Tips to Choosing the Right Man as a Nigerian Lady

Tips to Choosing the Right Man as a Nigerian Lady

by op-ed contributor

With the divorce rate in Nigeria intensifying, it is safe to say that many Nigerian ladies have landed in the wrong relationships because of ignorance of the tips to choosing the right man as a Nigerian lady.

This guide centers on providing tips for choosing the right man as a Nigerian lady. But before embarking on these tips, you need to understand that a lady should be patient enough to understand all these tips before choosing a man. Choosing late but rightly is much better than choosing early and choosing wrongly. Ignorance can be very deadly.

Many relationships and homes have ended prematurely due to ignorance of the relevant information when choosing their partners. A lady must be meticulous when choosing a man. The mistake most Nigerian ladies make is that they choose by emotions instead of following the signs. Many Nigerian ladies are blindfolded by their feelings.

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8 Best Tips to Choosing the Right Man as a Nigerian Lady

  1. Check your compatibility

Choosing a man that is not compatible with you is not advisable. One cannot overemphasize the importance of compatibility. A man you want to choose should be compatible health-wise (especially in terms of blood group and genotype).

Apart from the health aspect, you shouldn’t consider a man who is not compatible with you regarding religion and beliefs. Choosing a man who doesn’t have the same religious views as you do may lead to future problems. The children will also be on the receiving end because they may find it difficult to decide the kind of beliefs they should consider. Incompatibility in beliefs can cause havoc to the relationship between a lady and her man.

  1. Consider his behaviour and character

No matter how perfect a man can be, he isn’t good enough if he has a bad character. A man can be rich and caring but has a bad habit of beating up ladies. One can never overemphasize the aspect of personality and behaviour! You should be careful not to choose a man with lousy behaviour.

  1. Assurance of genuine love

Genuine love is when a man loves you without a particular condition or reason. The truth is, when a man loves you because you have something, what would happen if you are without those things?

True love is when you are loved irrespective of all odds. Because when you choose a man that loves you because of attributes like; your appearance, body shape, etc. he’ll begin to dislike you if you later lose these characteristics, and he will go on to become a stranger. Not sure if your partner loves you? Check this out

  1. Any plans for the future?

Choosing a man with no plans for himself, let alone having plans for you, isn’t advisable. A man who doesn’t even have any dream for himself cannot benefit you. He can’t do to you more than he does for himself. Abstain from men without future plans. They’ll only end up distorting your dreams and visions. Never choose a man who doesn’t have aspirations for himself because he can’t move your life further than where his life is. This is a valuable tip to choosing the right man as a Nigerian lady.

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  1. Check his capability and responsibility

A man who is not responsible and capable of doing what he is expected to do isn’t worthy of choosing. A man must be financially qualified to be ready to discharge his duties as a man. However, there is more to a man than just being capable. He must also be responsible, not just competent. You should not consider an irresponsible man because you will always have issues with him.

  1. Choose by commitment, not necessarily by secondary factors

You have to be careful not to choose a man just because of his wealth, but because you are committed to him. If you choose a man just because of money, what would happen if something took away all the money? Would you still love him? But if you choose a man by commitment, even if he lacks necessary things, you would always be committed to him. In a nutshell, choose a man you can be committed to. Choose a man that, even if he loses everything, you would still love to be with him.

  1. Never hope for changes after choosing

It is necessary not to choose a man hoping for him to change after going into a relationship with him. If he did not change before you chose to be with him, it is almost likely that he doesn’t change after you’ve chosen him. Be very sure he changes and not just pretend before you accept him.

  1. Consider your likes and dislikes

One’s likes and dislikes should be put into consideration when choosing the right man. For example: If you generally don’t like football, marrying a footballer is not advisable.


Now that you’ve understood all the tips around choosing the right man, you should sustain the ability to maximize the tips you’ve learned. The necessary expertise you need to choose rightly cannot be overemphasized!

Maximizing these tips will help in choosing the right man for yourself. These tips are eye-openers to knowing if someone is a good man to choose from or not. You have to engage in the participatory role of choosing the right man for yourself as you are accountable for the kind of choices and decisions you make.

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Nonetheless, it is possible to follow professional tips on choosing the right man as a Nigerian lady but still fall unlucky. Some men are psychologically manipulative and can pretend to be a perfect match till they get what they want.

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