How to Track a Stolen Phone in Nigeria (For Android Users)

by Emmanuel Odebiyi
How to track a stolen phone

Telling a Nigerian whose phone has just been stolen to calm down could be a fatal mistake.

If not to a physical effect, it will be to an emotional effect with the words that come after that.

Losing a device you are so attached to can be frustrating and can destabilize your emotions, and this is usually more pronounced when the phone is still new and you haven’t yet enjoyed it’s value to your satisfaction.

Nevertheless, it may be inevitable to get your phone stolen, but should you always wave those phones goodbye?

If you ask for my opinion, my response is no. This is possible if you know how to track a stolen phone.

So, in this article, we will look into three major ways to track a stolen phone; if you are a victim or know someone who knows a victim, be sure to read this to the end.

What You Should Do Before You Lose Your Phone

The feasibility of tracking a stolen phone is more about the steps that have been carried out before the phone was stolen, than after it has been stolen.

This is because it will make the tracking process less of a hassle.

The following steps are important steps you should do before your phone gets stolen;

  • Open a Google account on your phone (Most likely, you’ve done that already).
  • Copy and save your Phone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) from your phone’s package box, or just dial *#06# to get it instantly on your phone.
  • Turn on your GPS (or Location).
  • Download an anti-theft app (especially Find MyDevice) and set it up.

Note that, not doing these steps will make tracking your phone a more tedious task. 

So, do them now why you still have your phone to read this article before you wave it goodbye when it gets stolen. 

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How to Track a Stolen Phone (Android)

The methods outlined below will help you to track a stolen android phone. Let’s go. 

  1. Using Find My Device Utility 

Most current cell phones (those built after 2010) include a ‘Find My Phone’ function, and using ‘Find My phone’ is part of how to track a stolen phone.

Find My Device, also known as Android Device Manager (ADM), is a Google service that is also useful for phone recovery.

The Find My Device app can be used to find, track, and recover Android devices (phones, tablets, and smart-watches) as long as they are linked to a Google Account, connected to the internet, and turned on.

 To enable this feature, do the following:

  • Go to Settings, then Google then Security
  • Choose ‘Find My Device’, this is a Google anti-theft program that comes with your phone.

Doing this will help to remotely lock, erase, and locate your phone on a map.

Having done those steps, to track your phone when stolen, sign in with the same Gmail account you used on your lost Android Phone to any device or PC to access this function.

Then go to theFind My Device” website and search for your device.

 When the website loads, it displays the name of your device as well as the last time it was spotted online.

 You may then search using the menu on the ‘Find My Device’ website.

You can Select Play Sound to make it play a distress song from wherever it may be. 

You can also secure the gadget by locking it or finally erasing all the data on it (after this, you can no longer track the phone).

In addition to locking the phone with the Secure Device option, you may show a message on the phone’s screen to contact whoever stole it.

The lock will prohibit the thief or phone handler from accessing your mobile money apps. 

And according to Google, it can locate a phone even when they are locked after being stolen.

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  1. Using International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

This is another alternative to track a stolen phone. IMEI is the 15-digit number used for a variety of things, but one of them is allowing GSM network operators and law enforcement to trace stolen and lost handsets and reclaim them.

When you use a phone to access network services, such as receiving or making calls or sending SMS, the device sends the IMEI number to the network base station. 

As chilling as this sounds, this is how to track a stolen phone using IMEI tracking.

This approach is especially useful if your phone was stolen and the criminal has already turned it off or performed a factory reset. 

Some of the other procedures discussed below will only retrieve your lost phone if it has been reset to factory settings.

Using the International Mobile Equipment Identity is your best option to find or locate a stolen phone, but this only works if you have the IMEI number with you before it was stolen. 

And getting it is as simple as dialing *#06# on any device; it will automatically pop up your IMEI number.

This is why you must know the IMEI number of your phone before it is stolen. It is the only way to make this strategy function.

The police can trace down and reclaim a stolen phone using the IMEI number. 

And as of now, only the police and some authorized network providers have the necessary gadget or capabilities to track a stolen phone using the IMEI.

Please note that you must copy your IMEI number, especially when you just purchased your phone.

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  1. Using Stolen Phone Tracker Applications

Using other third-party programs, in addition to Android’s ‘find my device’ is also part of how to track a stolen phone. 

The limitation here is that you must install these monitoring apps before the phone gets lost.

These security and monitoring applications will allow you to locate, lock, and delete data from your Android Phone.

You may use these applications to locate your phone quickly.

Some of the most effective Android Monitoring Applications include:

  •     LocateMyDroid
  •     Prey Anti-Theft: Find My Phone & Mobile Security
  •     Family Locator
  •     Lost Android
  •     Where’s My Droid
  •     Anti-theft security and alarm systems
  •     Security & Antivirus | Lookout by Lookout Mobile Security
  •     Mobile Security: Antivirus, Anti-Theft, and Safe Web
  •     Cerberus Anti-Theft

Most of them are free (but offer in-app purchases), while some require a subscription to function actively after the trial. 

Due to their efficient and easy User interface, you can operate them without any problems along the way.

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To sum it up, there are three major ways to find/locate a stolen Android phone, and we have been able to go through them.

We’ve also mentioned the steps you have to take before they can be effective because failing to complete any of these steps before your phone is taken means waving your cherished phone goodbye.

Overall, be cautious and vigilant to prevent your phone from being stolen ahead of time, but if it still happens, with this guide, now, you know what to do.

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