Top 10 Jobs That Did Not Exist Ten Years Ago

by Oluwanifemi Akintomide
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If you asked a teenager in Nigeria ten years ago what they would like to become in the future, you would hear them say either a Doctor or a Lawyer, an Architect, Engineer, Teacher, etc., because they were the typical jobs that existed then. 

In recent times, the rise of social media, artificial intelligence, data mining, etc., has revolutionised the world, and things have changed and are still changing drastically and rapidly.

Not only that, but the Covid-19 pandemic has also changed how things were done, bringing a whole of things that happened offline to online, leading to more unbelievable internet jobs.

Jobs that did not exist previously now exist, and some jobs didn’t have as much footing then as now. I’ll show you 10 of those jobs in this article.

Let’s dive into it. 

10 Jobs That Did Not Exist Ten Years Ago

  1. Social media managers

social media

Social Media Managers can contribute to a company’s growth

Unlike in years past, social media has taken an enormous space in our lives, and we can’t do without it. As a result, almost everyone, including adults and children, now use social media.  

Brands and CEOs of companies have recognised this as a means of engaging with their consumers, putting social media managers in demand.

A social media manager’s role involves managing an organisation’s social media pages and using metrics like engagement and reach to craft strategies to increase sales, exposure, engagement and brand loyalty.

  1. Media Influencers

One of the jobs that did not exist some years ago is media influencers. Who would have imagined that people can get paid for having a huge following on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? But that’s what we have now in influencers, and many people make their money from it.

Brands make use of influencers to promote their goods and services.

  1. Blockchain Analysts

blockchain analyst

Cryptocurrency is the future

Another job that makes the list of numerous jobs that did not exist ten years ago is blockchain analyst.

Due to the demand of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain is gradually becoming an integral technology, and many companies are transferring to the blockchain. 

Blockchain technology allows the management of things such as digital voting, real estate transfer, payment processing, data sharing etc.

Blockchain analysts are professionals who produce and install assets and accelerators that can assist with developing an infrastructure that communicates with the blockchain.

  1. Podcasters


Podcasting has become popular

Podcasting wasn’t popular until 2014 when “This Ameriacan Life” released “Serial”, a podcast based on a man who may have been wrongly imprisoned for murder in 1999.

Now with an estimated 850,000 podcasts and more than 30 million episodes, we have people who make podcasting a full-time job. Many people listen to podcasts that cover various topics ranging from finance to business, to education etc., as they go about their daily lives.


  1. User Experience Managers

User experience has to do with how a person feels when using an app, website etc. Business owners need to pay attention to this area because a business can be rejected if it does not have good UX.

A user experience manager works with web designers and developers to improve user experience and increase business growth and revenue.

The role of a user experience manager also involves developing product goals and overseeing project implementation. 

User experience managers also discover talented designers and develop their skills into high-performance UX designers.

  1. Data Scientists and Analysts

Company heads are beginning to realise the importance of data to their business. 

They employ data scientists and analysts to examine this ‘big data, looking for market trends, patterns and other information to help them make informed business decisions.

Prominent data scientists gather and analyse enormous volumes of data from a diverse array of sources to maximise the efficacy of the information, be it from google or social media.

  1. Virtual Assistants


Virtual Assistant

One unbelievable internet job that has risen in high demand recently is virtual assistant, also called VA. A virtual assistant works online to assist an individual or brand achieve their goals. 

It is more like the job role of an office assistant, but the difference is that it operates 100% virtually. 

Virtual assistant services could be by contact, or the role of a virtual assistant include content creation, bookkeeping, social media management, email management etc. 

  1. YouTube Content Creators

youtube creator

Creating content on YouTube is the new gold

This is one of the popular jobs. Youtube was founded in 2005 and used as a video platform. Compared to those times, becoming a YouTuber is now a full-time career for some people.

YouTubers earn money through Google’s Adsense partnership program, sponsorship deals and advertising. 

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  1. Digital Marketing Specialists

A digital marketing specialist is another job that did not exist previously. 

A digital marketing specialist takes care of a company’s marketing process on and off social media. Their roles include and are not limited to the following, search engine optimisation, lead generation, email marketing and research, and developing and monitoring online advertising campaigns.


Nearly all businesses perform online marketing, so digital marketing specialists are very much in demand.

  1. Content Marketer

A content marketer uses content to promote the goods and services of a brand. And it is one of the in-demand jobs that exist now.

Copywriters and web content writers fall into these categories, and it’s a role that is very much in demand as content plays a lot in connecting to people who will patronise you. 

An important skill required for this is SEO.


This article has shown you that there are jobs you thought could not exist ten years ago, but today, people are cashing out from them. The world is evolving, so you must keep up with the new trends and update your skills to avoid missing out. 

If you think there are other jobs we missed on the list, send us a message and let’s update it. 

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