Lucrative skills to learn

Top 8 Lucrative Skills to learn in 2022 as a Millennial 

Lucrative Skills to learn in Nigeria

by op-ed contributor

Being a millennial makes you one of the luckiest generations to ever exist. This is so because you have everything at your disposal to excel in the 21st century. 

The world has gone digital, and the internet is filled with unlimited opportunities that can make you earn sustainable income regularly. 

Even if you are not internet-savvy, you can still learn some of the lucrative skills we will share with you as you read on. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best lucrative skills to learn in 2022. 

So don’t get left behind, and brace yourself to learn and earn from any of the most profitable skills in 2022 that we will discuss below. 

Eight (8) Lucrative Skills to learn in 2022 as a Millennial

  1. Copywriting


copywriting is a lucrative skill in Nigeria

This skill is by far one of the best and most lucrative skills to learn in 2022 as a millennial.

Copywriting simply has to do with your ability to write anything that can sell. It is a great skill with a broad spectrum that you can easily choose from.

Under copywriting, we have email marketing, writing sales pages, advertisements, landing pages, and so on. 

Once you have a good command of grammar and vocabulary, can creatively think, research, and pay adequate attention to detail, you are already on your way to becoming a good copywriter.

You can further equip yourself with this skill by enrolling for online courses on copywriting to increase your knowledge of the skill and make yourself a great copywriter.

Big businesses and startups need the services of copywriters daily to help them create compelling and sales-converting copies. Also, students always need a reliable essay writer online to help cope with writing papers of any academic complexity. As a copywriter, you can also develop in this direction.

This shows how much copywriters are greatly in-demand, making it one of the most lucrative skills to learn in 2022. 

Therefore, copywriting will continue to be one of the highest-paying jobs in 5 years.

  1. Coding 


coding is a lucrative skill to learn in 2022

For tech-savvy people, coding is one of the most valuable skills to learn in 2022. 

JavaScript and Python are among the easiest programming languages to acquire when you decide to start learning how to code.

With a coding skills, you can work for companies or offer freelance services to those who might need them. and are some useful sites that can enable you to begin your coding journey. 

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  1. SEO


SEO is one of the leading lucrative skills you can learn in 2022.

SEO means ‘Search Engine Optimization.’

It is a way of improving the quality and quantity of gaining traffic for websites and blogs by using specific keywords in your content.

SEO specialists/writers are greatly in-demand and can offer their services to companies or organizations that need them as employees or freelancers.,,,, and are the few websites that can help you commence learning SEO.

Some of their courses are free with certification, while others require payment.

As long as people keep searching for things online, SEO writers and specialists will continue to be in demand. This makes SEO one of the most lucrative skills to learn in 2022. 

  1. Video making/editing 

Video making/editing

You can learn to make and edit videos.

The audiovisual world has gradually dominated virtually every workforce.

Companies and businesses now make use of videos, especially animations, to advertise and promote their brands or businesses. 

Therefore, video making/editing is definitely here to stay. You can learn this skill within a span of five weeks, depending on the level of effort you are determined to put into it.

There are great online courses that can effectively teach you how to make videos. And some of the websites mentioned above, in addition to the unlimited resources available on YouTube, can conveniently teach you. 

As a video maker/editor, you can work as a freelancer or employee for any company or business that needs your service(s). And video making is one of the most lucrative skills to learn in 2022; it can make you financially independent in no time once you are great at it. 

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  1. UI/UX Design 

UI/UX design

Design is one skill you are to gain in 2022

This skill is one of the newest and most in-demand skills out there.

Companies now need UI/UX designers to help take their businesses or brands to the next level.

Having this skill will go a long way in providing you with an extra source of sustainable income if you already have a source(s) of income.

And those who are unemployed can learn this lucrative skill to make a sustainable income for themselves.

Unlimited resources online and UI/UX design courses can enable you to begin. We recommend and whenever you are willing to get started. 

  1. Drone Flying 

drone flying

Drone flying is one skill you need to learn in 2022

If you are passionate about video making/editing as a millennial, then you need a quality camera and drone to enable you to become a versatile and distinct video maker.

Drones are now one of the foremost pieces of equipment most video makers and content creators use for production.

Mastering the art of drone flying is arguably one of the most lucrative skills to learn in 2022. 

Therefore, you should endeavor to have this type of skill in today’s world to enable you to produce great and quality content if you are a content creator. 

You can learn drone flying from any video production company near you. In fact, there are many reputable companies in the country where you can effectively learn this skill without hassles. 

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  1. Driving 


Driving is a lucrative skill in Nigeria.

This might seem surprising, but driving is also one of the most lucrative skills to learn in 2022. Moreover, it’s a skill that’s great for those who are really not internet-savvy but want to earn a sustainable income. 

You don’t need to have a car before you can learn how to drive.

Good driving skills can land you job opportunities with big transportation companies like Bolt, Uber, and Taxify, among others.

You could even teach others and make cool money from it. And the most exciting part is that driving is one of the easiest skills to acquire within a short time.

If you can put much effort into learning it, you can be a master at driving within three weeks.

Driving is a practical skill that requires you to learn things physically. However, you can commence the theoretical aspect by learning from YouTube and can later enroll in any reputable driving school near you.

  1. Cooking


Cooking is a lucrative skill in Nigeria.

Cooking is not just a life skill, it’s one of the best skills to learn in 2022 as a millennial. 

We all need food to nourish our bodies, keep us healthy, and enable us to fight various health challenges. 

Hence, cooking is a crucial, easy, and highly in-demand skill to learn. 

Once you have good cooking skills, you can leverage them by working as a chef for companies and restaurants.

You can also decide to open your restaurant and teach others the beautiful art of cooking for a fee. YouTube has numerous resources on cooking that can enable you to commence learning.

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As a millennial, you have no excuse not to learn a skill in 2022. You can easily harness unlimited opportunities if you want to earn a sustainable income in the 21st century. Whether you decide to learn an online or offline skill, the top 8 skills in 2022 that we’ve discussed so far can give you a great head-start on your skill acquisition journey.

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