6 Undeniable Signs that Your Partner Loves You Wholeheartedly

by Ifeoluwapo Aduloju

From daily breakfast to weekly lunch and dinner, and even whole meals served to people in the name of heartbreaks, it is very deserving of you to seek out a sign that your partner loves you. Signs that he or she is being real with you and not toying with your emotions. If you are in a relationship or have someone in your life, this should be a great read. This article explores some things to look out for in finding out if your partner loves you or not.

As weighty as this topic may sound, some things you would discover would amaze you. You would find out that the slightest things can make a great difference in what light you view your partner.  Little actions of love can create a thin line between a beautiful relationship and a seemingly beautiful one. It could also be the difference between a joke of a relationship and a fun relationship. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of these signs that your partner loves you.

6 Signs That Your Partner Loves You Unconditionally

  1. Acceptance

The first of all signs that your partner loves you is in how ready they are to accept you with all their heart. The way a person looks over your flaws and takes you in your totality is what acceptance means. This is not the ultimate sign of love from your partner, but a pointer that the person is ready to make you theirs just the way you are.

At this point, your partner is satisfied with what makes up your personality. The idea of who you are is enough for them and they are thrilled by you. As a phrase in the Yoruba language that says ‘tori torun’, your partner should be ready to love the whole of you no matter what. They should be able to accept you as you are without the dying need to change one thing or constant fault-finding. When a person exudes such energy towards you, it’s a sign that they love you.

A person willing to accept another person in their essence shows a level of sacrifice on their part. Since we are not all built the same, some actions and attitudes of different individuals would go against our principles and way of life. A person in love would look past this and sacrifice the urge to want to change the other person’s lifestyle. If your partner keeps complaining about things you do without trying to understand you, they are probably not in love with you. The closer you get to somebody, the easier it is to influence their beliefs and actions. We are not equal and our differences should only but complement us.

  1. Availability

Someone who has accepted you in your essence would be readily available for you when it matters. It shows a high level of commitment which is one of the admirable signs that your partner loves you. They would seize every opportunity to spend some time with you. To them, the moments spent together are of much value and matter a lot. A loving partner would always want to talk to you, share in your experiences, and explore things with you.

A loving partner would not bring up flimsy excuses as to why they can’t meet up or hang out with you. A partner in love would always jump at such opportunity to please you and enjoy every moment of it because they crave your presence even more.

Any partner who is not ready to make themselves available for you definitely doesn’t love you. Quality time is a love language that is common to everyone, though to varying degrees. When you find yourself questioning the authenticity of your relationship due to numerous excuses from your partner when it comes to being there for you, it may well be time for a new chapter. Except you are one for games, do not waste your time on such fellow, move on and live your best life.

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  1. Support

There is no love without support. A partner should always be willing to extend a helping hand to their spouse. This form of support is incomparable to other forms of support from friends, family or acquaintances. Moral support from your spouse is very crucial in expressing love for you. Your partner should share in your dreams and aspirations.

Once in a relationship, both of your goals should be couple-oriented. Your partner should be able to remind you about your deadlines, about ticking stuff off your bucket list, and even your to-do lists. Once you can clearly identify their help in every move you make to achieve your goals, that is one of the best signs that your partner loves you.

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A supportive partner is not an envious one. You can’t claim to support your partner while you are actively hoping they do not succeed. A sign of love from your partner is that they do not feel threatened by your achievements or start competing with your achievements. If your partner actually loves you, they would support you all the way. The smallest of wins would be massively celebrated and maybe over-emphasized, and that is what love is about. That way, you build a growing support system for each other.

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  1. Care

The way your parents care for you even when you err is a good example of what care feels like when from someone who loves you. Unlike your parents or close friends, a partner that loves you would care for you even more and would not punish you when you are wrong.

The treatment you get from a partner in love and one who is not in love would differ. Words cannot describe the drive for that person to always want to check up on you, know about your welfare, and show you lots of affection. A good sign of love from your partner is that you’re never an afterthought; you’re always top of mind and heart. All they ever think of is how passionate they feel about you.

This particular sign of love from your partner is very easy to perceive by others when they are around you. You start to hear gushy statements like, ‘they are so in love’, or ‘so fond of each other’, amongst many other love tags. Whichever way they describe the attachment and affection, you can always tell the presence of love.

  1. Listening

One of the few signs that your partner loves you is that they are always ready to listen to you. From complaints and worries to even the most irrelevant things. Such person would not turn deaf ears towards your concerns. When you complain about certain things, a partner in love is willing to find possible solutions to such complaints.

Only a person who loves you would listen to your every problem and actively suggest solutions. They would make conscious efforts to help you however they can. A partner who doesn’t love you would care less about how you feel and not bother about what their actions could cause you.

  1. Openness

The more attracted you are to your partner, the easier it is for both of you to open up to each other. You are both thrilled about being together and becoming more open with time. It is easy to share secrets and talk about everything going on in your life. You begin to share your highs and lows with each other. Some even grow to the level of sharing their financial life with you even before an official commitment in marriage.

You could have access to their personal space through their phones, for instance, that you may be the only other person who can unlock their phones. Some couples even go as far as reading each other’s chats and going through their social media pages. Although this is subject to everyone’s ideology on privacy, as some people keep things as chats and social media really private.

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However, this does not mean that if your partner wants to keep their social media life private, they are hiding something or do not love you enough. It’s different strokes for different folks. Just try to understand your partner more and remember you accepted them for them.


When a couple attains a level of openness in their relationship, it is because they trust each other. With trust comes other elements that help the couple bond more. A partner who doesn’t love you can never dream of trusting you.

With the above-mentioned signs that your partner loves you, you can see that a lot of things would require love first to attain it. So if your partner is not showing forth these signs, they probably do not love you.

Did you enjoy reading this? What other signs of love from your partner have you noticed or from other couples? Start a conversation on Insight’s WhatsApp community. Let’s shake the table of signs of incoming breakfast.

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