Understanding the Connection Between your favourite colour and your emotion

by Taiwo Sotikare
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colour psychology

Have you ever woken up with a mixed feeling of which particular cloth colour you should wear? 

Have you been confused about the colour you should choose when shopping for bags, shoes, curtain and even handkerchief?

Yeah, you probably don’t know there is a connection between your favourite colour and your mood. It is called colour therapy. 

How does your favourite colour influence your mood?

Naturally, in art therapy, your environment influences your emotions and dictate your mood. That is why people that surround themselves with bright colours tend to look happier compare to their peers that prefer dull colour. 

If you pay close attention to people generally, we tend to keep wearing the same particular colours we are comfortable with. And from there, it has a way of driving our emotion, and it becomes part of our natural style of living. 

The colour of your clothes says much more about you, your personality, your emotions… than you imagine.

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Influence of colour on perception

Colour has a significant impact on the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the places we visit and many more. 

Colour dictate how people judge an online website, vehicle, clothe and even food. In fact, people say restaurants prefer orange colour because it makes you feel hungry and wants to eat more. Also, green has become the colour of nature, and many international platforms prefer green as their favourite colour.

12 popular colours and their meaning 

  1. Red

The colour red generally signifies power, passion, or strength. It can also be interpreted as a danger. It is stimulating in the breathing and the acceleration of the heart system, so this colour strengthens the motivation in a person to make quick decisions and increase expectations. Consider it perhaps for a romantic evening. What event do you think you could use it for?

  1. Green

Green is the official colour of the Nigerian national flag. The colour represents success, safety and health. It is the colour of nature because it is a refreshing and relaxing colour. 

Green is one of the colours that one can assimilate with easily. Yeah, that is why it is very common in decorations. In contrast, the colour green in dark tones prompt conservative, healthy, and social tendencies. That’s why, when we want to please and empathize with people, we use this kind of colour.

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  1. Blue

Blue generally tends to provoke confidence. It’s the colour of tranquillity, authority, and loyalty. When we wear blue, we want to transmit those values. It is also because we unconsciously feel calm and confident. 

  1. Black

Black is one of the most widely used colours. This colour bestows authority, power, and drama. It is one of the colours we use most when we want to enhance our figure, even if we are not very fit. Sometimes wearing it may not be the best option. Depending on the situation, it can denote distance or authority in the person who wears it.

  1. White

White is a neutral colour that goes well with anything. It is well-known as a for neatness, purity, and chaste. This is the reason why we use it all year round. Even doctors and other medical practitioners use it. A white uniform transmits sterility. Or women at weddings are conveying innocence, integrity, and purity.

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  1. Brown

The face of the earth is brown, and it is abundance in nature that tends to communicate credibility and stability. It is the colour we should use most when we want to talk to someone and have them listen to us carefully. This colour denotes neutrality, which facilitates open conversations. 

  1. Yellow

Yellow denotes happiness, hope and creativity. It is the colour we attribute to the sun. As well as sunflowers and other smily faces. It captures people’s attention quickly and can be easily attributed to our youthful days because it promises the hope of better tomorrow.

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  1. Pink

Pink is a colour of tenderness and familiarity. This is why we often ascribe it to love and romance. Because it is bright and appealing to everyone’s face. People also call it girls’ colour, to exhibit its kindness, tenderness and cheerfulness. It has a way of creating beauty anywhere it appears. 

  1. Orange 

Orange is a colour of excitement, energetic and uplifting. It is bright and gives you a sense of enthusiasm at anything you do. Plus, its warmth makes you feel at ease with yourself. Insight.ng and its parenting company uses orange for our site heading. And we love the enthusiasm of the colour, just as you do. Cheers!

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  1. Gold

Gold is the colour of wealth and abundance. It gives a warm and cheerful colour to anywhere its surface. Some people ascribe to extravagance colour or even call it rude. Yet, it is prevalent in our everyday activities. Least I forget, couples of us celebrate the colour because of its courage, passion and illumination. Plus shade of magic and wisdom. 

  1. Purple 

Purple colour is one of the most powerful colours that influences your mood and behaviours. It is potent and beautiful, also associated with emotions and feeling. People also ascribe the colour to spirituality and mysteries. And Standout as a cooler version of the colour blue with a more cheerful look.

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  1. Gray

Gray is a calm and timeless colour. It represents calmness, strength and sophistication. It is also well known for its dull look and praise to innocence. Gray is one of the most popular colours we use in our everyday life. Especially when it comes to casual dress, grey is always our number pick. 

What about you? Do you use these colours every day? What’s your favourite colour?

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