10 Fashion Accessories Every Nigerian Man Should Have

See our Excellent Recommendation of 10 Fashion Accessories Every Men Must Have in Their Wardrobe

by Samuel Ikperu
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10 fashion accessories every Nigerian man must have

What are the fashion accessories every Nigerian man should have?

Don’t worry, you are in the right place if you are searching for the right fashion accessories to add to your closet as a Nigerian man. Before we get to that;

Why do Nigerian men need these fashion accessories?

Fashion accessories can be a great addition to your wardrobe as a man and serve as icing on the cake of your dressing anytime, any day. Without them, your sauce looks bland and drab.

We all have personal fashion accessories that we notch up our dressings with. However, wearing the right fashion accessories would make you unavoidably the cynosure of all eyes. Notwithstanding, if you don’t wish to be attractive, this article is not for you.

In this article, we will look at 10 fashion accessories every man should have in his wardrobe. These accessories are a must-have if you are looking to attain that perfect look like a man. Wearing these accessories could make you receive compliments every minute as you walk by on the road.

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10 fashion accessories every Nigerian man should have

Nigerian men in Agbada - fashion accessories

Photo Credit: Micheal Dawodu

  1. Shoes

One of the first fashion accessories every Nigerian man should have is a pair of classy shoes. There is no doubt that the first thing people look at when they see you is your shoes or footwear. Certainly, you don’t want to wear shoes that would make people frown upon seeing you. That could be bad for business, especially if you go out on a date as a man. You do not want to wear shoes that do not complement your clothes or are in sharp contrast to your clothes’ colour like clowns do.

Thus, you must have at least three pairs of shoes– a corporate shoe for your corporate wears (either a brogue or loafers) and two sneakers– as these could come in handy during weekends when you’re mostly on casual wear. Ensure that these shoes are a great fit and comfortable, so you don’t end up with an athlete’s foot.

  1. Wristwatches

These are a great addition to your wardrobe, so you shouldn’t do without them. What do you do when someone asks you for the time? Slip your phone out from your pocket or your bag when you can look at your wrist and check for the time.

Taking your phone out from your pocket or bag could take time, and you stand the risk of losing your phone to thieves while walking on the road. Your phone could be dead, which leaves you at a disadvantage. Wristwatches work round the clock, except for changing batteries once in a while. You can always get affordable wristwatches that wouldn’t give you the need to break the bank.

These reasons are why we rank the wristwatch as the second under the list of fashion accessories every Nigerian man must have.

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  1. Deodorant

The third accessory on our list is deodorant. People should not consider it as a fashion accessory, but smelling good is fashion, too. We know we can’t do without sweating as this is a natural phenomenon.

When we sweat, bacteria break down the body fluid that results from sweating, and after this, our bodies begin to feel sticky and smelly. You certainly don’t want this because men sweat more than women.

You don’t want to be moving about and hugging people with a foul smell oozing from your body, as this could be a great turn off. It is necessary to have deodorant in handy to combat this. Deodorants help you sweat less and prevent body odour.

N:B: Deodorants are different from perfumes or cologne.

  1. Sunglasses

Another fashion accessory on our list is sunglasses. You could make a fashion statement with sunglasses anytime, any day. In fact, you could make a heads turn with the right and perfect sunglasses. However, you need to know that the shape of your face dictates the type of sunglasses you should wear.

People with oval faces should wear sunglasses with oval rims, while those with oblong faces should go for sunglasses with square edges. Moreover, sunglasses could come in handy in protecting you against ultra-violet rays that can be harmful to the eyes. You don’t want to be squinting your eyes on a sunny or windy day when you can don your excellent pair of sunglasses proudly.

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  1. Belts

The fifth fashion accessory you should undoubtedly have is belts. Our wardrobes as men would be incomplete without them. They can give your dressing a complete look it deserves. It is an unwritten fashion rule; they must be worn to complement the colour of the shoes worn.

You should not wear a brown-coloured belt on a black pair of shoes, and vice versa. Moreso, it is a fashion faux pas to don trousers without slaying the look with a belt, except on traditional wears, since belts go better with English wears. However, one could always substitute the belt for suspenders, depending on the occasion and trend.

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  1. Denim jeans

The sixth on the list of fashion accessories every Nigerian man should have on our list is denim jeans. It is criminal not to have this accessory in your wardrobe as a guy, and punishable under Section 1(2) of the Fashion Accessory Rule. I was just kidding! Denim jeans are a go-to anytime, any day, because of how stylish and comfortable they can be. Donning denim jeans as a guy gives you that boyish and chic look.

Though some men complain about the difficulty in washing denim jeans, however, that is one of its comparative advantages– you can wear it as many as three times before washing. They are very apt for weekends, particularly Fridays when going to the club. They give you that TGIF look. There is no doubt that the best pants to don with sneakers are denim jeans.

  1. T-shirts

Another fashion accessory you would be making a silly mistake not having is T-shirts. You might want to hang out with friends during the weekends, and you are at a loss on what to wear. T-shirts would make a great choice, especially with denim jeans and a pair of sneakers. Wearing T-shirts will be a plus if you have a muscular frame as a guy.

  1. Joggers/sweatpants

Another indispensable fashion accessory on our long list is joggers or sweatpants. These are a great choice on days when you don’t feel like going out and you’re just home. You wouldn’t be making a mistake if you wore them to hang around the house.

Rather than wearing plain trousers or jeans, joggers are a great fit due to their comfy and free nature. They could also come in handy during weekend outings. The checkered ones are now trendy. So, make an effort to have at least one in your wardrobe.

  1. Pouches

Our wardrobes would be incomplete if fanny packs or pouches didn’t make the list. These are trendy, too. Even celebrities sport them. This accessory is reputable for its style and how it saves the day on days when you are wearing clothing that does not have pockets, where you can keep cash or your gadgets. In fact, they are a perfect substitute for wallets, if not better.

They come in handy for the storage of devices and cash. NB: If you’re wearing one, ensure you make a great pick with a colour that blends with the colour of the clothes you’re sporting so you don’t end up looking like a clown.

  1. Agbada

The last fashion accessory to make our list is traditional wear, either a pair of senator suits or agbada. You can slay with these anytime, any day. Traditional wears are an excellent fit for weekends, mostly for parties (wedding, burial ceremony).

Your same Saturday look would not be complete without the agbada or senator suit. They could give English wears a run for their money. You can always don these with your brogues, loafers or a pair of sandals. You certainly need to have either an agbada or a senator suit for the culture.


As highlighted earlier, fashion accessories are very significant materials because they help us define our style and help us express our personalities better.

Unfortunately, our list would have been longer as there are many more fashion accessories every Nigerian man should have. Drop your comments below, let us know what you think. We may consider writing part II.

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