Tips to Choosing A New Career Path in Nigeria

Choosing a New Career Path as a Nigerian: Why and 9 Easy Ways to Choose One

by Jummai Bello
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Interested in choosing a new career path in Nigeria? People change their careers when they’re no longer passionate about the current one. If this is you, then you’re not alone.

Many of us choose a career path based on the interests we developed as a teenager or in our early twenties. Since our priorities and interests change over time, it’s not unusual to find yourself in a career that’s no longer a good match.

Reasons Why People Seek to Change Careers

  • Search for a better pay
  • The desire for more hours to yourself
  • Your career values and goals have changed
  • Discovery of new interests and the desire to spice things up
  • Need for a better work-life balance

Before you decide to change your career, you must take time to:

  • Evaluate your present condition,
  • Choose a career path that will be more satisfying
  • Decide if your career needs a make-over
  • Explore different career options.

Many people have been reported to have a more fulfilling, satisfied and happy life after they changed their career path. Some people have said they earned twice more than their previous job. The benefits of choosing a new career path vary. The most important thing is that you feel fulfilled in your new role.

9 Tips To Choosing A New Career Path in Nigeria

  1. Assess your current job satisfaction

Get a book and journal your daily reactions to your present job condition and highlight any recurring feelings. Which part of your job do you like and dislike? Are you unsatisfied with your type of work, your company culture or your colleagues? While you’re at it, there are other things you can do at your present job to assist you in preparing to move on when the time for a change comes.

  1. Evaluate your interests, values and skills

Identify your preferred activities and skills by reviewing past volunteer work, jobs and projects. Then determine through your current career whether your skills and core values are addressed. When choosing a new career path, you’d want to go someplace where you can exercise your skills and explore your interests.

  1. Consider ideas for career alternatives

Think about ideas for a change in your career by researching different career options. Talk about your skills and core values with family, friends, and networking partners. If you’re still unsure or having difficulty brainstorming career ideas, you may want to consider getting professional advice from a career counsellor.

One or a combination of these circle of people are very instrumental for you in choosing a new career path.

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  1. Check out job options

Evaluate and compare several job options to identify a targeted few for further in-depth research. Google provides a wealth of information online to search for jobs that interest you. So, don’t hold back. Use your new interests as a search keyword and see what the engine brings up. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities are out there waiting to be grabbed.

  1. Be personal

Generate as much information as you can about those fields and reach out to personal contacts in those organizations for an informational interview. Your college alumni career network can be a good source of contacts for an informational interview. Social networks like LinkedIn is another great way to find contacts in certain career fields of interest.

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  1. Network

Nowadays, almost all job roles are filled because of referrals. That’s why you should leverage your network by making new contacts always and cultivating old contacts. Try getting a connection to the company you think you’d like to work. Choosing a new career path becomes a bit easier after having a conversation with people like that. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a glimpse into the kind of work culture in that environment and if it suits your values.

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  1. Volunteer

Identify volunteering positions and freelancing activities related to your targeted field to test your interest. For instance, if you’re interested in working as a publisher for a career, try editing PTA newsletters. If you’re thinking of working with kids, volunteer at your local daycare. The more experience you have, the easier it’ll be to sell yourself when choosing a new career.

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  1. Seek knowledge and upgrade your skills

Research educational opportunities that will give you knowledge about your new field. Seek ways to build new skills in your present job that will pave way for a career change; both hard and soft skills. For example, if grant writing is valuable in your new field, offer to write a grant proposal. Consider taking an online course or a part-time course at a local college. Attend seminars and contact professional groups in your specific field for suggestions.

These are some of the ways you can prepare yourself for a career change without the need to return to school. It gives you an edge over other people in your category. Remember, as you try choosing a new career, someone else is also trying the same thing or looking for their first job.

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  1. Consider a new job in your current industry

Within your current industry, consider alternative job positions in which your industry knowledge will be of use. For instance, if you’re a programmer who is tired of coding, consider moving to project management or technical sales. Or if you work at a large retail chain as a store manager and have grown tired of the job requirements, consider moving to corporate recruiting within the same industry.

Wrapping up

It’s logical to feel a bit intimidated at the thought of changing careers. But when it comes to what you want to do for the rest of your working life and you’re passionate about it, the energy and time you invest in it now is nothing short of an investment in your personal and professional fulfilment.

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