Insights on How to Value Yourself

by Ifeoluwapo Aduloju
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As adults or humans, we oftentimes find it difficult to place value on ourselves. We give irrelevant and mundane things more value than ourselves. These actions may not be intentional but are very common. Right now you are probably trying to understand the whole concept of self-value. Well, this article would do help with that and also give insights on how to value yourself.

What is Self-value?

Self-value means placing worth on the person that you are. An in-depth assessment would require that you understand “value” as a term first. Value simply means “worth”; the importance of something, monetary or not. It is more like how much you place a particular thing over other things.

Bringing this to the topic at hand, we can say, self-value is an understanding of how much a person is worth or how important a person is. With this in mind, you should be able to tell how much importance you deserve in your life. Let’s take a look at ways to ensure that you attain the highest level of self-value.

7 Tips on How to Value Yourself

  1. Love Yourself

Self-love is one of the most important steps to placing a value on yourself. It means accepting yourself with all the flaws and perks that make up your essence. Before you can place value on yourself, you need to first love yourself. The truth is no one can love you as much as you. You can not value something you don’t like, so you would be unable to value yourself if you do not love yourself.

Self-love is also necessary for a sane mind as it helps in your interaction with people. You begin to see yourself admirably, thereby giving you a respectable view of yourself. When your love yourself, people’s opinions of you tend to carry less weight. You become subject to only views you care to see or hear, and to your views of yourself alone.

  1. Appreciate yourself

You should be very proud of the person that you are and the person that you’re becoming. Begin to appreciate your accomplishments, no matter how little they seem. Gift yourself something when you can and affirm greatness to yourself. You came this far and you should be grateful for that.

The idea of gifting should not only be on special occasions or to other people. Normalise the idea of buying gifts for yourself whenever you can afford them. When you do something good, appreciate it by speaking beautiful words to yourself. People can not always compliment you so try to do it yourself because the little things matter. Commend yourself on how beautiful you are. Practice positive affirmations. You can make it a daily routine for better effect.

Without appreciating yourself, it would be quite difficult to attain the stage of self-love and self-value.

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  1. Compare yourself to no one

First of all, this life is no competition and as Nigerian musicians say, ‘na turn by turn’. So why do you decide to skip that turn and make unnecessary comparisons with other people? It’s become such a plague that makes one wonder if there’s a race of which nobody informed you. The reality is that everyone you see is either following a personalized system or copying someone else. So, why would you make your life decisions based on people that have nothing in common with you?

Competition is good, only when it helps you grow. It should in no way be demeaning or take away your happiness. The only person you should compare yourself to is the previous version of you. Look back at your past, and try to measure the significant growth and improvements you have experienced. This will not only teach you to appreciate and value yourself but also remind you of the uniqueness of your journey.

  1. Accept Growth

Change is constant in life. Some people have so much flexibility that they can accept any form of change in their lives which makes it difficult to define what they stand for. Others use it as an excuse to take on bad habits.

The only change you should be taking into your life is the positive kind – Growth. You need to allow growth in every aspect of your life. The idea of taking up bigger challenges and meeting up to a new phase of your life might scare you. But it is not an excuse to remain redundant. You need this growth if it’s important for you to value yourself. So, always allow yourself to grow.

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  1. Acquire A New Skill

The world is evolving daily, and skill acquisition has become a need for a level of success in life. In the nearest future, technology is said to take over much of the labour presently done by humans. In such instances, many people would be thrown off guard and probably jobless. Only people with high-value skill sets would climax in such conditions.

This is one of the most effective way to value yourself. There’s this rush of power and confidence in knowing that you’re important and people need you. It’s indescribable.

While acquiring a new skill, do well to understand all it entails and excel in it. This makes you more valuable than others in that field. If you have acquired some skills in the past, always try to improve on them and attain professional and advanced knowledge of rising trends.

If you’re just about to pick up a new skill, here’s an advice. Be sure to acquire a digital skill of utmost importance to a wide range of individuals as it would be of more advantage to you.

  1. Learn To Say No

Saying ‘No’ when necessary is a great way to set boundaries and educate people on your worth as a person. People tend to push past boundaries, thereby causing a sense of disrespect. It is your ability to put them in their place that proves your level of self-value. You cannot exude a high level of self-respect if you always dance to people’s tunes. Learn to consider yourself first in whatever you do and if offers do not work well with you, please say ‘No’.

After investing a lot in improving yourself, you start attracting attention because people begin to see your worth. A lot of people would try to play you to their advantage but you should not allow things that do not sit well with you. Rather, have a long term goal and work towards attaining such goals. Henceforth, learn to say no to toxic relationships, unhealthy lifestyles, bad jobs and a host of other unhelpful things in your life.

  1. Change that unhealthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle goes a long way in expressing who you are. At a point in our lives, we get the ability to decipher positive or negative lifestyles. So if you are used to a certain negative way of life, you must change it. No one would want to accord a level of respect to someone who they barely regard.

Good lifestyles give people reasons to regard and respect you. It is in this light that they begin to value you as much as you deserve. At this point, you can boldly acclaim your worth without looking back.

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In Humble Conclusion…

Everyone deserves to value who they are. The earlier you discover your worth, the earlier you decide if you’re being treated as you deserve. Learning how to value yourself is more about you and inner mirror than it is about other people.

You may not get what you deserve until you understand who you are and what you carry. Valuing yourself would help people regard you more. Consider these self-value techniques and get those very thick shoulder pads, cause you are about to unlock a more appreciated you.

Also, take into cognisance, the idea of valuing yourself is in no way a path to shape you into a proud individual. Rather it is a self-discovery path, that would aid you in attracting what you deserve.

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