10 SEO Tips To Improve Your Website Ranking

by Oluwanifemi Akintomide
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Every website owner or web content writer wants their post to be on the first page of search engines. Those who achieve this feat can only do it with the knowledge of SEO and how to do it. 

SEO is search engine optimization, and it is a process of improving the quantity and quality of visitors to a website by ensuring that the site appears in the top results returned by a search engine.

Do you want Nigerians to open your website every day?

Do you want to get your ideas to the farthest place?

In this article, I’ll share with you SEO tips to help improve your website’s presence.


Below are SEO tips that will improve your website ranking.

  1. Quality Content With User Intent


High-quality content is key

Good quality content that solves users’ intent is the number one SEO tip for improving your website ranking because it is written for people and aims to get people to read your content. People who identify your website as one that solves their problems with your content will always come back for more. 

For example, if your website’s target audience is Nigerians. Your content should be what a typical Nigerian will search on Google on a random day. Like Insight.ng, Zikoko and Pulse.Ng, focus on Nigerian content that serves the Nigerian population. 

This is the reason why some websites are popular. It is because they have built authority in their niches with their content. So, put a lot of effort into your content.

  1. Update Your Posts Regularly

When you update your posts, it proves to search engines that your site is relevant. Therefore, set aside time to check your google analytics to see content that needs updates and make adjustments.

This is one of the SEO tips that can improve your website ranking. You can as well delete posts that are old and irrelevant.

Consistency should be your virtue because it makes you take the site’s growth seriously, putting your website among the top sites on search engines. 

  1. Use Related Keywords


Keywords Research

Keywords are words or phrases people type into search engines to get what they are searching for. Include keywords in your posts as it is one of the determinants used by search engines to rank websites. 

Don’t use a combination of unrelated keywords in a single web post, as it lowers the likelihood of appearance. Keywords are also to be used strategically and not anyhow so that your write-up can come out natural.

Also, use SEO research websites such as; Ubbersuggest, SemRush, Answerthepublic.com, Infinite Suggest and so on to perform keyword research. Then, you can find the keywords that rank the content higher on the World Wide Web. 

Apart from your focus keyword, there are other keywords you should use in your content: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI). These keywords are closely related to your focus keywords.

For example, your focus keyword could be Clothing, and the LSI keyword could be apparel. LSI keywords help search engines understand more what your page is all about. And you can find them on the bottom page of your search results. 

Place them in strategic positions such as title, subtitle and on different parts of the content, such as in the title, Meta description, and at different locations throughout the content. 

  1. Linking

Another important SEO tip to improve your website ranking is to link to posts published on your website or other websites and ensure your page is link-worthy. They are called internal linking and external linking. Build authority by linking your posts to relevant posts made by you or other websites. 

An article about real estate shouldn’t include links to cryptocurrency but real estate articles. 

Just as you can improve your website’s ranking by linking to other sites, you can achieve this when other sites link to yours. Ensure you have a link-worthy site filled with quality and relevant content that draws in visitors.

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  1. Optimize Your Media

Include alternative texts in your videos and images. Adding texts to describe your videos and images allows search engines to understand your post and what the picture or video is about. This significantly improves the ranking of your website by search engines.

Another tip is to resize your images to align with your site’s dimensions. A useful tool for this is the free SmartResize tool. Finally, you should also ensure that your images are in the best format; JPEG and PNG are usually the most used. 

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  1. Technical SEO

This involves optimizing your website and server for search engines to index and crawl it more effectively. This is important because it is a good way that allows search engines to rank your website higher.

Issues in this aspect include page speed, duplicate content on your site, website architecture, mobile-friendly designs, etc. 

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You can perform technical SEO for your website by using a technical SEO tool such as Deep Crawl, checking your site speed, conducting on-page SEO, etc. You can also make use of Google Analytics to resolve traffic issues. 

  1. Google Your Business

Setting up a Google My Business improves SEO for your website and also ranks it higher, including driving more traffic. This helps include your website among the top searches, and the tool has proven useful for businesses that need to get potential clients.

This tool gives you an edge over competitors who are not using it. It makes it easier for potential clients to see your page and contact you. You should include it in your SEO strategy now!

  1. Keep Users on Your Site for Longer Periods

Dwell time is the amount of time a user spends on a page on your website. Google and other search engines use the traffic to a website to determine the quality of your website, and if they find out that users don’t spend a lot of time on your site, it will lower your ranking in search results.

You can prevent this by posting long quality content and linking to other pages on your website or by including videos in your content. 


  1. Optimize Your Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Your title is the first thing your reader will see, so make your headline catchy and engaging. Optimize your title by including your keyword, which is called a title tag. And you should also optimize your URL or permalink because search engines use it to find out what your page is about. 

A catchy and engaging meta description will make users click on your posts more than a post without it. And this, in turn, will affect your ranking. So make sure that your keyword is included in the meta description. 

These are very effective SEO tips to improve your website ranking.

  1. Publish Long-Form Content

SEO experts believe long content could lead to a higher ranking than short content. 

Long-form content ranks higher in Google SERPs because they are more detailed and in-depth.

An example is this graphical illustration of the relationship between the number of words and Google position by Backlinko.


Credit: Backlinko

So if it isn’t against your website or business policy, publish more long content than short ones.


A search engine optimized content has the potential to appear amongst the first set of pages to be displayed by search engines. This gets you more traffic and increases your chances of becoming a big name in the Nigerian media industry. 

Many website owners have used the above SEO tips, which have worked for them. You should try them out as well.

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