Why Metaverse is the New Frontier in Technology

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Metaverse Technology

Who has not heard about the Metaverse technology? Probably no one! It has been among the major highlights in tech, over the past few months. For starters, there was the idea and acceptance of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Later, there was the rise and fall of crypto. Then there was also the introduction of the 5G network along with discoveries in AR technology. 

However, among the buzz, Facebook’s rebrand as Meta stood as a defining moment for Metaverse Technology. Surprisingly, many people still do not understand what Metaverse technology is about. In the subsequent paragraphs, you will learn about Metaverse Technology. You will also learn about why this discovery has the potential to change our lives. You don’t want to miss this!

Demystifying The Metaverse

Have you ever imagined how it must have felt when social media was just texts? Now imagine how the introduction of videos and images must have been. That same effect is what the Metaverse sets to amplify and (maybe) redefine. The Metaverse technology is exactly what comes next after images and videos. It is the next technological milestone. 

To put it simply, the Metaverse is an enhanced virtual interaction. It is like an internet space. Only that this time around, you are not just looking through. You are inside. If you’ve played virtual reality games, this would appeal to you more. It is exactly that feeling you get when you put VR game gear on. 

However, it isn’t just some 5-minute launch through space. It is not just a slide down a waterfall in your automated VR gaming chair. No, the Metaverse network is set to be much more. Whatever you can do now in the physical world, you could do in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse technology is striving to be a ‘Living Shared Everlasting Virtual Universe. The very idea of Metaverse technology is insane and the world is closer to adopting its reality. Recently, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg pledged to subsidize the prices of the VR headgear to help as many as possible get access to this Metaverse technology. 

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6 Reasons Why the Metaverse Technology is the new Technological Frontier

What does this new wave of progress mean for the world and Nigerians too? Well, here are a few: 

  1. Redefining Leisure

 I mean why not? In the Metaverse, you could be riding dragons in space one moment and the next, be in the middle of the ocean. You could also be planning to attend a virtual concert by your favourite artist at the same time. All that without even having to leave your bed in the real world. It’s like a thing straight out of a sci-fi movie, isn’t it?

  1. More Independence

The Metaverse technology will afford people the power to be whatever they want. For instance, our profile pictures are our identity on social media. In the Metaverse, however, we will be represented by 3D projected humanoid avatars, of our choosing.

If you did ever wish your skin was lighter, you could be that on the Metaverse. You could do whatever your imagination allows, even a dinosaur. You could be disabled in the real world and be an athlete in the Metaverse. Metaverse technology strives to ensure you have the freedom to be any gender, race, or creature you want to be.

  1. Less Transportation

Movement in and around the Metaverse is another thing that makes it amazing. Things like plane tickets, traffic, or road accidents will be less relevant. This is because moving from one location to another will be instantaneous. You can anywhere in the world with the click of a link. It is like teleportation.

  1. It is Beneficial to the Ecosystem and Economy

The effect of Metaverse technology on the economy and environment is another subtle, yet unbelievable milestone. Less transportation means less vehicular movement and less carbon emission. You can imagine how beneficial this will be to the environment. In terms of our economy, there would be a corresponding surge in the sale of digital goods. Also, there will be a considerable increase in the number of sellers. Everyone can sell. Creation in the Metaverse is not bound by physical labour. All you need is your imagination and your ability to code.

  1. Redefinition of our Learning Process.

This stands out among the benefits the Metaverse technology stands to bring. With the Metaverse technology, the playing field of global education is set to be level. A lot of developing countries like Nigeria can get the same level of education as developed countries. We would be able to teach topics like planetary movements with actual representation.

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  1. Redefining the Global Workspace

Metaverse technology is set to make remote work even more beautiful. With the Metaverse, you can work in a virtual office from your bedroom. You also could choose to work with friends or work alone. You could choose to be in the middle of a volcano while sorting your files or in a quiet dark space.

We are used to working with pen and paper and, more recently, keyboards and mouses. With the advent of metaverse technology which entails augmented and virtual reality, we can work by just talking, moving our fingers, and thinking about them. This will be possible with electromyographic or EMG input devices, which Mark Zuckerberg has long announced.

This technology uses highly intelligently developed sensors to ferret out and intercept electrical activity from the muscles and turn these signals to input information for these augmented and virtual reality wearables. All of these are possible with the integration of neuroscience and the Metaverse technology

Where are we now with Metaverse Technology?

Of course, we haven’t had it all figured out yet. Some challenges are facing the adoption of Metaverse Technology. Here are the two major ones among them:


This is very important because if the Metaverse is to fully launch, people will be wearing headsets for hours. It is important to know if the headsets would be comfortable and safe.

 Facial expression tracking and recognition     

This is important. If engineers can pull this off, it will prove Meta’s claim about the display of real body language in a virtual conversation.


If this works out as planned, we will all enter a new face of technological greatness. It will probably be the most remarkable since the creation of the Internet itself. This Metaverse technology can change all of our lives for the better and forever. To follow up on the Metaverse and corresponding trends, you could subscribe to our newsletter to get updates here. 

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