How to Interact with People You Just Met in Nigeria

by Jennifer Ojatunwase
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interact with people you just met

Are you finding it challenging to interact with people you just met in Nigeria? Are you shy and anxious when talking to new people? Do you run short of words or lack topics to talk about when conversing with friends? Then this article is the one solution on how to interact with people you just met. You’ve been looking for it!

Many people find it hard to maintain conversations or keep eye contact with people they’re just meeting. They find it a challenge to meet people and start up a fruitful discussion with them. Well, meeting people and connecting with them is something you can’t hide from, cause one way or the other we need to meet new people, either in your offices or at a party. Sometimes those first times discussion doesn’t end there. They grow into healthy relationships; marriage or some people become a source of impact and help to each other.

The first impression they say matters a lot; you have to create a positive and memorable kind. People remember your first contact with them and most times access you from that experience. So you need to start learning how to create an impression last. Here are some of the things to get. You need to make your conversation with someone you just met productive and memorable.

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Top 5 Tips on How to Interact with People You Just Met

  1. Ask them about themselves

Here is one mistake that people make, they talk so much about themselves and don’t even bother to give space for the other party to talk about their likes and dislikes, opinions on food, politics, e.t.c. Which is wrong way to interact with people you just met. It is selfish to do all the talking alone. It makes the conversation boring for the other person and makes them want to end it real quick. So do well not to focus more on yourself but consider the other person involved and give them space to also talk about themselves and things they care about.

  1. Give a listening ear

As much as giving people the privilege of talking about themselves sounds decent, it’s not enough! You will have to provide them with a listening ear also. If they’re in a conversation with you, they deserve to be listened to and not just that but also get a response from you. That’s what makes the conversation exciting and interactive.

Give your full attention, don’t start operating your phone or looking somewhere else. Maintaining eye contact and giving your full attention makes the person feel important and shows you’re following.

  1. Don’t be judgemental

This sounds funny, but it’s needed if you want to have a healthy conversation with someone you’re just meeting for the first time. Try your Best to be open to ideas and opinions, don’t be one-sided and trust only your view of things. Even if you don’t entirely agree with what the person is saying, try not to make a fuss out of it. You can carry out constructive criticism by making the person see reasons why it should be this way in an excellent and friendly manner instead of stirring disagreement, making the whole atmosphere tense and toxic.

  1. You can ask about their plans and goals

Asking people about their plans and suggesting ways to achieve them is one of the most to make them see you as an ally. Do well to also talk about yours so you won’t look like an intruder or a spy. Talk about their interests and hobbies, pick out what you have in common and talk about it. It drives the conversation in a beautiful direction and creates a bond.

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  1. Jokes and sense of humour

Cracking jokes and having a good sense of humour is one of the things that would make that person look forward to yet another conversation with you. But don’t overdo it. Say funny Jokes and not Just any but the one in line with what you’re discussing. You can also compliment the perfume the person is wearing, the accessories, clothes e.t.c. You can talk about a funny experience you had and also encouraged the person to share theirs’ also. It makes the conversation lively and meaningful.

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However, doing all this doesn’t guarantee an excellent discussion. It would be best if you backed it up with confidence and also compose yourself. Confidence comes from within; if you think shy, you act shy, but you find yourself acting confident if you think confidence from within. Adding this, you’re good to interact with people you just met. Wishing you all the best!

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