Simple Tips You Need to Chase Your Dreams

by Ifeoluwapo Aduloju
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Dreams are a predominant factor present in our individual lives. The understanding of personal interests and the awareness to measure success tends to create ideas that we then refer to as dreams. With this comes the underlying need to find ways to chase your dreams and make them a reality.

There are various ways to chase your dreams, all of which differ by individual preferences and visions. This article clearly states 7 important things to keep in mind as you chase your dreams.

7 Important Tips for You as You Chase Your Dreams

  1. Believe in yourself

The ability to dare to dream attests to the fact that there is a level of foresight. This foresight is necessary, but not enough to work with, as people can bear this foresight with little or no belief that they can attain such dreams. This is why belief in one’s self is equally important. A person who does not believe in him or herself does not need to try to pursue their dreams in the first place. That belief is a key factor to big achievements. You have to learn to look past your flaws.

You will find yourself in many unpleasant situations as you chase your dreams. So many that only the unshaken belief in yourself will help you get back up on your feet and keep moving. When you believe, you can envision your expected reality, and you will be propelled to continue with that journey.

  1. Work hard

As necessary as your belief is, you may not observe meaningful results until you put a valid amount of work into the achievement of such dreams. You’re not new to the emphasis that hard work is necessary to attain anything in life. This is a pure truth. Nothing comes easy, and I’m sure dreams can’t be achieved on a bed of roses. Doing the required work will not only help you fruitfully chase your dreams but also prepare you for bigger pursuits.

Take the time to understand what form of work is needed in the direction you dared to dream. Then put in the required amount of work into such a field.

  1. Work smart

Hard work is quite incomplete without a level of smart work. A lot of people go through labour for years without any significant change or level of improvement. This is usually because they only put in the hard work without the smart work. Hard work without smart work is pure labour because you tend to put energy into the wrong aspects of chasing your dreams. Smart work is the balance between physical labor and mental expertise put together. Try to understand the physical requirements to chase your dreams. Then, account for a meticulous understanding of other aspects of that field.

Let your research answer key questions. Things like: what is the specialty of your interests? What failures you are likely to experience? Are there any ways to aid your process as you chase your dreams? You can get this information by checking out those that have reached a certain level of success; people you admire. The higher the level of smart work you put into the pursuit of your dreams, the better the results you’ll get.

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  1. Keep Notes

Working smart may not be as straightforward as it sounds. This is why having a plan is highly recommended. As you chase your dreams, different types of distractions will bombard you.

There will be physical stress, financial incapacity, and some personal issues that would require you to pay close attention to your mental health. It may even become difficult to juggle your present lifestyle with an active mind as you chase your dreams for a better and desirable future. The default mental solution to this is usually to adopt the “fake it till you make it” mindset, and it works. But taking some time to write out your plan will make things easier and less ambiguous.

With a plan, you can properly itemize the best approach to chase your dreams, as well as possible alternatives when certain steps don’t work. To make this more effective, use a mapping system that highlights the hierarchy of each approach and the method of execution. A great tip is to put down your ideas immediately they pop up in your head. You can save this on a notepad on your phone or in a physical journal. Whenever you get stuck – and you will, come back to these notes and give yourself clarity.

  1. Take Your Time to Chase your Dreams (It won’t happen in a day)

Slow and steady, they say, wins the race. They are right because things do not always fall in place as we hope. The ability to accept this fact and wait the time for your work to pay off would help you avoid unnecessary disappointments. No matter the height that you hope to achieve as you chase your dreams, remember that good things do not come easy.

Take the little steps before the bigger ones. Don’t get so impatient that you ignore a finely laid-out plan and try to skip some steps. This will only mess up the work you have put in over time and take you back to square one. It might seem like a lot, but the patience you give here is often the thin line between giving up on your dreams and having all you ever imagined. If waiting starts stressing you out, you can try out some hobbies to relieve stress, or stress management tips to relax your brain muscles.

  1. Be Original

Many times, people make the mistake of measuring their present situation or success story with that of others. This is unnecessary and frankly, heartbreaking. You must find out what works for you, and stick to your process. It is okay and commendable to want to learn from some people’s success. However, a comparison will slowly disregard the amount of work you have put into chasing your dreams.

  1. Find Your Passion

Do you know the difference between your work and the work of another person in the same field? It is the amount of passion you have for that particular thing. This passion is the reason you stand out in whatever you do, and the lack of it could make your work somewhat unattainable.

Sometimes we focus on things that do not interest us for inexplicable reasons. These could be family pressure, peer pressure, and even an underlying desire to be like a certain admired public figure. Putting interests into the wrong things may not seem like an impediment while you chase your dreams because some people may get something out of it. The question is, is that really what you want?

Success should mean different things to different people. Therefore, you need to define what success is to you. Is it wealth or the feeling of fulfillment? Or would it be the worldly assets or the joy of personal achievement? A lot of people pursue induced dreams; dreams of other people, consciously or unconsciously. As you chase your dreams, you may get lost or begin to feel incomplete. Look inwards and search for the driving force of that dream. Your Passion. Your WHY.

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Final Note on Chasing Your Dreams

If properly put into practice, these tips should go great lengths in helping you chase your dreams. Human wants are endless. As you keep fulfilling certain aspects of your dreams, there is a tendency to dream more. When this happens, believe and proceed to achieve all that you can dream.

The fact that you successfully achieved a part of your dream doesn’t mean others would come easy. And the fact that things are not coming forth well should also not be equated to failure. Always take the time to pause and search within for what works best for you as you try to align your thoughts with your reality. Also, make sure you are treading the path of your dreams, and not someone else’s.


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