7 Benefits of Volunteering for Students in Nigeria

by Olatorera Oladeji
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volunteering for students in Nigeria

A volunteer is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. Simply put, it is working or actively contributing to a course without getting paid. This practice has been in existence for a very long time. Many organisations in the world have several volunteers. The Red Cross, Salvation Army, Rotaract Club, and others are such organisations. 

Nigerians are not left out in volunteering. In fact, students should take volunteering very seriously by belonging to various organisations. This article seeks to look at seven benefits of volunteering for students and every other person in Nigeria.

7 Reasons You Should Volunteer as a Nigerian Student

  1. It is a learning platform

Volunteering helps the volunteers harness their skills. For example, you just finished a YouTube lecture on JavaScript. It is safe to assume that no company will immediately trust you as an employee. Volunteering that skill helps you to practice more and sells you out as a viable and potential addition to anyone looking for a JavaScript developer. 

It is why students are often encouraged to volunteer. Harnessing your skills is a massive benefit of volunteering for students in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

Volunteering is also effective when you are switching from one career to another. Volunteering in the new career, you are planning to switch into gives you a unique opportunity of testing your newly acquired skills.

Essentially, volunteering teaches valuable job skills that you, as a volunteer, can use for a lifetime.

  1. You make a difference 

Taking a cue from the lyrics of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson in his famous single “Man in the Mirror,” which states:

“…no message could have been any clearer if you want the world a better take a look at yourself and then make that change.”

There are various ways to change this world, and volunteering is one of them. A good example is the Red Cross. It was founded due to the compassion of one man, sustained by volunteers, and has become an amazing benefit to people all around the world, especially during disasters. 

Another example is the Chess-in-slum project. It is a volunteer project that has touched lives in Nigeria, changed impressions, and exposed volunteers to various opportunities.

The fulfilment that comes from making a difference is a huge benefit of volunteering for students in Nigeria. This benefit is not limited to students but to others as well.

  1. Meet new people and build a community

A significant part of life is meeting new people and expanding your network. Volunteering is a major way of meeting people. Being part of a team with the same goal is fulfilling, and helping people is even more beautiful. 

As a student, volunteering helps expand your network outside your course of study or comfort zone. You must not underestimate the social benefit of volunteering. It grows a community, and some of the offshoots of growing a community while volunteering could be job networking, romantic relationships, and friendships.

Networking is very essential in every facet of life. It is a major benefit of volunteering for students in Nigeria looking to start their various careers.

Do you have any volunteering opportunities you’d like to share with students like yourself? Reach out to us on WhatsApp.

  1. Boost your self-esteem and confidence

This is a direct result of leaving your comfort zone to do new things. You are challenging yourself through volunteering, and you see the joy on the faces of the recipients. It renews your sense of self and purpose.

There is a sense of fulfilment that comes from volunteering. It could mean helping others, getting closer to your dreams, or making a difference in society. The more opportunities you get as a volunteer, the more confident you become in that space. Getting a self-esteem boost is a benefit of volunteering for students in Nigeria.

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  1. Teaches valuable skills

Navigating the world successfully is more than just being brilliant or beautiful. There are soft skills that you need to relate to different human beings. These soft skills include but are not limited to good communication skills, empathy, and more. 

In the process of volunteering, you will inevitably learn these skills. You have to effectively communicate to the recipients of your voluntary actions. For instance, you are distributing free food to a community. You have to learn how to speak to them well. It does not matter that they are poor and on the receiving end of your mercy.

Many volunteer projects require the cooperation of the recipients, and as such, marketing what you have to offer them is a very integral part of volunteering. There is a general distrust amongst Nigerians that makes it imperative for the volunteers to market aggressively. These and many more are significant benefits of volunteering for students in Nigeria who will need to sell their skills to potential employers and the world.

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  1. Assisting people in empowering themselves

Apart from adding to yourself as a volunteer, you add to the lives of others. You can volunteer to teach students in less developed communities. You can volunteer books to those who have no access to books.

Apart from educational contributions, health contributions also exist. You can be a blood donor who freely gives out their blood to people who need blood and contribute to their survival. 

Building or creating workshops in schools is a huge benefit of volunteering for students in Nigeria as it helps the recipients and volunteers. This fosters the general development of society as a whole and is one of the main benefits of volunteering in Nigeria.

  1. A means of giving back selflessly

Many people see volunteering as a means of giving back to the society they belong to. For instance, as a student in Nigeria who is a Red Cross volunteer, you give back to your immediate community with free first aid care and training. This care is without financial reward, but it gives quality to society and often restores faith in humanity. 

In many Nigerian public schools, amenities are not widespread. Many platforms created via giving back are tremendous benefits of volunteering for students in Nigeria who are either volunteers or beneficiaries.

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There are several other benefits of volunteering in Nigeria beyond this list. The core benefit of volunteering either as a student or worker is the sense of fulfilment that comes from assisting a fellow human being without expectations. Although, it is essential to note that building yourself is a primary benefit of volunteering in Nigeria and globally.

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