How to Cope With Asuu Strike and Be Productive

by op-ed contributor

“Mama. Papa. I got admission into a Federal University “. A few months later, you are back home. Why? ASUU thunder has struck. 

Yes, I know that feeling. That feeling of planning your school life to run for 4, 5, or 6 years only to add an additional number of years. That feeling of having your goals and plans paused because your education has been put on hold. That mental setback comes with prolonging the school calendar or stagnating at a particular level for more than a year. The feeling of having your dream of wanting to sign with your ‘done and dusted’ shirt crushed for a while. Extending your after-school plans or canceling some of them because of the time swallowed by the strike.

Yes, I understand. But take a pause and think. My education is paused but not my life. Instead of trusting the government, there is a lot to do and learn so you can cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria. 


Tips on How to Become Productive During  the ASUU Strike in Nigeria

  1. Learn a skill

Most students didn’t get the opportunity to learn a skill before gaining admission. Some entered hoping to learn but found it hard to keep up as their grades went down. As such,  most students do not possess any skills. Well, it is one of the things you can do to be productive. 

Learning skills could either be digital or physical. Digital skills include content writing,  copywriting, graphics designing, web designing,  videography, and the like. Physical skills include photography,  barbing, fashion designing, make-up artistry, hair styling, catering, and so on. 

The skills you learn to cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria are endless. Pick one and focus on it. Within a short time, you will have the skill to be proud of. Don’t go jumping from one to another. Better to be a jack of trade and master of one than Jack of all trade and master of none. 

  1. Enroll in an online course

ASUU strike is not an opportunity to stop studying. It is not a ‘bye bye’ to books. There is a way to get a certificate in any discipline of your choice. You can get your certificate online. 

Pick a discipline you would like to specialize in and enroll on udemy, Coursera, Alison, and the likes and get a certificate which you can apply to get jobs. 

E-learning has created an opportunity to be educated without entering the four walls, giving us another opportunity to cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria. 

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  1. Start up a business

Another tip for coping with the ASUU strike in Nigeria. If you had the opportunity to learn a skill before getting admission, or you were able to learn a skill in school, or you probably were involved in a small-scale business to support your finances in school, this is time to put that skill to good use. 

Instead of lamenting the ASUU strike, you could take advantage of it to earn a few bucks before it is called off. Now it is time to focus your full attention on that business and make the best out of it. No excuses for your studies getting affected. You can become productive during the strike as well as financially independent. It is not a bad idea. 

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  1. Read books

Apart from academic books, do you read other books? Positive books? A neurosurgeon once said that the best to stimulate the brain is by reading. 

Do you want to become mentally productive? Read books! There are different genres of books to read to cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria. Ranging from motivational books, self-improvement books, educational books, spiritual books, and the likes. You might be thinking it is not needed. You might wonder what you will use books outside your discipline to do? Well, I will just say, “it is better to have the knowledge you don’t need than to need the knowledge you don’t have.” 

Every book has a message to pass and an idea to share. The knowledge gotten from reading books can be used in all areas of human lives. If you can’t read books, you could listen to audiobooks. Just try getting value from books because many secrets are hidden in them.

  1. Start up a Non-governmental organization(NGO)

What is the problem you would like to solve in the economy? How will you like to contribute to society? To cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria shouldn’t be about receiving. You should also give it out. You could start a foundation for kids, organize seminars for teenagers, fundraise, and many more. 

If you don’t have the capital to start up an NGO, you could join one and contribute with the little you have. It is still a way to be productive while waiting for the strike’s end. 

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Being able to cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria is not limited to these. You could be lucky to find a white-collar job. It is a way of being productive. You could organize extra mural classes for students. Remember, the more you teach,  the more you learn. 

There are diverse things you could do to cope with the ASUU strike in Nigeria and be productive through it. A pause in your studies is not a pause in your life. Make the best of the delay and become better. Take the period and maximize for greater benefits. Imagine returning to school after the strike with additional knowledge of many things not limited to your discipline in school. You could even use it to earn while in school to support yourself. It will be added to your portfolio, so looking for a job after school wouldn’t become an issue. You gain a better experience of what responsibilities entail. You could add so much value to yourself and the economy during the period. 

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