Should You Go for NYSC After Graduation?

Want to know if you should go for NYSC after graduating? We've got your covered

by Tobiloba Funsized Adeola
Going for NYSC

Welcome to Insight again. You must like it here or something is gradually rubbing off on you. And, that’s so cool. If “NYSC after graduation” is your first read, that’s okay too. You’ll catch up in no time.

So this is a sensitive one. But, no matter how strong yam proves to be, it will be cooked by water and swallowed by the mouth.


I’d start with spreading the words that make up NYSC. And don’t even give me that face, not everyone knows what it means: The National Youth Service Corps. In other words, it’s for Nigerians in Nigeria planning to get a Nigerian job that acknowledges the certificate.

Or to put it nicely, it’s for Nigerian Youths that obey the line in the national anthem which states, “To serve our fatherland.”

Now that we have launched the first phase of preparing this yam. Let’s move on to the next and that would be: are you Nigerian?

Citizenship: A Necessity for NYSC After Graduation

I’m not even trying to crack a joke here. There’s this thing that just makes you feel everyone you grew up within your neighbourhood is a Nigerian citizen. Like, your rapport with them and the accent they deliver alone is enough proof that your citizenship is mutual. That’s not true. 

My first experience would be during the junior WAEC which is officially known as WASSCE. We were to fill out forms and the slot for citizenship was inclusive. 

I saw Ghanaians, Americans, and South Africans. It was a known thing in my school that we had teachers who were not citizens but I had no idea students were not left out either. 

Back to my question before the throwback story, are you a Nigerian? For me, I am by birth but by the spirit, count me out.

There’s more!

What makes you so confident you are Nigerian? 

In the Nigerian constitution, there is:

  • Citizenship by birth,
  • Citizenship by registration, and
  • Citizenship by naturalization.

Once your citizenship is guaranteed by any of these three, don’t worry your confident self.

Back to the yam cooking. If you’re good with the procedure of preparing an edible yam, you can testify at this stage that I’m not a bad cook.

So unto the next process.

The Higher Institution

If you pay attention, you’ll realize that I used “the” and not “a”. It’s simply to elaborate that not every higher institution authenticates your access to go for NYSC after graduation. The problem is plenty but we’ll solve it.

This is not an attempt to discredit any institution. It’s just one of those “Nigerian things.”

How Do You Identify “the” Higher Institution? 

Your access card will be delivered to your doorstep if your higher institution is a:

  • Federal university,
  • State university, or
  • Private university (excluding a few)

We’re now in this new era where all private universities make sure their graduates have this access card.

But, if your allegiance is to a polytechnic or monotechnic, it would be best you confirm from the authorities. The thing is, this card sometimes shows off to be the bread of life but let me swallow my opinion.

Okay, okay, let me focus on the mission. We are so close to serving this plate of yam and getting it over with. But, let’s not cut corners. The next one is very easy.

Your Age

How old are you?

Remember one time, “kini age eh” was a trend. It was used in skits and on Twitter threads. Sounds familiar, right? It proves useful at this point. You don’t have to tell me, but NYSC believes that if at the time of graduation, you’re 30 years old and above, you will be regarded as a grandma or grandpa.

Also, you will be feeling too big. Nobody can tell you to march. You will be cat-walking. So they came to a conclusion and said if you fall in that category, you should serve your fatherland anyhow you deem fit. They also grant a certificate of exemption for these.

If you’ve answered all these correctly and ticked all the boxes, then you can proceed. If not, you can just learn it so you’ll know what to tell your children.

At this point, I should commend you for a job well done. Also, you might possibly consider me to be really playful but you need to relax.

I’m only trying to help you get rid of one of the many problems in this country in the best way I know how. I should also mention the yam is ready.

Question of the day 

Should you go to NYSC after graduating?

This also requires brain work. You are the only one that can tell us if you’ve graduated. Because there are levels to this thing. Once you can identify your stage, the process hits different. 

I’d just quickly list the type of graduates and dive out. If I missed any, please feel free to add it.

Type of graduates

  • Time-to-take-over-Daddy’s-business graduate
  • I-need-more-time-to-myself graduate
  • I’m-still-too-young-for-adulthood graduate
  • Anything-that-comes-after-this graduate

It might sound funny but I’m only relaying people’s thoughts. So when you’re certain you’d flow with whatever comes then this is for you.

Except you have something against serving your fatherland. That one is up to you.

Top Options 

To answer the question with a yes or no, you’re the graduate and not me. But, if you need my help with direction, I would say No. I started to rebel against this country when it chose to give me the same energy.

Imagine me reading so hard and having to repeat a class because I fell sick. Another one was thrown at me after I was shuffling between classes and hospital because I was badly injured from an accident on my way to school.

True, that’s not enough reason. I just don’t buy into the whole mental stress people are exposed to immediately after graduating. And the fact that some organisations compel you to have the NYSC certificate and still don’t give you jaw-dropping pay. That’s not the kind of tune I give my best dance moves.

It’s fine if you don’t agree with me. Your opinion is valid, just as mine.

Final option

There’s grace to get with the program if you’re not ready immediately after graduation. The important thing is to meet the age requirement which is to be NYSC-certified before 30.

Saved the best for the last

Speaking to clarify, it’s best to lay down your options. What are the pros and cons of taking up the call to NYSC after graduation? If you find a balance when you weigh your points, the choice is still yours.

I’d just do this in case you’re still confused. I’ll lay out the popular pros and cons for taking up the call for NYSC after graduation.


  • You’ll experience team work
  • Build a connection with people of different backgrounds, statuses and locations.
  • You’ll be favoured by qualifying for some job openings.
  • You’ll be able to finally wear the green khaki and white top people raise their shoulders for.

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  • You could break down while serving your fatherland when you’re destined to be an entrepreneur.
  • You could miss out on some scholarships that would help you further your education abroad.
  • The unpleasant feeling of doing what others are doing instead of doing what you want.

Myth About NYSC After Graduation

There’s this saying that you won’t land yourself a good job if you don’t answer the call to NYSC after graduation. But, that is the ugliest lie.

The entertainment, tech, freelance industry would gladly accept you without that certificate. I’ve not even listed the entrepreneurship world. Forget that thing.

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Besides, you can serve this fatherland in other ways. Don’t let anyone brainwash you. There are still many calls to answer. If NYSC is your heart’s desire, go for it.

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