Fashion Accessories Every Nigerian Lady Should Have

13 Fashion Accessories Every Nigerian Lady Should Have

by Samuel Ikperu

You are well in the right place if you have been asking the question, ‘what are the fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have?’

You wouldn’t be wrong if you said fashion is ladies; or ladies are fashion because the magic ladies conjure with fashion is awe-inspiring. Undoubtedly, there is no fashion without ladies, and that’s why we will be looking at 13 fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have in her wardrobe.

Fashion for the Nigerian lady has come a long way; stemming from the simple and staple iros and bubas, aso-okes and heels, down to the sophisticated likes of  peplum, tank tops, gowns, LBD, pencil skirts, etc.

The trends in fashion keep evolving each passing time. Trust Nigerian ladies to evolve with the trends, and they keep updating their wardrobes as the trends dictate. Nigerian ladies go all out and leave no stone unturned when fashion is involved.

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13 Elegant Fashion Accessories Every Nigerian Lady Must Have

Fashion accessories for Nigerian ladies are numerous, however, we will restrict ourselves to the 13 fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have.

  1. Make-up kit

The first on our list of fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have is the make-up kit. This tops the list. Why? Because every Nigerian lady wants to look extremely good, and this gives them the opportunity to do so for a few hours. What would you do when you a experience a breakout on the eve of a job interview or a night out with the girls?

You know you can’t wear a mask to conceal the blackheads and pimples that are fighting for attention and space on your face. This is where your make-up kit comes to the rescue, such that you can easily conceal the breakout on your face if applied properly. Breakouts are inevitable, no doubt. However, your make-up kit could provide a temporary solution to them.

  1. Little black dress

The second fashion accessory making the list of 13 fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have is what is known as the LBD (little black dress). You would definitely find this in the wardrobes of Nigerian ladies who have a daring sense of fashion. The LBD gives you this sultry and elegant look that could make people reluctant to stop staring at you. The LBD makes a perfect combination for dinner dates with a delectable pair of heels of your choice.

  1. A pair of well-tailored trousers

The third on our list is a pair of well-tailored and bespoke trousers, which help attain that boardroom and corporate look when paired with the ever-sleek peplum or simple but yet chic long sleeve button-down shirt. They also come to the fore when you are looking to create that casual look, because some Nigerian ladies do not like dressing corporately. This should not be a barrier as they can also be paired with tees to produce that casual style. You could don them with a pair of sandals to ice up the cake.

  1. Gladiator sandals

The fashion accessory making the fourth position on the list is the gladiator sandals. Whatever wrong opinion you have about these as a Nigerian lady should be quickly discarded. They are great fit anytime, any day, particularly for romantic dates. This fashion accessory found its way down to the 21st century from the biblical days.

They date back to the Roman empire, and have surprisingly remained relevant till date. Are you looking to create that simultaneously Roman-like, romantic and sultry look? You would certainly not be making a mistake with these if you are a Nigerian lady as they conjure that look effortlessly. They make a perfect combo with either the LBD or a pair of denim and tees.

  1. High-Waist Pencil Skirt

In this post, we won’t be skirting the sexy high-waist pencil skirt (pun intended) as our fifth fashion accessory on the list today. If you are the churchy type, or you haven’t got the right figure– the hourglass figure, I mean– then this is definitely not for you. You may be wondering why is that? Because pencil skirts due to their tight-fitting shape would be perfectly apt for those with hourglass figure (commonly known as figure 8), and again, may not go down well with those who are not comfortable with flaunting their body shapes provocatively.

But like the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, then you would make a good choice picking the pencil skirt to confidently do the job for you being a Nigerian lady. You would be too hot to stare at with pencil skirts, especially if you’ve got a sizable derriere (lol) which some Nigerian ladies have. Don them with a chic peplum top and gladiator sandals, if you ever get confused on what to combine them with, then watch yourself steal the show.

  1. Black blazers

The sixth fashion accessory on our list would be black blazers which help you make a fashion statement at all times, even when you choose to be simple and moderate with your style. They serve as a base to all kinds of chic outfits.

These are no doubt a great addition to your wardrobe as a Nigerian lady, especially when worn with your favourite pair of denim and a pair of strappy heels. It won’t be bad to have other colours as well, such as red, navy-blue, white– as they could come in handy depending on what the occasion dictates.

  1. Dungarees

You’re probably guessing what the next fashion accessory would be, right? Did I hear you say dungarees? Yeah, you guessed right. You can’t stop loving these, especially if you want to whip up that tom-boyish and happy-go-lucky look being a Nigerian lady; these are absolutely are a great choice for that sort of occasion. One thing I love about these is the comfort they provide, and how they help you achieve that boyish look without trying too hard. You would certainly not want to omit these when next you go shopping. You don’t need to brainstorm on what to wear them with. A pair of sharp white sneakers would seal the deal, and make you stand out in the crowd.

  1. Sequin dress

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the stunning, shimmery sequin dress which has remained trendy for a long time even till date. If you are not looking to draw attention to yourself, then you probably shouldn’t wear this because sequin dresses are shiny and glimmer during day and night time alike.

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I guess you’re wondering what occasion they would be suitable for. They are apt for date nights, and wedding parties, when you are not wearing the usual aso-ebi which Nigerian parties and ladies are known for. Jazz them up with a pair of strappy black heels, and you would be the epitome of luxury.

  1. One-shoulder gown

Another fashion accessory on our list would be the dramatic one-shoulder wonder gown which you could turn heads with if you’re a Nigerian lady. Make sure to stock this when next you go shopping. Complete the drama with a pair of classic strappy metallic heels, metallic earrings and a metallic bag to go along with it. Strapping a gold-plated necklace around your neck would not be a bad idea, too.

  1. Ankara

You may ask for my head if I don’t add the ankara which Nigerian ladies represent the Nigerian culture with. You would find this wherever you find Nigerian ladies, with a variety of styles that may leave you with a gaping mouth; ranging from the simple skirt and blouse down to the sophisticated, bodycon gowns.

You are sure to find this if you take a stroll round the streets of Lagos where you have the Owambe parties going on in almost every corner of the streets. Your choice style of the ankara could be worn with a pair of sandals or shoes depending on your preference. Nigerian ladies have also found a way to infuse sneakers with the ankara. You could complete the puzzle with a pair of trendy white sneakers and a sleek shoulder bag.

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  1. Red dress

The next fashion accessory on our list of 13 fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have, and just as must-have as the others is the red dress which has always remained in vogue. Nothing screams and spells love more than the red dress. In fact, anywhere you see the red dress, you can be certain that there is love in the air.

This could be worn with different styles, spanning the graceful and perfectly fitting floor-grazing ones; the gorgeous, sultry and off-shoulder mini ones with the statement sleeves to the grand single-strap ones, etc. In fact, the list is endless. Finishing this look with a pair of silver heels or sandals is definitely not a bad option.

  1. Bags

Did I mention bags? No, I didn’t. Some looks are definitely not complete without a trendy bag to go with them. Nigerian ladies are suckers for bags, especially the sophisticated and designer ones. They spend fortunes on bags during their shopscapades.

In fact, you would find as many as ten bags in a Nigerian lady’s wardrobe with all of them slated for different occasions. On a casual outfit, a fanny pack is the definitely the right choice. While for a luxury-themed occasion, you may rather slay with a designer shoulder bag.

  1. Shoes and footwears

This post wouldn’t be complete without shoes or footwears. An average Nigerian lady would go broke for shoes or footwears that are great fits and match with their outfits. It won’t be difficult to find a fine pair of sneakers, a variety of heels, ranging from the ultra-flattering stilettos downs to the old but ever fashionable wedges, etc. Nigerian ladies pull all stops and are limitless with shoes.

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Our personal tastes define our choices as it relates to fashion accessories irrespective of the list above. Thus, the list of fashion accessories every Nigerian lady should have is inexhaustible.

Let us know what you think in your comments below.

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