How to Get an International Passport in Nigeria

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How to get an international passport

One of the most agreeable things in the world is the privilege of travelling.

It involves the liberty to disclose contemporary things, experience different cultures, create fresh bubbles from the one that’s customary to you, try out varieties of food and explore new places, detailed on say, a backdrop collection.

While there can be so many ways to travel out of the city where you reside, an International passport is the best access to get your foot out of Nigeria.

The next best thing is applying for one. You can take advantage of your intellect in online shopping, but a passport cannot be added to your cart nor ordered.

The Nigerian passport offers entry to over 40 countries without a visa or with a visa on arrival inclusive of 28 African countries, Lebanon, Iran and a few others. 

The International passport handed out to citizens looking to travel the world is of two types and that makes it effortless to discern the authenticity. But, how do you figure out how to get an international passport? 

Hello!!! Here at! Let’s proceed. 

If you have never intended to retire from your fatherland, there are currently numerous reasons to obtain a Nigerian passport other than to Japa.

Attending a global conference, celebrating your honeymoon or activating soft life universally are good examples. You may have heard it before; catching sight of snow is a thing too.

To get an international passport, you must be able to provide several criteria.

Therefore, you should be attentive when gathering the documents. We will analyse all the significant questions simply by kicking off with the core. 

How To Get an International Passport

  1. Figure out which passport you need

The standard passport is the international passport issued to citizens. It comes with a green cover.

The official passport is specifically administered to ambassadors and government officials which are designed in a blue cover.

Knowing how to get an international passport includes identifying the type by pages which are categorised as 32 pages for citizens who do not repeatedly take a trip abroad, and 64 pages for those who move around for diverse business trips. 

The latter is more beneficial to bypass the bother of passport renewal.

  1. Find out where you need to apply

Since your country of residence is Nigeria, NIS is the government agency charged with the responsibility of migration management. 

You can apply and get an international passport by visiting any of their offices dispersed across Nigeria.

 With the newly established passport office, NIS articulates the act as part of its strategy to ensure passport administration is seamless for Nigerians. Okay, Best in supporting Nigerians! 

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  1. Fill out the application form

The first information required is your full name, just as with every identification form. You’ll include other details like your marital status, gender, occupation and others.

This is still under the jurisdiction of how to get an international passport but it’s equally mandatory to fill out the attached guarantor’s form.

You can however have your employer, mentor or religious head fill in as a guarantor for you.

But, bear in mind that the forms are counted on for submissions to proceed to the next phase of how to get an international passport. And the rule doesn’t exclude ballers.

  1. Gather the required documents

To submit the accurate requirements, you have to get ready all the general documents for the initial physical interview. The documents required for the standard passport are as follows:


  • Application form
  • Local Government letter of identification.
  • Birth certificate/age declaration.
  • 2 recent coloured passport photographs
  • Marriage certificate where applicable.
  • Police report in case of lost passport.
  • Guarantor’s form.

Minors (below 18 years of age)

  • Completed passport application form
  • One passport-size photograph (signed on the reverse side by consenting parent/s)
  • Birth certificate.
  • Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent(s).
  • Letter of consent from both parents (valid court order if one parent is unavailable).
  • Proof of payment.

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  1. Fix an appointment date

In Nigeria, getting an international passport can begin seamlessly when you show up early at your preferred passport office. You could stop by the one in your neighbourhood, or make a trip to another.

Some countries make it feasible to book an appointment online but we can hope to yield an advanced Nigeria someday.

Until then, your appointment is the same day you get there to start up the process.

For example, in Lagos, some people arrive at NIS as early as 6 am but you don’t have to include that factor as a discouragement. It’s solely a fact.

  1. Fund the passport fee

On the page of passport application guidelines on their website, NIS lists the current fees for how to get an international passport for Nigerian citizens.

The cost for a standard passport varies from the applicant’s age to the preference for a passport booklet.

Below are the documented official prices by the NIS for the distinct varying Nigerian passport:

32 pages Passport Booklet

  • Ages 0 to 17 years old – N8,750
  • Ages 18 to 59 years old – N15,000
  • Ages 60 and above – N8,750

64 pages passport booklet

  • Ages 0 to 17 years old – N20,000
  • Ages 18 to 59 years old – N20,000
  • Ages 60 and above – N20,000

What if the price list changes? Good question, but you can keep an eye out for updates on the NIS website. There will be additional vital information on how to get an international passport.

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  1. Get your Identification number

It is possible to complete the first process relevant to how to get an international passport without much delay. The next procedure is for your application to be designated a distinct identifier and a reference number.

When you’re done making payment, you’ll receive a printout that has this validation number and the next date of appointment which you could either memorise or input into your calendar as a reminder. 

One illustration to take into consideration: The printout is like a password to your safe or phone. The subsequent stage isn’t assured without it.

  1. Fit yourself up for biometrics and image capturing

You are now qualified for capturing and it’s expected of you to be at the exact immigration office you submitted your application form and documents. 

This is not an examination or interview where your file can be unexpectedly transferred to another branch so carefully evade any misleading information. 

Arrive on time and suit up appropriately to take the picture to be set up on your brand-new passport for the next few years.

The best word to describe your outfit for the day is minimalistic and that applies to both females and males.

It would help you get around all the unfavourable attention or remarks (gbas gbos) from the NIS staff in the capturing department.

 After completion of biometrics and image capturing, you can be assured that you’ve transitioned from how to get an international passport to receiving the booklet soon.

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  1. Wait to receive a new international passport

At this phase, all the vital actions to certify you as an international passport owner are accomplished. You can do away with the uneasiness of how to get an international passport or where to get one.

There is a collection date noted on the printout that will be handed over to you in the biometric and image-capturing room or office. 

Additionally, the email and phone number you put down on your application form serve the purpose of communication.

Be sure you’ve input the accurate details to receive a message as soon as your booklet is ready for pick up at the immigration office.

The booklet will not be distributed across addresses once it’s available even if you make a personal request.

Bottom Line

The International passport will not be distributed across addresses once it’s available even if you make a personal request. 

So, how long will the entire procedure hold for? Truly, it varies. After you submit your required documents, your next appointment date is scheduled for two months. The same applies after capturing.

However, if you have completed the entire procedure and it took less than four months to receive your booklet, please use the comment section to share your adventure. 

It could be valuable to someone in your proximity. Don’t be intimidated if the process is ongoing for you, get your face caps and sun shades to deal with the sun though.

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