Top 10 Insightful Career Webinars You Should Attend in Africa

by Mercy Ogunlowo
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When did you realize that a career is not only limited to chasing the bag? Besides the bulky portfolio and attractive career profile you dream of, there are strings of efforts, networks, resources, discipline, and resilience your career needs to feed on to grow.

Attending a career webinar might be the hammer to drive it all in. Career webinars are career events that every career-driven individual must make a top priority on their bucket list.

Career events are essential to career development, particularly now that the new normal has arrived. Webinars frequently include eminent speakers who advise those looking to expand their horizons in specialized fields based on their knowledge and experience.

Learning new skills and expanding one’s knowledge are the main advantages of attending webinars. In addition, Webinars are excellent sources of knowledge on identifying one’s strengths, skills, and interests, which will help you prepare for your future career or progress if you are already on the path. Career-related events might take the shape of both free webinars and paid webinars.

Are you on the lookout for webinars in 2022? These top ten career webinars listed out might be of interest to you.

1. Insightpreneur

Insightpreneur 2021

An annual free webinar called Insightpreneur is organized by with the primary objective of educating Nigerians on how to create and manage profitable online businesses.

The career webinar is facilitated to invite Business Experts and Successful Entrepreneurs to provide idea-focused lectures on various topics to promote learning, inspiration, and the desire to be prosperous in the twenty-first century. The career webinar can benefit people interested in blogging, freelancing, YouTube video, marketing, creating digital products, and entrepreneurship.

You can watch clips from the previous Insightpreneur webinar on our YouTube Channel.

  1. Africa Food Change-Makers Webinar Series


Africa Food Change Makers Webinars

Africa food change makers believe that small and medium-sized enterprises are the lifeblood of the food ecosystem in Africa. Hence the facilitation of their free webinars as primary producers, aggregators, processors, distributors, financing and technology suppliers, chefs, coos, consultants, and innovators, they believe that these businesses are led by visionary, dynamic, and creative entrepreneurs. 

The Africa Food Change Makers (AFC) Hub career webinar series was created to help African entrepreneurs launch and grow resilient, long-lasting agribusinesses that feed the continent and the rest of the world.

They are dedicated to changing global narratives about Africa because they believe that connections made through food are a potent way to change narratives.

To do this, they celebrate Africa’s contributions to the global food ecosystem by organizing career events highlighting its innovations and cooking techniques. Amplify and scale proudly African food and beverage brands, and make sure that more people worldwide experience the diversity and richness of the Continent’s gastronomic heritage and excitement.

  1. Konrad Adenauer Foundation and SAIIA Annual Careers Event: Diplomacy and Development in the Digital Age



This webinar aims to give undergraduate and graduate university students in international relations, development studies, political studies, sociology, economics, law, communications, media, and journalism a platform to understand the career opportunities available to them.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and SAIIA cordially invite you to their annual Careers Event. The career webinar boasts speakers and virtual exhibitors who would greatly influence your career.

In addition, the free webinar includes those from the media, business community, various governmental agencies, and scholarship organizations, who are frequently present at the career event.

  1. ANF Webinars



How can Africans take back the pen to change the existing narrative about the continent? This is the topic that ANF focuses on. The Africa No Filter free webinars regularly address a series of webinars that invite experts, funders, and the ANF Community to dissect insights from their research and reports.

They strongly encourage the creation of complex, modern narratives that challenge stereotyped and damaging ones inside and about Africa. In addition, the career webinar series seeks to develop the community of storytelling change-makers through research, grant-making, and advocacy through assisting storytellers, funding media platforms, and promoting disruption campaigns.

  1. The PMI Africa Conference 


The PMI Africa Conference

The PMI Africa Conference  is where visionary project leaders, captains of industry, and senior government officials come together to scrutinize the trends and technologies transforming how public and private sector projects are delivered.

As Africa works to achieve its sustainable development goals, this webinar looks at strengthening the role of the project economy in supporting sustainable and inclusive growth in the region.

Now, among all webinars in 2022, this career event is one of the most highly anticipated gatherings of the project economy elite.

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  1. ICC’s Annual Africa Conference 

ICC’s annual Africa conference, “Arbitration in Africa: Expanding the Scope,” is the key forum for understanding international commercial arbitration in Africa.

This career webinar provides an indispensable update on regional developments and is becoming the most important gathering for the African arbitration community. Not only does it offer a line-up of top-class speakers, topical discussions, and relevant news, but also an excellent opportunity to network.

  1. Agile Nigeria Conference 

The Agile Nigeria Conference focuses on the many economic sectors, how the agile space relates to them, and how adopting an agile mentality may aid the economy as a whole. Agility for All will be the focus of the following upcoming Agile Nigeria Conference, which is anticipated to take place from March 1–3, 2023. The career webinar is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to present your knowledge, skill, and experience on a truly global stage.

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  1. ICTEL Expo 

Ictelexpo is the largest tech Event, Exhibition & conference session event in Lagos, Nigeria. ICTEL Expo career webinar creates a platform for all stakeholders (Brand Executives, Founders & Entrepreneurs, Government & Trade Agencies, Academics & Researchers, Investors and Venture Capitalists, and Tech Start-Ups) to engage in robust discussions on the government’s plans to grow the digital economy. It gives a 360 view of the ICT and Telecom Industry.

It provides maximum visibility to sweeping trends and innovations and an excellent networking opportunity for business decision-makers, innovation managers, enterprise solution providers, start-ups, ICT academics, OEMs, investors, and other players in the ICT and Telecoms sectors (indigenous and foreign).

ICTEL Expo is a free webinar that boasts your access to the most recent technologies, applications, interactive exhibitions, and business-advancing techniques that will be made possible by this online event.

  1. Online EAC Regional Entrepreneurship Skills Development Training

Online EAC Regional Entrepreneurship Skills Development Training, whose main target is “Promoting Education in EAC.” This career webinar intends for graduate students to support applied and innovative business ideas and implementation and develop entrepreneurial competencies and practical business management skills.

Its goal is to provide skills and entrepreneurship development for creativity and job creation. Selected participants will get knowledge and skills from rigorous, interactive, hands-on training that will help them create projects and jobs. You will cover the following subjects in the career event:

  • Introduction to entrepreneurship; 
  • Entrepreneurship theories; 
  • Business skills and competencies for successful enterprise; 
  • Business idea generation; 
  • Business Plan Development; 
  • Business start-up process; 
  • Case Study Review;
  • Basics of Intellectual Property Laws

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  1. The Annual ACFE Africa Conference & Exhibition 

The Annual ACFE Africa Conference & Exhibition is the largest anti-fraud career event in Africa and the second largest in the world. It’s one of the webinars in 2022 that will bring together hundreds of anti-fraud professionals from over 20 countries, and it’s the ideal opportunity to expand your network and share skills with fellow practitioners to join the global fight against fraud and minimize the impact of fraud and corruption.


Typically, progress needs you to move forward one step at a time, as quickly as possible. Career webinars may be what you need to advance in your profession, not just a step but many steps, build the portfolio you’ve always wanted. Create a compelling career profile for yourself, and connect with other respectable people who share your goals.

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