ASUU Strike Nigeria: Is Learning a Skill The Way Out For Students?

by Tobiloba Funsized Adeola
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ASUU strike Nigeria

Whenever you hear or come across ASUU, what are the first two words that ring a notification bell? Take your time. Think about it or even google about it but be honest.

While we await your verdict, here’s the trending response in Nigeria by Nigerians, the popular keywords are “University students and strike.” In fact, it’s more strike than students.

There’s even many people who think ASUU is a body of people who organise or implement strikes. Got your words yet? Okay. Let’s help someone who has never known or possibly forgotten the full meaning of ASUU. 

ASUU: The Academic Staff Union of Universities. Shocking? Weird? In all honesty, it’s not dissimilar from what many might suppose but you won’t also be judged if your premise described the “s” as “strike.”

It’s the most consistent thing the union has trended for. But, please go easy as you open cans of coke and joke to label them the strike union. Don’t forget the main source of the problem; the “emi lokan” and Co on private jets sipping Moet & Chandon.

So, let’s take two steps backward. Do you ever wonder why ASUU never trends when university students graduate with mind-blowing CGPA?

 It would be nice to discuss the feedback but say it’s stated for rhetorical effect and personally figure out an optimal reason.

Marching forward, It’s time. Time to share about the causes, effects, and recipients of the strike. Don’t worry about the long history that unfolds when Adam and Eve first touched down on planet earth. Perhaps we’d pick it from the place God rested on the seventh day. 

ASUU Strike Nigeria 

People say school is a scam and still freely select education is significant when the need arises. You can call it a transition from cruise to reality but what makes ASUU strike Nigeria a thing of concern? 

ASUU Strike has garnered public attention for years. But, like a switch, it keeps going on and off. The staff expected to tutor or lecture the future leaders of tomorrow have meetings without raising awareness.

Subsequently, they are in the news, trends for as long as the alarm of strike rings. It’s already depressing that students go through phases of exams and disappointing results to gain admission.

Now, someone or something bars them as a university student for longer than proposed or desired. Who is to blame? What is causing the strike alarm from keeping mute? 

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Causes of ASUU Strike Nigeria

“Reports state that the lecturers have been fighting for improved funding but the government says it can’t meet all its financial demands.”

“On today’s news, Negotiations between the staff union and the government dragged on.”

“ASUU also wants the government to stop the creation of new universities until it can fund the existing ones and to release the report of a panel that investigated the top management of universities, which the union accuses of corruption.” 

Not that all this information came out of nowhere, lecturers fault their employers, the government. And when you turn accusatory fingers to the government, they have a group of offenders to name. It’s beginning to have a semblance with the game of Mini Mini Mini Mo than truth or dare. 

But without inquiries or research, all the majority see or hear is along the lines of ASUU strikes again, ASUU strike 2022, and ASUU strike Nigeria. But ASUU says we are not the cause of the strike. We are also victims. 

Like a debate, It would have been easier to join a team if it was just the union and their employer. But, what about how this hits the future leaders?

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Effect of ASUU Strike on Nigerian Education

7 out of 10 University students in a neighbourhood experience or have experienced a strike yearly, since the 90’s.

ASUU has no say in the affairs of private or state schools. Also, the previously mentioned statement means no disrespect to those that schooled in other African countries or abroad.

But, if the majority didn’t suffer for it, it won’t be a national headache. And as it is, a symptom as easy to pronounce as a headache can alter a whole lot in the human body.

So, how has the ASUU strike in Nigeria affected students?

  1. Lectures hit the pause button

Speaking about the ASUU strike 2022, University students had to take an unplanned break for eight months out of twelve months in a year.

And to think that the lockdown which was due to a health concern didn’t even bar people to their homes for that long. Two months sounds like a holiday but eight months with no plan B or certainty of the end of the strike sounds alarming. 

The ASUU strike in Nigeria took more than lectures. Inspiration, zeal, and commitment were lost in the long run. 

  1. Reservations about students’ intellects and abilities. 

There have always been doubts when Nigeria’s educational system is mentioned or compared to some other countries; South Africa, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Noted! Truly, the education system could use improvement.

But, Nigerian students as undergraduates or graduates are not subpar. Well, not everyone agrees. And it would have been an easy thing to dismiss, backing it up with the knowledge that human opinions differ. Yeah? 

It just goes on to prove the reservations in the right with news like ASUU strike Nigeria begins to trend again. The idea seeps into the subconscious of people, making them generalise Nigerian students as lacking intellect or abilities.

Although, it might sound minor until some employers exhibit these thoughts through their actions.

  1. Examinations lose more value

The method by which students are examined in Nigerian schools comes with its symptoms.

In a session broken down into two semesters, the strike strips students of adequate advantage to run the syllabus in a proper setting. Each student learns in diverse methods but is compelled to adjust roughly. 

When the strike hits the halt button, students wear their coats of many colours and rush into examinations because there’s little or no time for lectures to be held. There’s barely time to even prepare because the strike alarm never gives a head up when it’s about to snooze or go mute.

Examinations that should study the performance and development of academics now become a survival of the La cram La pour. 

For those not listed, you know how ASUU strike Nigeria has affected you, your family, friends, or strangers you discovered online. It’s unfair but most importantly, draining.

However, there are questions on how to utilise one’s time or identify and develop abilities. So, people go ahead to suggest and advocate learning a skill. And also, make that a trend too. 

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Is Learning a Skill the Way Out for Students? 

A strike happens but never comes with a plan B or conclusion notice. So, what happens to the students as they hope for the end of the strike.

Some say skill acquisition for students is a good way to make time worthwhile. Is that what you also think or believe? 

From a personal viewpoint, it goes two ways. Utilising one’s time by learning a skill can either be worth the time or not. 

There’s no need to argue with your Keypads. As much as you believe strongly in your opinion, so do other people. Rub your chest downwards and chill. 

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Skill Acquisition for Students 

Nigerians value education but they also accord value to skills. We believe that the funds’ education might take too long to earn, skills can dig it up. And it’s not mere speculations, it’s been a proven theory for years.

From the unlimited list, because new skills are birthed all the time, we have art creation, fashion design, furniture making, baking, crocheting, culinary art, shoe design, make-up training, hairdressing, pedicure and manicure training, soap making, skincare products training and the list goes on. 

The question won’t be if skill acquisition for students is accessible because it is. There are paid and free options to choose from. Perhaps, you want to know how learning a skill can be helpful. Well, that counts too. 

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Benefits of Skill Acquisition 

  1. Earning money

This is one of the evident benefits of skill acquisition. You learn a skill, get competent, acquire a job to showcase this skill to potential clients and your wallet is funded.

It could either be funded weekly or monthly but your learning isn’t in vain. Job well done! 

  1. Exposure to new knowledge

Just as in school, a new course can imaginatively make accessible knowledge of things you had no idea of, new skills are no different.

It goes beyond just seeing a skill. You learn the art, try it out, produce results, and transition from an amateur to a professional. When such a skill is brought up for discussion, you also have a significant contribution. And your value for the skill increases. 

  1. Networking

You meet people everywhere but there is power in knowing people. Discover that and unlock another version of the value.

During the training you register for, there will be other trainees like you. Some will be present because of the strike break and others for personal desire.

Regardless of the strata, you need people. Connect with people, ask questions, and listen and you might meet a business partner or an investor during the skill acquisition. 

If you’re learning a skill or have completed one, the benefits obtained are yours and yours alone. Good for you!

But, some students are not convinced learning a skill is their next step or something they would opt for. If you’re one, you’re in the right too. Even when everyone doesn’t agree. 

You might not even have a reason but here are a few things to know. Learning a skill requires zeal. It’s new to you but you need a space within that stores what you learn.

When that is unavailable, it all goes in vain. Interest can be built, no doubt but a bad foundation only leads to the destruction of a building.

Go easy on yourself, you’re not the worst or only student lacking the morale for skill acquisition. Just do something that matters and counts for you. 

Bottom Line 

Things take time, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and even years.  

Same way stories are told about a protagonist who’s got a life that runs smoothly, chaos always finds its way with time.

The POV is, some sweat, exhibit premium competence, and still get stuck to the bench while others play on the field. This isn’t an African magic epic special, it’s real life. 

Learning a skill still counts but don’t expect it to always go as heard, inclusive of this too. Everything has its downside and upside, nothing comes with perfection.

Try things out, get better, show up, let the world see you, be consistent, fall, and rise again. We are rooting for your progress. Stay winning!

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