5 Things You Should Do After Graduation as a Nigerian Student

Check out the useful things you might want to try out after school.

by Tobiloba Funsized Adeola
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things to do after graduation

What’s next after graduation? This is one question many university graduates begin to ask themselves once they get to this phase of life. Do you move on to further your studies, secure a job, or start a business? Well, this is up to you.

Congratulations on your convocation. Congratulations on investing the last three, four, or maybe seven years of burning candles, executing projects, surviving tests, and exams. That’s a tedious but valuable experience. Relatively, all those years are an investment. Thankfully, you are now a certified graduate; this is where life after school slaps harder. Brace up!

And if you’re still a fresher or have a few years before your final year, consider this an insightful guide. It’s useful whenever a headache accompanies the resounding question, “what’s next?” or “what are the things to do after graduation?” This will suffice as your extra panadol or required medication.

5 Things You Should Do After Graduation as a Nigerian Student

things to do after graduation

You’ll be advised numerous things to do after graduation. And if you’re indecisive, you’ll spend a long time faulting Mr. Jack or Mrs. Jane for misleading you. Don’t let anyone daunt you because you still have no idea what you want to do after all these years. If you choose to front the world, the top decision is to be purely honest with yourself. It’s okay not to know who you want to become or things to do after graduation. Everyone cannot be geniuses or blow the same day. Easy! Hopefully, one or more of these five will stimulate something. Good luck! 

  1. Attend events

Every event, from seminars, book club meetings, owanbe, and religious gatherings to massive concerts, has something in common; people! These events will help you build relationships with people. Compared to social media, where you can be dragging followers with bots, you’ll meet actual humans at social occasions. Some, you might know, and others, you don’t. And thankfully, events are organized occasionally in Nigeria.

You don’t have to like everybody you encounter. Engage in conversations, brief or lasting. Be a good listener if you’re not cool with initiating discussions—exchange contacts with those that are willing. Don’t deny the validity of community. People matter, and it’s not up to you to determine who will be more helpful…It could be the guy or lady whose father knows nobody. The number of ideas you will nose out from just being in the midst of people will stun you. Sometimes, you might need a boost.

Events also create awareness and introduce you to places. Showing up at a noteworthy happening is heartily underrated on a catalog of things to do after graduation. Don’t slide it into your junk. Pin this option, star it. Events will connect you. You have to be present and enjoy the moment.

  1. Try therapy

This should have been first on this list, but the mention of therapy sends off multiple signals. And yeah, considering the action as wrong or odd is limited to some people, but we don’t want to pursue anyone.

Growing up with parents or guardians, you’ve submitted to nursery, primary, and tertiary education stages. Schooling comes with its pressure, and there might have been times you needed a breather but got none. You can’t shut therapy out forever. But if you are devoted to renouncing therapy, it doesn’t strike down the efficacy.

The new phase after graduation is a time where fear and doubt will firmly compete with you.  An appointment with a psychotherapist or psychologist might be pricey. But, it would be best if you spoke with someone. It could be an aunt, uncle, mum, dad, sibling, or even a best friend, weighing it as a time to be introspective. It would additionally be an excellent time to figure out how to neutralize or manage the past trauma. And all of these are solely at your own pace.

You can choose to conform to journaling, but It’s not just about communicating what’s on your mind. Instead, it’s a chapter of exchange with someone who can help or one you’re most comfortable with.

Therapy is an effective thing to do after graduation. If you’ve got Anthropophobia, fear, or anxiety at the thought of being around people, you should try talking to God. That’s advisably a gradual and healthy therapy session.

  1. Get involved in volunteering opportunities

Putting aside the strings volunteering shots can pull if listed on your resume, it can be good for you. You’re in a chapter where you’re learning more about yourself, and in the process, you also turn up potential. For example, you can volunteer to intern at an organization that controls something you haven’t done before. Or maybe an activity you’ve desired.

Whatever you decide still classifies as offering yourself to contribute. You can host or speak at an event. You can write essays about experiences as a past student or your peculiar self. You can be a part of an NGO.

Please don’t neglect this option from things to do after graduation because you haven’t tried it before. Expose yourself to new activities, and it’s okay to sleep on it. No rush! Remember to make it your duty to be a valuable addition in every space you find yourself. But don’t get carried away by people’s yardsticks. This is your life, your consequences, your volunteering.

  1. Learn a new skill /course

Graduating from a school that swam a lot in the ocean of strike will make you familiar with these lines. “Don’t waste your life; learn a new skill.” Hop on that course, and it will favor you”. Maybe advocated for a good intention, but you’re right to sneer at it.

Learning anything never occurred without no sacrifice or compromise. Your sleep, ideas, and breaks are laid down for this new knowledge. But, this is that time to begin things you are passionate about without excluding when you’re ready. So, go for it if you’re motivated to include learning a new skill or course on your list of things to do after graduation. And if not, cancel it from your vision board. You can’t live your entire life ruled by people’s preferences.

Thankfully, there’s a blend of free or paid, virtual or physical, to choose from. If you can survive the Nigerian economy, you don’t have to worry about who criticizes your progress. We are proud of you.

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  1. Go on a Tour 

Here is another helpful option on the list of things to do after graduation in a Nigerian university. Get your luggage set or traveling bags ready. It’s an excellent time to cop a new set for this journey ahead of you. Visit the tourist centers in your city. Show up in a new town and explore its environs.

Touring isn’t just for wealthy people; you can try it regardless of social status. Travelling has a deep connection with treasures. You discover the history, people, places, and ideas.

Traveling is a fun and uplifting thing to do after graduation. Start packing, order a ride, book a flight, get your train ticket, and pair up with someone. But, it will only be so good to be true when you begin. Have fun!

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In Nigeria, the phase after one finishes the first degree comes with much pressure and emotional imbalance due to trying to build a career. To relieve you of some of those pressures, I have put together five helpful things to do after graduation. Feel free to try out any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I be acquainted with the dates of events? 

Well, there is pretty much anything to search for on the Internet. If it’s “book club meetings,” you can use the keyword cited to search or maybe just “book clubs.” There’s an alternative to following or viewing stories of event planners, OAPs, and influencers. You can also tweet about it, create a post to probe, and there’s Quora. Even weird events for weirdos have their benefits, so don’t cancel out events as a thing to do after graduation because of your uncertainty.

  1. What can I possibly benefit from therapy? 

Stability, sanity, finding yourself. Therapy is beyond the scene you see in a movie or the visual representation your imagination brings to existence. It can be canceled from your list of things to do after graduation. That’s okay. It might not bring you money or link you up with new friends, but it can be your train to acquire any of these. Therapy is good for you.

  1. Would it not be a waste of resources and time trying skills or courses after till you find your very own? 

We would have to recite abracadabra to see you find your skill or course that brings out the best. But, what’s the rush? Even in failure or falling, you learn more about surviving. But, of course, you might be an exception and be convinced at your first trial. And if not, chill. Remember that only a foolish person tries a thing the same way and expects a different result.

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