10 Best Vocational Skills to Learn in Nigeria

by Ebunoluwa Owoniyi

Why is learning vocational skills important for Nigerians especially the youths?

In Nigeria today, it is necessary that an individual has one vocational skill or the other, to prevent unnecessary hardship during unpalatable conditions such as loss of job, economic downfall and other unforeseen circumstances. It is worthy to note that learning vocational skills encourage the development of an individual and the nation as a whole.

Vocational skill acquisition is important because it brings discipline, and makes an individual independent and employable. It also provides the necessary qualities needed for development and sustainable national economic development. Learning vocational skills is an important step or ingredient in entrepreneurship because they are usually in high demand in every society.

What is a Vocational Skill?

“Vocational skill” is an umbrella term that defines the set of skills and training that are needed for a particular job or profession. They are practical first-hand skills that help one master a trade or craft. They are also the technical skills gained through technical education to prepare people for a trade. Vocational skills emphasize critical thinking coupled with technical know-how.

Learning vocational skills helps the individual to take up technical jobs, craft and trade. Vocational education usually takes place at secondary, post-secondary, or even tertiary level.

There are a variety of vocational skills to learn in Nigeria. In the list below I have mentioned the 9 best vocational skills to learn in Nigeria. Any one of these vocational skills will be of great benefit to those who learn or acquire them.

Best Vocational Skills to Learn in Nigeria

The vocational skills below are the 9 best vocational skills to learn in Nigeria among others. Read on to discover what makes them the best and why you should learn them.

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  1. Hair making

Hairstylists are in great demand in the health, beauty and fashion industries. Hairstylists are responsible for the cutting and making of hair. They are expected to know which product will fit each hair type perfectly. As a stylist, you learn the required skills in a vocational school and also on the job.

Stylists stay updated of the most recent styles and newest trends – especially from celebrities – to serve their clients well. To start up hairstyling as a business, first obtain the necessary skills of cutting, threading, and braiding. Then, practice as much as possible until you become very good at it.

  1. Fashion designing

Fashion designing entails putting pieces of beautiful fabrics together to make an outstanding attire. To become an outstanding fashion designer, you have to learn how to draw or sketch your design models and bring innovative ideas to life. You can learn fashion design in a vocational institution or with an already established designer. The latter is often more affordable.

Styling and design go hand in hand in fashion design. You need to have a good eye for detail and always nourish the creative side of your brain in case of slight mistakes. Fashion designing, though one of the most popular vocational skills to learn in Nigeria, can be very demanding. But if you play your cards right, it is a very rewarding and lucrative career choice.

  1. Makeup artistry

In Nigeria, looking good is a necessity for the majority. This is where the makeup industry comes into play. Makeup tends to bring out the cosmetic beauty of an individual. However, the demand for this particular vocational skill may be seasonal yet it remains a booming profession for very skilful artists.

To build a library of clientele, keep your ears on the ground for upcoming wedding ceremonies, beauty salons and other colourful events. These are places where you can make your skills shine by doing an amazing job on yourself and/or a few friends.

  1. Electrical repair

At least every modern and average home in Nigeria make use of electrical appliances, which will become faulty at some point. Therefore, choosing electrical repair from the pool of vocational skills to learn in Nigeria is very ideal.

Electrical repair in Nigeria is a lucrative skill, as long as you have a flair for bolting and unbolting. All you have to do is acquire in-depth skills necessary for electrical repair, and then you are good to go.

  1. Event planning

Event planning is also one of the best vocational skills to learn in Nigeria. It is important to note that, though it might be tedious, it is highly profitable. There is always a party to hold especially during the weekend. It could be weddings, child dedication, burials, house-warming, graduation, and so on.

The hosts or organizers would always need event planners to ensure that the events run smoothly. To become a competent event planner, you need to acquire skills in various areas, such as catering, baking, decoration, and resource and personnel management. Even if you can’t have all these, you need to have connections with reliable contacts that can complement your own skills.

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  1. Arts and crafts

Art and crafts are also not left out when it comes to profitable vocational skills to learn in Nigeria. It brings out the creativity in an individual, making them to produce fantastic and fascinating designs of objects that are crafted by hand only using simple technical tools and techniques.

Arts and crafts include weaving, beading, shoemaking, and drawing. These are considered the best vocational skills to learn in Nigeria.

  1. Home cleaning

Home cleaning is one of the least expensive ways to become a business owner. The skills required are simple and basic skills we pick up from our everyday life at home while growing up. It is a vocational skill that thrives best in urban areas as there will always be homes to clean and it is easier for people to hand off such jobs.

To be a professional home cleaner, get the basic equipment needed for the job to distinguish yourself. Then tell people about your services and why you can hire them.

  1. Photography

Photography is one very lucrative vocational skill to learn in Nigeria. It is very exciting as it helps you to see the world differently, and to value, cherish and keep memories. Every blissful memorial or life-changing event is worth recording and it is the job of a photographer to do so. With conferences, weddings, child dedications, burials and other events, you won’t be out of opportunities.

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  1. Interior design

Interior decoration is all about enhancing the interior of a building to arrive at an aesthetically pleasing environment for the owner of the space. It is another fast-growing vocational skills to learn in Nigeria. If you have a flair for colours, fabrics, and carefully arranging objects in the best fitting place, then interior design might just be one top-notch vocational skill to explore.

  1. Painting

Every newly constructed building needs a good and appealing painting to give it a perfect finishing. Even old apartments need painting to give the building a new look. Therefore painting is one sure bet vocational skill to learn in Nigeria. To be a painter you need to have good taste when it comes to colour, also knowing the kind of paint to use to give various designs.

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Having listed all these best vocational skills to learn, it is important to know that being good at the skill goes a long way in the long run. Vocational skills play a vital role in the economic stability of Nigeria. Vocational skills, unlike the conventional four years to earn a degree, take only a few months to two years to learn and you can setup business as fast as possible.

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