your games without downloading them to your device. 

All you need is a working device such as a tablet, smartphone, or PC, and a good internet connection. The concept of cloud gaming was introduced in the 2000s with G-Cluster — the first cloud gaming platform. 

However, the inadequate internet power and technology sources made it difficult to implement. The Tech boom has changed this.

With enough internet speed, cloud gaming has gradually gained power as a gaming technology trend that offers players convenience, accessibility, and decreased stress of downloading games. This is especially important when you use a smartphone and need all the space you can get. Some of the best cloud gaming services include NVIDIA GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming Service, and Playstation Plus.

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  1. Metaverse


Metaverse digital gaming technology

Metaverse is the virtual world recently launched by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, now known as Meta. 

The Metaverse is a duplication of reality to a virtual world, promoted through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to give users a form of life on the internet. This means there are digital representations of things, places, and people on this platform, and you can tour the space with your Avatar as many musicians like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, who held musical concerts in Metaverse. 

Metaverse takes gaming to a whole new level. It offers gamers a next-level 3D graphics mixed reality experience, which it implements through AR and VR to create a platform where players can easily interact with each other and the virtual environment they are playing in. Metaverse also gives an opportunity for social gaming; you can invite and interact with millions of players worldwide, giving a whole new edge to multiplayer gaming.

One of its juiciest advantages is that you can use your game assets, which include your weapons, skins, avatars, and medical kits, in other virtual environments while the same NFT rules govern them. Some games you can find on Metaverse include Roblox, The Sandbox, Fortnite, Axie Infinity, Minecraft, Second Life, and many more.

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  1. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency 1

Many coins of various cryptocurrencies

While crypto isn’t one of the most direct gaming technology trends, it has helped gamers in many ways. Crypto is a virtual currency that operates on a peer-to-peer computer interaction to record and track transactions made while you play. It is a system that facilitates secretive deposits and withdrawals while purchasing in-app elements. Here’s how it works:

When you buy in-app purchases, you mostly pay with traditional methods like credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers. While these methods are customary payment systems, external forces often monitor them and could undergo delays for reasons as minute as a technical update. 

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are independent virtual currencies that run on blockchain technology, a digital ledger that facilitates and records transactions made with crypto. This means that no one controls these transactions, not banks and definitely not the government, and you can also transfer money without unnecessary delays. Crypto offers gamers anonymity, a secure gaming environment, faster transactions, and a safety net from cybercriminals, ensuring a smooth experience through these features.

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  1. Cross-platform gaming

Cross Platform Gaming

Cross-platform gaming on different video game hardware

Cross-platform games, also known as cross-play, can be played across multiple devices, including consoles, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. This means that you can play multiplayer games from different devices while getting the same experience from the game. 

Simply put, you can play Fortnite on your phone — if you can’t access your consoles at the moment — and still enjoy the same graphics, sound quality, and gameplay. Some of the cross-play games you can find include Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, Call Of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Sea of Thieves, and Chess Ultra.

Cross-platform games are at the forefront of gaming technology trends that might change the industry in a few years. Besides its accessibility to different platforms, it also ensures you can play games with your friends regardless of their gaming device, creating a win-win for everyone.

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Final Words

Technology fuels the growth of many industries in the world, such as the automotive industry’s self-driving technology and the booming utilization of the internet for companies’ product marketing. However, the gaming industry’s evolution since its inception as a technological anomaly in the 1950s is almost unrivaled. 

The future of gaming technology is fast approaching, with the introduction of several gaming technology trends that sets the bar for many industries. If you love gaming, you should tap into these trends to give yourself a fantastic experience.

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