Simple Phone Photography Tips : How to Take Great Phone Pictures

by Jennifer Ojatunwase
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Simple Phone Photography Tips on How to Take Great Phone Pictures

With smartphones improving their camera features and resolution, the need to go to the studio for a photoshoot declines each day. But how can you take great pictures even as an amateur photographer? Fortunately, this article teaches simple phone photography tips on how to take great phone pictures.

You got a great phone with excellent camera resolution; join me as I take you on a journey giving you simple and useful tips that will make your picture have that professional touch. I will also save you some extra money you would have paid to a photographer. You can thank me later, guys!

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5 Simple Phone Photography Tips on How to Take Great Phone Pictures

  1. Camera Lens

I made this my number one point on simple phone photography tips on how to take great pictures. As easy as it may seem, many photographers forget to do that. Cleaning your camera lens can create a massive difference to your picture and give it that clear look; with your camera lens being dusty, you are likely to get a blurred image. So the simple act of cleaning your camera lens can help give your picture a more detailed description. 

  1. Lightening

Lightening is significant because it aids the viewer in understanding the information you are trying to pass across. Good lightening adds colour and beauty, and texture to your picture. Instead of taking your picture in a poorly illuminated room or place, you can make use of the sun (I make use of that, and my photos are always having that touch of difference), some indoor light, or you can use another phone’s touch light to have a steady source of light.

  1. Stability

Stability has to do with balance and being free from change or variance. It prevents you from having a distorted image, and a tripod stand can help you do the magic. It allows you to take pictures quickly and gives your picture that broad view; a pocket-sized tripod can come in handy. When shooting a video, a tripod stand can be helpful cause it captures all the motions on the screen. If you don’t have a tripod stand, you can maintain a steady and composed posture but trust me; a steady hand is better than a shaky one.

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  1. Using nature to your advantage

I love this part, and trust me when I say it is my best part. Having a touch of nature in your picture makes it more beautiful, I mean the trees, sky, flowers, e.t.c. It makes your picture have that colour and creativity. But also depends on the type of picture you want, but I love photos with that natural touch!

It is also a fact that being close to nature relieves our mind and body of stress. A beach is a good location. If you are looking forward to having a good picture, you can use the blue sky, water, and sun rays to your advantage. Sometimes, nature gives you the best opportunity to take the perfect capture; taking nature with nature’s touch is probably the way of exploring the unknown.

  1. Contrast

It involves the changes in tone and colours that compose your image. The type of contrast can also influence your image, and it also shows the mood of your image. High contrast gives your image vibrant and high energy, but a picture with low contrast gives you that dreamy feeling. Contrast is fundamental in photography cause it conveys the message and mood to the viewer.

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Phone pictures are easy and fun to capture if you follow the rules of simple phone photography tips on how to take great phone pictures. You can also make your image stand out with a catchy and inspiring pose. Explore yourself and your photography talent with these simple how to take great phone pictures tips!

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