Tuition-Free Universities in Germany: Relocating to Germany Through Study Route

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Tuition-free universities in Germany

Migrating to another country is an enormous task that requires strategy and the right mechanism. The opportunities these countries offer often serve as a bait that entices immigrants who subsequently face difficulties in migrating to the said country due to the massive influx of other immigrants as well. 

To migrate abroad, there are various routes you can consider, after choosing the country you intend to relocate to. It may be through schooling, job sponsorship, tourism, marriage, or asylum. 

Though distinct in their application processes, all of these routes have interlinked methodologies. This article discusses how you can relocate to Germany through the study route.

Why You Should Consider Relocating Through Study Route

Job sponsorship routes are usually through successful employment in which the employer funds all the expenses of the visa application process for the new employee. At the same time, the tourism route, which usually have a maximum duration of about 6 months, involves a visa designated for visitors to explore the country. 

Marriage visas also issued to an individual are awarded on the grounds of the individual’s partner possessing the particular country’s visa or being a resident in the said country. Asylum is given only as a safety visa to those seeking refuge from a potential threat to life. 

While all of these visas are obtainable from different embassies worldwide, there is, however, a more generally accepted and easier route of migrating, and this is through the study visa route. 

Though complex in nature due to the distinctiveness in the requirements of each school, its easy application process, rate of attainment, and transition into other visa forms make it stand out. 

Germany attracts more immigrants than any other country using the study visa routes. From the ease of application to securing admissions to the privileges of free tuition fees for almost all migrants, Germany has positioned itself as one of the most admired countries in the world by international students. 

Apart from these, Germany possesses other features that help self-reliant students live comfortable and affordable lives. Germany’s G.D.P. is the 4th largest in the world and the largest of any European country. Its landmass, the 7th largest in Europe, is only possessed by 84 million people, and German, its official language, is among the most widely taught languages in the world after English, Spanish and French. 

These features and the free educational system make Germany a dream for potential students looking to migrate abroad. 

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How to Relocate to Germany by Visa Study Route

Having established the fact that Germany is among the countries with the highest rate of acceptance, also note that, there’s a need for every applicant or potential student to research useful information relating to requirements needed by most German institutes and have in their cache all required documents for effective processing and approval. 

Though not all schools may have similar requirements, but following the standard of application in Germany, the application processes may require some of the documents below for admission into any institute. 

  • Transcript: This document includes all scores obtained throughout your recent academic level. E.g., scores throughout your secondary, polytechnic, or university. 
  • Passport: This is a validating document issued by the federal authority qualifying you to travel to any country. 
  • O’level certificate: An O’level certificate is required for any individual applying for a bachelor’s degree in Germany; the most preferred is the West African Examination Council certificate(WAEC).
  • Statement of results: This document is mostly required for graduates of a tertiary institute seeking a postgraduate degree in Germany. 

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Having all of these documents is a basic requirement and can be useful in gaining admission; it is important to note that these schools only share similar processes and are not in proximity. Therefore, they may vary in requirements due to their location or programs offered. 

Many institutes offering free tuition share more similarities in application processes than others that don’t. A typical illustration of the application process of any of these universities could be in this order.

  1. Decide your school of choice.
  2. Find out their verified social media pages or websites and seek adequate information. 
  3. Sign up to their websites.
  4. Locate the application button for the program you intend to apply to.
  5. Pay the application fee.
  6. Provide every information required of you by the schools. 
  7. Confirm all information to avoid errors.
  8. Submit and wait for responses.

Do note that the application and responses may not be a day process and could take days to complete, but following each process correctly may help boost your chances of getting approval from the school. 

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Tuition-Free Universities in Germany

Free schools like the ones listed below share similar requirements, and their application follows due processes. Tuition-free universities in Germany include;

  • Free University of Berlin
  • University of Bonn
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Cologne
  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • University of Wurzburg
  • University of Freiburg
  • University of Hamburg
  • Heidelberg University

Germany Study Visa: How to Apply

As stated earlier, a study visa route is one of the easiest ways of migrating to Germany. German study visa applications have an acceptance rate of 95%. This implies that 95 out of every 100 applicants that follow the correct process get their application approved. 

Like every embassy in the world, visa applications in any German consulate require specific processes and requirements to ascertain the responsibility of every migrant relocating to their country. Most of these requirements are documents applicants must provide to prove their responsibility. 

Below are the standard documents every German consulate requires for study visa processing.

  1. Completed visa form

Before going over for the visa interview, you must have paid a visa statutory fee, which is usually between €70-€80, and must have completed the form given to you. These receipts for payment and the completed visa form are essential in your visa applications.

  1. Letter of acceptance or admission

The school you applied to would send a letter of acceptance if you have been given an admission and as proof to the embassy of your admission.

  1. Visa pictures

A professional picture, mostly from a studio, is required for your visa application.

  1. Valid passport

Your active international passport issued to you upon registration by the federal authorities is also a requirement for your visa application.

  1. Letter of statement of purpose

Also known as S.O.P., this is a declaration of intent. This includes your purpose of going there, the goals you plan to achieve in the country, your plans of returning, and how you would bring development to your community back home.

  1. Bank statement or proof of funds

Unlike many other consulate offices, Germany requires you to have sufficient funds to sustain you throughout your stay in their country. These funds are sent to a block account in Germany which can only be activated upon arrival to the country. The amount usually required for this ranges between €11,000-€12,000.

  1. Academic certificate

 A certificate carrying your latest academic achievement is also required, e.g., O’level results, BSc, MSc, etc.

  1. Language proficiency certificate

Depending on the language provided on the admission letter from the school, you can provide a TOEFL or IELTS for English certificate or TestDAF, D.S.H., and G.D.S. for German proficiency certificate.

  1. Résumé

A résumé is a one-page document stating your academic and professional experience

  1. Travelers’ health insurance

Every student applying for a German study visa requires health insurance to cover all health-related issues. This health insurance can be obtained from insurance providers like A.X.A., Europ Assistance, and Walter.

After application and a successful interview, you might either get an immediate response or wait a few days to get a response. Applications could also be made through travel agents, but it’s necessary to have basic knowledge about it to be active in every phase of your application.

Germany easily accepts visa applications and conducts interviews relatively faster than most countries’ consulates.

Having a rejection is also part of the process and could still happen even if you succeed in completing every process; the fact German embassies issue visas at a 95% rate still doesn’t count as a yardstick for general acceptance; rejection may be due to omissions in processes, not having a clear statement of purpose, interviewers not having enough satisfaction or not meeting up with laid down rules in the country.

Even if rejected, German embassies still provide an option for another trial. It all boils down to your commitment. You could get approval if you give it a second chance.

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If you’ve been looking for a way to travel out of Nigeria, relocating to Germany through the study route might be the opportunity for that to happen, all it requires is an interest and a commitment to make it happen. Why don’t you give it a shot?

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