Top 10 Sites to Learn Digital Skills in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Odebiyi
sites to learn digital skills

Are you looking for the top sites to learn digital skills? Then, this piece is for you. Get in here to see the top sites mostly visited for digital learning.

In this 21st century, It is no more a choice but a necessity to have online digital skills as Nigerian Teenagers ranging to Young adults. But, wait, do you know what a digital skill is? So, let’s talk a bit about what a digital skill entails.

According to UNESCO, “Digital skills are defined as a range of abilities to use digital devices, communication applications, and networks to access and manage information. They enable people to create and share digital content, communicate and collaborate, and solve problems for effective and creative self-fulfillment in life, learning, work, and social activities.”

Examples of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria are Search engine optimization, copywriting, Graphic design, etc. They are also part of the top digital skills to learn in 2022.

As the demand for online Digital skills increases, individuals willing to take hold of their financial stability regardless of the state of the economy also increases. In addition, these individuals are usually divided into two categories; those willing to learn online digital skills but don’t know where to learn, be it free or Paid, and those aware of where to discover them but not willing to pay the fee for some reasons, usually because of their differences in their scale of priority.

This article is for both categories, as we will be going through the Top 10 Sites to learn digital skills in Nigeria.

Let us begin;

Top 10 Sites to Learn Digital Skills in Nigeria

sites to learn digital skills

  1. Insight Digital Academy

Number one on the list of sites to learn digital skills is a specialized online learning site, Insight Digital Academy. Owned by Insight Elite Media and Publication ltd (, this academy is on a mission to train hundreds of thousands of Nigerians with high-demand digital skills. The skills on focus revolve around owning, building, and scaling businesses online.

One of the core features of this platform is the user-centric approach that grants course participants to long-term mentorship after they must have completed the courses. This means that whenever you hit any road block in your journey as a learner, there’ll be someone to hold your hands and put you back on track.

Some of the courses and skills you’ll find on this platform include:

  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Freelancer’s success kit on Upwork and Fiverr
  • Writing for beginners
  • Advanced writing (copywriting, speech writing, blog writing, etc)
  • Social media management
  • Graphics design kit
  • Business marketing

Insight Digital Academy offers these courses at affordable rates, and you even get to benefit from some discounts that roll out once in a while. All you have to do is browse through the page, select your preferred starting point, and make your order. It’s all smooth sailing from there.

  1. Google Digital Garage

Although it has a collection of courses, Google Digital Garage is unlike other sites to learn digital skills in that it has carefully selected courses from other online course sites (You will even find some on this list!). Additionally, live lessons are provided by Google Digital Garage and are broadcast on YouTube. They also offer one of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria, especially digital marketing.

The three primary categories of this learning platform are as follows:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Career Development
  • Data & Tech

The Google Digital Garage is entirely free and incredibly easy to use. This is a fantastic alternative if you seek the ideal location to learn more without feeling overwhelmed. In addition, there are specific categories and filters to help you focus your search.

They also offer a digital garage certificate on completion of each course. The digital Garage Certificate provides information that is helpful to business owners who want to control their marketing strategy. In addition, the interactive aspect of the courses appeals to beginners who want to comprehend the fundamentals of digital marketing and marketers who want to improve fundamental skills.

  1. LinkedIn learning

It’s an easy transition to use LinkedIn as a professional development tool because it’s a site that tries to connect professionals. Over 16,000 of the best online digital skill courses in various sectors are available at LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning is also one of the sites to learn digital skills that give superior-quality courses and access to various online digital skill course choices. The courses are timely and well-curated in a participative, social, and learner-centered approach. You can also access your courses whenever you want. Although the courses are paid, they are made affordable, with a month’s free trial giving full access to all courses. They also offer the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria.

The three primary areas of business, creativity, and technology are used to categorize the courses. Here are just a few digital skills to learn in 2022 on LinkedIn learning;

  • Business Analysis and Strategy
  • Career Development
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing Sales
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development and so much more

LinkedIn Learning offers a variety of both premium and free courses. You may test it out on an individual plan without paying anything for a whole month. When you fill out a form to connect with a sales consultant, this platform offers team memberships, one of its distinctive characteristics.

Leaders in the business have confidence in these online learning courses since experts in their fields teach them. Therefore, LinkedIn Learning is an excellent choice to instill a learning culture in your workforce.

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  1. Coursera

Online digital skill courses are available through Coursera from renowned colleges and organizations. It is known to be the top platform for higher education online learning and also listed as one of the top sites to learn digital skills. They assert connections with more than 200 colleges and educators from various industries and more than 70 million students globally.

Coursera is one of the best, with various free courses, paid courses, specializations, certifications, and degree programs in its catalog.

When you enroll in a program at Coursera, you may watch lectures whenever it suits your schedule from academics at prestigious institutions and corporate executives. Moreover, it is simple to begin and swift to complete courses because of uniformity in their layout.

The diversity of online digital skill courses is intriguing, and they often update them to reflect advancements in software or technology.

Students from universities can enroll in Coursera courses for free if their institution is a member of one of their partner programs; the price is different for non-university students depending on the course, specialty, and certificate.

You may sign up for some courses for free and then pay to receive the certificate. For other online digital skill courses, you may purchase a monthly membership and access various courses as long as you pay the monthly charge.

The following online digital skills to learn in 2022 are the most popular:

  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Personal Development
  • Information Technology

Coursera provides excellent courses and authorized credentials from prestigious businesses and colleges.

  1. Sololearn

Sololearn is also one of the best sites to learn online digital skills; although this is mainly for coders and programmers, you are looking for the top site to learn online coding courses. To create the education that the world genuinely needs, Sololearn is attempting to overhaul the educational system completely.

The following are the online digital skills topics covered in Sololearn courses:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Swift
  • SQL and more.

Online digital skill courses are available through the mobile learning platform run by SoloLearn too. The firm offers instruction in several programming languages specifically. They are also part of the top digital skills to learn in 2022.

Overall, Sololearn is the place to start if you want to add coding to your professional skill set.

  1. Simplilearn

Simplilearn began as a blog offering project management advice in 2009 and has now developed into the top online boot camp around the whole globe. This site offers online digital skill courses from top industry experts for digital professionals.

This platform offers employable skills for the rapidly evolving digital world through individualized courses, extensive certification programs, and alliances with prominent universities.

These are the digital skills to learn in 2022 on Simplilearn:

  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Business & Leadership
  • IT Service
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Quality Management

The utilization of numerous modalities by Simplilearn significantly enhances engagement, learning, and retention since different people learn different things differently.

Through the modular and adaptable blended learning system, which also saves money, learners may also manage their learning speed.

There is no need for membership because Simplilearn comprises separate courses. However, this site is worth going to if you’re seeking higher education options and access to some of the top online programs in digital skills. They offer both free and paid courses.

  1. Semrush Academy

SEMRush is one of the sites to learn digital skills online; its digital marketing online courses are of the highest caliber. In addition to providing these online digital skill courses, SEMRush has an entire ecosystem of free SEO and digital marketing tools for users. A supplementary feature is SEMRush Academy.

Online examinations and certification in diverse digital marketing talents are accessible through the SEMrush academy. Because of this, the school is a terrific resource for anybody pursuing professional progress. They also offer one of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria, especially Social Media Management.

The online digital skill categories that are present are as follows:

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Management
  • Competitive Research
  • SEMRush Software

Additionally, the academy offers nothing but free services. Once you have signed up for SEMRush, click on the category you want to browse, watch, and get certified.

Therefore, if expanding your understanding of digital marketing is on your to-do list, look at these online learning courses.

  1. Hubspot Academy

Everything is available through Hubspot Academy as it is one of the best sites to learn digital skills, from brief yet practical training to in-depth certifications. They want to aid company professionals in honing their inbound sales, marketing, and customer service abilities.

Hubspot is one of the most important sites to learn digital skills and educate yourself or your team since it is a dependable and respectable platform, among many other reasons. They also offer one of the best digital skills to learn in Nigeria, especially digital marketing.

Here are some of the Hubspot online digital skill course topics:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Advertising
  • Hubspot Software

Although creating an account is required to access the Hubspot Academy courses, doing so is free.

You will gain from the free certification courses if you are engaged on LinkedIn. In addition, potential clients can see that you are knowledgeable and eager to invest in your professional growth by looking at your profile’s badges from organizations recognized by the industry.

  1. EdX

A massive open online digital skill course provider, edX is a nonprofit educational organization that offers a variety of online university-level courses in various subjects.

Users may access the courses from colleges including MIT, Harvard, and many more for free. They include short videos, online textbooks, and a discussion board where students can communicate with one another.

Additionally, students may contact teaching assistants with problems, and after the course, you’ll receive a certificate. Depending on the school, specific courses may also count as college or university credits. It provides the following online digital skill categories. They are also part of the top digital skills to learn in 2022., to name just a few:

  • Illustration
  • Design2
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Freelancing

You have more handy and user-friendly options, like the ability to follow your favorite teachers, keep a library of the classes you wish to attend, view your class history, and more. You should check it out.

  1. Google skillshop

It’s hardly surprising that many companies nowadays use Google as a platform for managing, growing, and marketing their operations. It is also not surprising that it has succeeded in making its name into something that one can not do without, given that it aims to “organize the world’s knowledge and make it broadly accessible and valuable.”

Google skillshop is one of the sites to learn digital skills online, which helps to provide a variety of Digital skills with free google certifications. They center on learning more about utilizing their platform because of its value in digital marketing.

The following are the skillsets rendered by Google skill shops for free;

  • Google Markerting Platform
  • Google my Business
  • Google Ads
  • Analytics Academy
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Google Cloud
  • Waze Academy
  • Google AdMob
  • Authorized Buyers
  • Android Enterprise Academy

A free learning resource with extensive and in-depth lessons is Google Skillshop. Skillshop is undoubtedly worth checking if you want to advance with Google Ads or utilize the Google platform to sell your business.

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To round this up, we must talk about the common characteristics of all sites to learn digital skills, especially in this list. First, they are all willing to give out free courses for free and are willing to have people who will take the courses.

So use this opportunity to build yourself and learn from this platform, whether free or paid. Use them to the maximum and learn digital skills that leverage your financial capacity.

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