5 Online Jobs for Students in Nigeria to Make Easy Money

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online jobs for students in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian student looking to make an income online? Have you realised that depending on your parents for miscellaneous things is a little boring and unsatisfactory? Do you have little experience and wonder if the online world is for you? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then get ready to be familiar with accessible and high-paying online jobs for students in Nigeria.

5 Easy to Learn Online Jobs for Nigerian Students 

  1. Copywriting

What’s the first thing that came to your mind when you saw copywriting? Wrong spelling? But no. I mean copywriting. You’ll be wrong to think it’s about law and rights. 

Copywriting is an art (not an act) of writing copies to promote sales. Copies are the information you read about a brand that calls you to take action. Here is how Dan Lok, a successful copywriter defined copywriting. 

He said, “Copywriting is using the written word to start, enhance and extend relationships with the customers that includes salesmanship in print.”

You’re probably thinking, “this must be a lot of hard work.” But not really. All you need is the ability to write in good English – not extensive vocabulary but in layman’s words, creativity, and the ability to mould your words so that it provokes action. 

It isn’t just one of the online jobs for students in Nigeria; it is also one of the highest paying online jobs for students in Nigeria. Many businesses and brands out there need sales, and what other way to get that except through persuasive writing.

  1. Content creation

One of the many online jobs for students in Nigeria is content creation. The second richest man in the world, Bill Gates, said ‘content is king.’


Well, content in its simplest meaning is information. What rules the word again? Information! Everything around you is content – from the little gists between you and your friends to the trending news you hear and read from unknown sources.

Imagine you can conjure words together and pass them to people. There is no job, business, or brand that doesn’t need content. As a brand owner or upcoming brand owner, even you need content. So permit us to say, a world without content is null and void. There are many forms of content creation, including content writing, graphics designing, video creation, and audio creation. So to help you pick out one to specialise in, I’m going to explain each of them.

  • Content writing

What is it with writing? Copywriting is not content writing. What’s the difference? 

Content can be any information that does not necessarily promote sales or provoke some action which is the most essential element of copywriting. That is to say, all copywriters are content writers, but not all content writers are copywriters. 

Do you see all those blog posts and news? They are typical examples of content. All you need to be a content writer is good writing skills, creativity, and the ability to tweak words to grab attention. If you can specialise in content writing, you have just landed yourself one of the most lucrative online jobs for students in Nigeria.

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  • Graphics designing

Have you noticed those beautiful designs on banners, book covers, posters, and event fliers? Those are the works of a graphics designer. Graphics designing is creating beautiful pictures or images to beautify and pass information.

 Can you use a design to pass information without blocks of text so clearly that an illiterate can understand it? If you can, then consider graphics designing. Everything doesn’t have to be about writing. Don’t you think so? So here is one of the online jobs for students in Nigeria that may require only average writing skills. 

  • Video creation

 How many of you love youtube, Snapchat, TikTok, or Instagram? Well, I do. All these applications help create video content. Simply put, video creation is passing information using moving people and things or demonstration (motion). All you need is a video camera, the ability to edit, and the correct information, and you are good to go.

  • Audio creation

What do you do when you are tired of typing and need to pass the information on WhatsApp? I guess you click on the microphone icon, record your message, and send it. That is audio creation. Okay, sending voice notes and recording isn’t a job, but podcasting is. Audio courses are. Get a script for the information you want to pass and a mobile application such as anchor and start recording.

  1. Social media management

Have you ever wondered how celebrities and CEOs, as busy as they are, still have a strong online presence on social media? Well, I’m not going to be a spoiler. 

There are people who manage an online presence on social media for a few bucks. This is another online job you could do as a student and still excel in your studies. All you need is a sound knowledge of Canva and Inshot and good writing skills. 

If you’re serious about getting online jobs for students in Nigeria, and you enjoy interacting on social media, give this a shot.

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  1. Coding

What’s your definition of coding? Coding uses programming languages such as Python, C++, and JavaScript to develop applications and websites. Have you ever wondered how all the applications on your phone came to be or where those websites on google originate from?. How do we have Insight.ng website? 

Yes, there is a block of codes somewhere in the background. If you’re tech-savvy and are interested in flexing those muscles, get a good knowledge of one programming language and computer that is strong enough. Website and app development is one of many online jobs for students in Nigeria whose demand will continue increasing in this century. 

It’s a smart choice.

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  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is another online job for students in Nigeria. It means sending emails to an individual or a large group of people via email. Imagine opening a website and a notification dropped, ‘subscribe to our email newsletter,’ you click on subscribe because you like the content. Every day, you receive an email notification from that website. That is a simple illustration of email marketing. 

Many websites need this to keep their business running and drive more audience, and usually employ people to do this. No certificate is required. Just sound knowledge of how marketing works and, of course, good writing skills. 

Despite knowing all these online jobs for students in Nigeria, it takes determination, consistency, and patience to benefit from them. Working online isn’t a get-rich-quick syndrome or a Ponzi scheme. It is a process. So go ahead, pick one and start making money as a Nigerian student with no experience. 

Would you feel better if you had experience in your intended online job of choice? Check out insight’s digital academy for courses you can enroll in.

Do you have anything to say about this post? You are free to speak your mind in the comments section. You can also have an audience with Insight.ng via our WhatsApp community and let’s discuss other online jobs Nigerian students can be involved in that are not listed in this article.

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