10 Ways to Build Confidence as a Young Nigerian

by Bolatito Elegbede
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Confidence is a vital attribute to possess as a Nigerian. Nigerians encounter awkward situations at work, school and within the society at large that require confidence. So, the question arises; what are the ways to build confidence as a young Nigerian?


Believe in Yourself

Being confident doesn’t mean you should be arrogant; rather, it means having trust in your abilities. As a person, you should work on ways to build confidence. For example, your way of building confidence could start with your personality. Your personality can show confidence. For example, when you sit or stand upright, it boosts your self-confidence.

Building confidence in Nigeria is not as easy as it seems. In a society where nepotism is popular, having confidence in yourself might be hard but not impossible. Some people possess confidence naturally, while some find it hard to achieve. You keep pondering on how to build confidence, not knowing there is a complex yet simple way to build confidence, which is by appearing confident without necessarily feeling confident inside you. This may sound funny, but it works. Imagine a person that went for an interview; he appeared confident in front of the judges, and immediately after the interview, he came out panting. This person wasn’t confident, but he had to appear confident for his interview. Boosting your self-confidence is essential for your day-to-day activities. Not fidgeting, standing tall, speaking slowly or making eye contact are ways to build confidence in yourself.

Types Of Confidence


You can be confident in different ways. Confidence can bring about a positive change in your life and can be dangerous if you choose the wrong way to build confidence.

  • ‘Pasted on’ confidence

This is a type of confidence that requires you to say positive things to yourself, such as “I’m great,” “I can do it,” and “I will succeed.” This is a good way to build confidence before taking a difficult step, even though we don’t feel confident deep down. For example, imagine a student having a test and is still scared after reading. Telling himself “I will pass” might be the extra support he needs to write well. Note that ‘pasted on’ confidence can break easily without strong determination.

  • Unwarranted/ unnecessary confidence

As the name implies, being confident when it isn’t necessary. This is when you overestimate your abilities and underestimate the task given to you or even the people around you. This is a bad type of confidence that you shouldn’t possess. No matter your position, you should learn to seek people’s opinions. Do not be overconfident that you can make the right decision yourself. Instead, learn from other people’s mistakes and guide yourself. No one is above mistakes.

  • ‘I did it once’ confidence

When you do something once, you feel confident when you accomplish the same thing for the second time. You keep on moving because you do not doubt the know-how. Swimming is a good example. Your first time in the water can be frightening, and the confidence to swim is low because of fear. With regular training, you can boost your self-confidence. A few months later you gained confidence in swimming because you have practised so many times. Practising is a good way to build confidence.

  • Effort will lead to success’ confidence

This is a positive way of boosting your self-confidence. This type of confidence takes you from being unable to do something to be a master at it. This is having a strong belief that you will eventually succeed when you put in effort and time. It ensues when a student sees that the extra time you put into studying yields a better grade. It builds more when you keep trying different strategies as a businessman or businesswoman and succeed.


How Can You Boost Your Confidence


How to boost confidence

Selecting a good way of showing confidence brings about a positive change in your life. We all want to boost our self-confidence so we can do better. Here are five insightful ways to boost your self-confidence.

  • Acceptance

For progress in life, you have to accept yourself. You have to accept the good and bad traits you possess. You have to accept the lack of self-confidence. Then, you will be able to work on it.

  • Identifying your weakness and strength

Be true to yourself when picking out your weaknesses and strengths. This way, you can build confidence. Then, you work on your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

  • Effort

It is essential to put effort into the path of acquiring self-confidence. You can’t become self-confident without putting effort into improving yourself.

  • Eliminate negativity

It would be best if you were optimistic about yourself. Get rid of all negative views about yourself. Negativity is an obstacle in your path to acquiring self-confidence. You can do it! 

  • Participation

Engage in activities that require social interactions. You will improve on your weaknesses and help you overcome them. Positive outcomes from these participations boost your self-confidence. Do not run away from socializing with people.

Why Confidence Is Important

  1. Self-confidence affects your health positively

It is beneficial to your mental health. When you have confidence in yourself, you can trust in your ability to lead a good life. Having a positive mindset about yourself boosts your mental health.

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  1. You will be happy

Research has shown that people with a good level of self-confidence are happier than those without self-confidence. Self-confidence helps you make good decisions about life and helps you stay positive.

  1. Freedom

You have freedom when you possess self-confidence. People with low self-confidence tend to live their lives in fear. Lack of self-esteem keeps you from getting whatever you want out of not believing in yourself. Self-confidence gives you freedom.

  1. Self-confidence reduces social anxiety.

When you are confident, it’s easier to create relationships. You can move comfortably without fear. Other people’s judgement won’t affect you because you are confident in yourself.

10 Ways To Build Confidence

Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

  1. Get things done

One of the ways to build confidence as a young Nigerian is by getting things done. When you achieve your goals, you will feel good about yourself. No matter the goal it is, either small or big, you should strive to accomplish your goals. Then, when you take on future goals, you will be confident that you can succeed.

  1. Exercise

Exercise helps you focus and manage stress. Exercise helps you feel calmer and more active. Aside from all these, exercise helps you lose weight, building your self-confidence. It makes you confident about your physique. Some weight loss exercises include jogging, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and so on.

  1. Be fearless


Do not give up

Being fearless doesn’t mean you don’t have fears, but being able to confront your fears makes you fearless and boosts your self-confidence. So fight your fears and improve yourself. For example, if your fear is standing in front of people, picture the people you are most comfortable with as your audience and talk freely or showcase your talent.

  1. Do not push yourself too much

You do not gain self-confidence overnight. It takes a gradual process, so be patient with yourself. Failing at your first trial is an opportunity to improve more on yourself. Self-confidence is putting effort even when you fail, you should stay positive, and you will eventually succeed.

  1. Practice self-care

It would help if you cared for yourself because your appearance boosts your self-confidence. Knowing that your life matters shows that you are confident. Select your favourite skincare tips and put them to good use. Do the things you enjoy most.

  1. Stay away from perfectionism

One of the ways to build confidence as a young Nigerian is by staying away from perfectionism. Perfectionism keeps you from succeeding. No human is perfect. Work on learning to laud yourself for a work well done so you won’t get in the way of boosting your confidence. Put in your best in accomplishing whatever you do.

  1. Keep a positive support network

Spend time with people or things that support and uplift you. Stay away from people that only criticize and give bad remarks about you. Then, you can build your confidence.

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  1. Stand up for yourself

Don’t let people make you feel you don’t deserve what you want. Instead, stay true to yourself and fight for your goals. Eliminate any form of negativity against building your confidence.

  1. Lead a good life

Uphold good morals. Help people around you and be of good conduct. You will always feel confident about yourself when you lead a good life. Make sure you live a clean life.

  1. Do what makes you happy

Create time for yourself. Do all that makes you happy to relieve stress and maintain stable mental health—doing what makes you happy leaves you feeling good about yourself. No matter how little it is, happiness is priceless.


Now, you have seen the ways to build confidence as a young Nigerian. You can always choose whichever way to build your confidence, provided it isn’t at the expense of others’ well-being. It would help if you practised self-confidence to be a better version of yourself. Stay optimistic and never relent on achieving your goals.

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