Top 10 In-Demand Skills in Nigeria

by Mercy Ogunlowo
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The hike in the unemployment rate in the country has left everyone seeking to learn about in-demand skills in Nigeria. In a quest for financial freedom, the masses have hurriedly concluded that “There are no Jobs in Nigeria,” which is only a misconception that was not investigated. High-demand skills accommodate anyone as long as you have the skill set to deliver the job.

In-demand skills in Nigeria are known for their fat paychecks and mouthwatering benefits. However, the government and private organisations’ realisation of the need for In-demand skills in Nigeria has made them make efforts to provide willing Nigerians with the necessary resources to keep up with the global revolution high-demand skills will facilitate in Nigeria.

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Learn A Skill

Do you want to know the most sought skills in Nigeria? But you are confused about what skill you should start with. Don’t be afraid! Let us take a look at ten in-demand skills in Nigeria. 

  1. Content Writing


Content Writing

Content writing in today’s digital age is part of the in-demand skills in Nigeria. The art of organising, creating, and publishing web material is rated as one of the top ten in-demand skills in 2022. Along with writing the information, content writers may also be expected to edit and promote it.

Inbound marketing techniques such as content authoring draw customers to a certain brand, item, or online place. Content writing is regarded as an in-demand skill in Nigeria because, as a content writer, you write blog posts that are useful for SEO to build organic traffic and raise brand awareness. You also get to provide services like writing Email content, social media posts, Brand Journalism, and Video scripts, among others. If you want to know how to start, you can check beginners guide to content writing in Nigeria.

  1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an in-demand skill in Nigeria that is used to promote products and services. Your ability to utilise the widest variety of networks to their fullest potential will be crucial in this situation.

Therefore, Digital Marketers must possess high-demand skills, including using Digital marketing tools, Analytics tools, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO etc. Rating Digital Marketing skill as a top in-demand skill in Nigeria is no mistake because every organisation with a product to market cannot do without it.

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  1. Website and App Development


Web & App Development

Coding is the brain behind every electronic product and online service. The majority have purposely avoided this skill because of the perceived complexity. But people who have walked up to this skill set earlier now have rewards for their past labour. Becoming a developer has also become relatively easier because of the free resources available for you to learn on the internet.

You can start with core programming languages, including Bootstrap, jQuery, Angular, Code Igniter, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. Having a portfolio of projects demonstrating your coding skills can also validate your knowledge and expertise, help you have the edge over the other candidates and finally help you land your dream role. 

  1. Digital Business Analysis

The consideration of Digital Business Analysis, an in-demand skill in Nigeria, is related to it aiding organisations to make the right choices by providing an independent mindset and applying a range of proven analysis techniques to make a convincing business case for investment. As a result, digital business analysis skills have become part of the skill to have in your resume. As a digital Business Analytics, you can help organisations develop a digital ecosystem of technologies from your business environment analysis to help drive business growth and investment successes.

  1. Graphics Design


Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are visual communicators who produce concepts by hand or with specialised graphic design software. As a graphics designer, you can express concepts in physical and digital art forms, including words, images, or graphical depictions of subjects to inspire, educate, or captivate consumers.

Combining technology and artistic talent in graphic design makes it a particularly in-demand skill in Nigeria. By constant communication with clients, customers, and other designers, you can ensure that your designs accurately reflect the desired message and effectively express information. In addition, your involvement in designing the layout for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports will leave you on the path of skills, as all organisations need someone to fill that gap for them. 

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  1. Product Management

Another skill that is high-demand skill is product Management. Product management is looking after a specific product within a business. Your role as a product manager is at the heart of an organisation that must balance the need to deliver value to your company (usually profit) with what customers want and what’s technically and operationally possible.

That means developing a product strategy, thinking about what to build (Product Development), and working out how to market and sell the product (Product Marketing).

  1. Data Science and Data Analytics

Data scientists are experts that identify business opportunities and challenges and create the best solution utilizing cutting-edge tools and methodologies. This skill has become an in-demand skill in Nigeria because their job roles include creating predictive models and resolving challenging issues. You are expected to employ statistical approaches in your tasks, including data visualization tools and machine learning algorithms. As a data scientist, you will extract valuable information from cluttered and unstructured data. One characteristic that makes it a high-demand skill is conveying crucial data and insights to many stakeholders, including corporate leaders.

  1. UI/UX Design

Websites, Apps, and Digital Services have one thing in common; a user interface and a User Experience. Therefore, a UI designer with experience creating effective dynamic user experiences will be in high demand with most tech companies. You can also be creative on your path as a UI designer by visualising complex data to help management make vital business decisions. UI/UX designing is also no doubt a top in-demand skill in Nigeria because, just like graphics designing, the act of combining art and technology to communicate ideas and information is its seat of uniqueness among other high-demand skills.

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  1. Video Editing/Production


Video Editing

Video editing is manipulating and arranging video shots to create something new. It is often considered part of the post-production process. As a video editor, your job roles might include trimming, rearranging, applying effects, adding transitions, and audio clips. These are high-demand skills you are expected to have as a video editor. Video editing has transcended content creation for films or advertising, as seen in traditional media, to short clips and comedy skits for social media making it an in-demand skill in Nigeria among content creators. The importance of video editing/production for companies and businesses stems from the fact that audiences/consumers are often drawn to visual content. 

  1. Social Media Management

People frequently spend a lot of time on social media, which is advantageous for businesses that rely on it to thrive, making social media management an In-demand skill in Nigeria. Popular web-based social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become offices for several business owners and organisations. It is an efficient virtual portal through which they get across to customers. As a Social media manager, your job includes assisting businesses and organisations in managing their accounts, growing their online presence, and creating awareness, all of which contribute to business growth.


The In-demand skills in Nigeria which are listed above can be relatively and easily learnt. You can do this by utilising the resources provided on the internet. You are choosing the one which best suits you now, depending solely on your preference.

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