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Top 20 Easy-to-Sell Courses on Expertnaire

by Victor Daniel

Launched in 2018 by Toyin Omotosho, Expertnaire has grown to be one of the biggest-selling affiliate platforms in Nigeria. Its transactions have proven to be 100 percent legal and legitimate. And it is arguably referred to as the best in relation to other affiliate platforms in Nigeria. 

 Another amazing fact about Expertnaire is its mobile-friendly operational platform, allowing affiliates and potential buyers to navigate easily. In this kind of friendly system, operators can easily access its quality products, make a fortune, and acquire positive changes, which they may yearn for.

Are you interested in affiliate marketing and looking for the best courses to promote? This article discusses affiliate marketing and the top 20 easy-to-sell courses on Expertnaire. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing, in its basic explanation, can be seen as marketing by proxy. Here, the owner of the commodity doesn’t have to undergo any form of PR or the stress of publicizing the commodity and creating visibility. The owner could publicize if he wishes, but that’s not necessary in this context.

This is because the commodities created by the owner are being advertised or publicized by agents or intermediaries who get these commodities to the rightful consumers who need them, sell them to the consumers, and get a commission from the selling price as payments or profits.

Affiliate marketing can be done physically, but in this case, it’s more of an online transaction with soft copies being sold, e.g., Courses, videos, audio, PDFs, and images.

How Does This System Work?

In this form of marketing, only two tools are required to make transactions: a strong internet connection and capital.

You need an internet connection to stay online to attract leads (potential buyers), nurture them, and sell to them. At the same time, capital is the money required to gain knowledge through courses, mentorship, or research. Both always work together and are the sure ingredients of every successful affiliate in Nigeria.

The way every affiliate platform works varies to a certain degree. In Expertnaire, the system works by first finding a product and getting substantial information about the product, therefore making yourself look like an authority in the field to which the product belongs to. The products could be under healthcare, aviation,  relationships, etc.

After finding products and making concrete research about them, the affiliate creates visibility by publicizing these products through paid adverts or organic traffic. Interested individuals come through your funnel, into your landing page, and to your email list or WhatsApp DM, whichever method you prefer.

Once they express an interest and are now saved in your email or contact lists, it is solely up to you as an affiliate to nurture them by posting and engaging them with creative content which should reveal facts or information about the products. These creative contents and regular engagement with the leads help them feel convinced and safe about purchasing

Once this level of trust is created, sales begin to emanate, and the affiliate starts making profits.

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Models of Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing System

Making illustrations and examples is a perfect way of driving home a point. On this premise, we draw out a list of successful affiliates who have used this system to make a fortune, how they started, and how they became successful affiliates.

  1. Toyin Omotosho

The creator and founder of Expertnaire. He owns the biggest course on this platform, called the 72IG course. According to him, his background at the university was challenging, and his determination to create a system where money works for him led him to establish Expertnaire.

  1. Caleb Nwanneka

In his 20s, he has successfully carved out a niche in the digital world. His quest for passive income and sheer determination pushed him to the top of affiliate marketing at Expertnaire. He owns a course in expertise called Amap.

  1. Bruno

A university graduate who rose from the top to the echelon of affiliate marketing. He is among the pivots of affiliate marketing in Nigeria. His course, WhatsApp blueprint was credited to be the engine that drove other affiliates to success.

  1. Kenny Nwokdubai

A graduate who lost his job in 2018, now a multimillionaire through Expertnaire, and currently residing in Dubai.

  1. Chigozie Mmebo

A university dropout living on 10k per month in the slum of Lagos, now a multimillionaire through Expertnaire.

  1. Tobi Preye

Tobi was a poor corper who had just completed his passing out parade. He lost all his valuables while in transit back home, but turned it around to become a multimillionaire through Expertnaire.

How to Start Selling on Expertnaire

Starting as an affiliate on Expertnaire doesn’t require much activity. All you need is the capital to purchase the course and a mentorship class where you can be taught everything from getting a lead to closing a sale.

This is how to start affiliating marketing in Nigeria as a beginner. 

There are also many experienced affiliates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, which you could link up with to help you get the courses and right mentorship.

If you would love to learn other ways to make money online, Join our Whatsapp Community. 

Top 20 Easy-to-sell Courses on Expertnaire

As new affiliates, there are many challenges regarding courses needed most by the market and with a high purchasing power. This is where a feasibility study comes in, knowing the type of market you have, their needs, and the urgency of their needs.

Conducting a feasibility study might be strange for new affiliates, which could affect their marketing choice and result in poor performance. Being a researcher and having conducted the study, I have successfully found 20 courses that are fast-selling on Expertnaire.

These courses are easy to sell due to their value and impact on consumers.

  1. Star 7 course

This is arguably the best course to come out of Expertnaire, formulated by the founder of Expertnaire, Toyin Omotosho. It gives new affiliates insight into affiliate marketing and how they can navigate it.

  1. Fiverr and Upwork freelancing course

A course designed to teach freelancers how to navigate Fiverr and Upwork and utilize it for profit. Check it out here.

  1. Beginners guide to online content writing

Content writing comes with near perfection, and only experts skilled at it can make profits from it. This course teaches all the prerequisites needed to attain a high-paid status even as a beginner. Access the course here.

  1. High-paid freelancing programme(HPF)

This course by Walter Eyinnaya centers on freelancing; how ordinary individuals can leverage platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, and Facebook to sell their skills or services and get paid in return in dollars.

  1. Freelancing for smartphones

This is an offshore of HPF; this course focuses on skills done with smartphones, while HPF focuses both on skills done with smartphones and PC.

  1. Ecommerce

A course by Ogbonna Ohakwe teaches about mini importation, large-scale imports from overseas, and how to navigate your way to make maximum impacts.

  1. Amap

The Affiliate Marketing Advance program is a course by a top affiliate, Caleb Nwanneka, and it touches on every area concerning affiliate marketing.

  1. How to turn yourself into a live cashing breathing machine (LCBM)

This course is also one of the products of Toyin Omotosho. It emphasizes changing your mentality and making money work for you so you become financially buoyant.

  1. WhatsApp blueprint for affiliate marketing

This course by Bruno involves all the hacks about WhatsApp, and it can be leveraged to make your affiliate marketing skills successful.

  1. Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP centers on one of the most trending enterprises in the internet space, which is KDP on Amazon. This course focuses on how you can sell soft copies of published books or articles you have written and earn in dollars.

  1. How to sell to Nigerians

A book by a top don in the internet space, Akin Alabi, teaches entrepreneurs how to understand the buying psychology of an average Nigerian and utilize it for maximum profits.

  1. Sports betting affiliate commission machine

This course by George Akintude teaches Nigerian youths how to earn commissions from betting.

  1. Ultimate move to Canada with a low IELTS guide

It is an excellent course showing how an average Nigerian student can secure admission in Canada even without a high IELTS test score.

  1. Ecommerce money bag

This course by Ajeigbe Moruf teaches entrepreneurs how to scale up profits using ecommerce secret hacks.

  1. The foreign copywriting initiatives

An exciting course for writers looking to make a fortune from copywriting.

  1. 0-2k$ blueprint

A course by Toyin Omotosho, founder of Expertnaire, teaches personally experimented methods he used to make a fortune from his platform, Expertnaire.

  1. SEDP affiliate cash-out workshop

This course is designed for new and existing affiliates trying to scale their profits. It gives insight into how the system works.

  1. No hassle Naija to Canada japa system

This course exposes the secret involved in easing the migration process to Canada.

  1. Cryptocurrency wealth builders

All you need to know here about cryptocurrency and how to create strategies that make you profit are explained extensively in this course.

  1. Become a globally sought-after and highly-paid web designer

One major tech skill highly sought in the global space is the skill of web designing. In this course, everything you need to learn about this skill is being taught with the added advantage of learning how to position yourself to attract foreign clients.

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These top 20 courses only form part of Expertnaire but are highly marketable and can quickly be sold for profit. As affiliates, you can be like those models above if you leverage this opportunity and do the required work.

Oluwanifemi Akintomide edited this article. 

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