10 Interesting Ways to Discover Your Strengths

Be the best version of yourself because everyone else is taken.

by Jennifer Ojatunwase
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Everyone’s true and sincere desire is to be the best version of themselves and to be exceptionally good at what they do. However, most people face the challenge of accurately Identifying or discovering their strengths. As a result, they don’t know what they are good at and waste time and resources developing and building the wrong strength or skill before finally finding what they truly want to do.


Discover your strengths

Focus on your strength instead of other people’s wins. Don’t waste your time counting other people’s successes and complaining about why you can’t be good at what you do. Very few people have discovered the secret of capitalising on their strength and making the most out of it. This secret makes you outstanding and unique among others cause you have to add effort, wisdom, and passion to your strength to produce results.

This article guides you on your journey of discovering your strengths and tips on how to maximise them to their full potential.


Discovery of your strength and potential may take months or even years. Unfortunately, most people live averagely, settling for less than they truly want and are capable of, thereby struggling their entire lives. Here are 10 interesting ways to discover your strengths.

  1. Pay Keen Attention to Yourself

Self-discovery is the most important tool in discovering your strength. Self-discovery leads to strength, mastery and discovery. This is only possible when you pay keen attention to yourself. Most people have failed to pay keen attention to themselves. They have spent more time chasing other people’s dreams, and in a race to meet people’s expectations, standards have not discovered their strength and potential.

The first step to discovering your strength is to pay close and keen attention to yourself. Studying your strengths and weakness across different areas of your life increases your chances of accurately discovering your power.

  1. Write out what you are good at


Write out what you are good at

An adage says, “The faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory”. Proper documentation and the proper laying out of a single interest you have in your head is better than just having them in your head. Write down everything you’re good at, including your hobbies, Talents, skills etc.

Writing those things down would enable you to have a detailed description of what you’re capable of, and it would also help in quickly identifying your strengths. Write down everything you think you’re capable of doing and even those things you have an interest in but are not good at. It also helps you keep track of what you’re doing.

  1. Passion


Find your passion

Pay attention to that thing that you’re passionate about. That is what you would do without getting paid or receiving any awards. It is what you can do to the extent that you’ll lose track of time. You do it naturally without any stress or sweat. Even if they’re difficulties along the way, Don’t mind going through them.

This is one of the most important and sensitive parts because you must be careful not to mistake passion for hubbies. Discovering your potential involves passion; Passion is the only thing that would keep you going and sustains the pursuit of purpose and strength discovery.

  1. Ask People Around You For Better Clarification

Asking people around you to help identify your strengths is also one of the quickest ways to find your strength. So try to find out the things you get compliments or thumbs up for. But you have to be very careful not to make the decision of the discovery of your strength based on people’s accreditation but your inner peace and conviction. Because sometimes people do things so well and get good comments from people, but within them, they aren’t pleased even though they are good at it. So your inner peace and satisfaction are what matters most in this case.

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  1. Find Your Talent

One way to discover your strength is being better at what you do. There are things people will prefer you do for them instead of others. So, people would choose your service over others cause you are so good at what you do. You might do things uniquely from others. One of the ways of learning is when they want you for that particular job. So, figure out what that thing is, and it might be your strength.


  1. Track Your Results or Progress


Track your progress

This is one of the ways of discovering your potential. By tracking your progress, you can pinpoint your strength. You’ll discover your strength and develop it by looking at which area you’re able to function best. So Look at the things you do well and efficiently compare them with the ones you struggle at, and develop and build on your strength.

  1. Temperaments

Studying your temperaments allows you to discover your strengths and build on them easily—the four main temperament traits; sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric, and Phlegmatic.

Accurately getting your natural temperament traits is one of the ways of accurately discovering your potential. In addition, it has a way of helping you identify your strengths and weakness.

  1. Open-Mindedness And Flexibility


Be open-minded

This virtue is needed in discovering your potential, and you must be open to learning and unleashing everything you have. Flexibility would help you not to be rigid and enable You to express yourself freely and not put in your best in every potential you notice about yourself. So try to be open-minded and flexible during your journey of discovering potential.

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  1. Partner With People Who Share Similar Interest

Partnering with people with similar potential is an excellent way of discovering your full potential. Most times volunteering to work with people doing something similar to your niche would help you build relationships, develop abilities etc. It would help give you a headstart In discovering your potential.

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  1. Improve on Your Existing Strengths

be better

Improve your strengths

One way to discover your true strength is by improving on the ones you’ve already found. Improving on the ones you’ve already discovered will guide you to learn more interesting things about yourself. Your location is crucial when discovering your potential. Make sure you are trying out the ones you have noticed in the environment that will thrive and accept what you do; if not, you will end up frustrated and will not be motivated to do more.


Self-discovery is a lifetime journey; you must be willing to unleash everything in you. Be Flexible, and you will see yourself even doing things you think you aren’t capable of. Build and develop yourself on the ones you have discovered about yourself; they would serve as channels to reveal other potentials.

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