How to Build a Great Public Speaking Career in Nigeria

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public speaking career in Nigeria

Being successful in public speaking career in Nigeria is about bringing fresh ideas to topics that resonate with an audience. Public speakers in Nigeria use social media platforms to gather an audience and attract feedback on content.

In delivery, be aware of any quirks you may have, and eliminate them so as not to detract from the message. These quirks can be rocking back and forth or undesirable facial expressions. Use simple words to communicate effectively with the audience. It also helps to have recordings of yourself giving a speech. It can be beneficial to identify and correct any mistakes you made in the video.

One should also practise delivering free speeches to a volunteer audience before going onto paid opportunities. Going a step further, you can release ideas to the world through blog posts, social media, or publish a book for relevant feedback and sales. Having a demo reel that you can share with event planners is also vital and should contain reviews of your performance. Finally, reaching out to various speaking engagements becomes less necessary as popularity grows.

Who is a Public Speaker?

The public speaker aims to inspire, persuade, and encourage others to follow their line of thinking. They encourage people using shared experiences that resonate with an audience.      

Public speaking in Nigeria has grown to utilise video conferencing and other technologies to pass a message.

The aim or goal of public speaking is to move an audience, change minds, and enable them to decide. Therefore, the speaker implements a combination of facts and storytelling to achieve the best results.

In ancient Greece, it is believed that anyone interested in achieving any form of success be proficient in public speaking.

Differences Between a Motivational Speaker and a Public Speaker in Nigeria

Two of the most powerful mediums to express oneself publicly in Nigeria are motivational speaking and public speaking. Though people often regard them as similar, they have specific differences. 

A motivational speaker seeks to boost the morale and productivity of a business or an individual. The speaker can change the way that listeners achieve certain processes by encouraging certain attitudes.

However, public speaking does not tailor speeches to a specific company and is likely to be done by a celebrity or influencer that can garner a large audience.

A motivational speaker wants to learn more about how a company functions and will use that knowledge to boost productivity or raise sales. In addition, they use specialized methods to deliver the message and will review it later to verify they were successful.

Public speaking is all about interacting face to face with an audience to deliver a message. It can include using pre-recorded messages that you may provide in the absence of the original speaker. With a mixture of teaching, persuading and entertaining, public speaking can move an audience to decide or gain further insight into an issue.

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Popular Public Speakers in Nigeria

Here in Nigeria, there are several public speakers. A famous example is Leke Alder, founder of Alder consulting. He speaks on various topics, including business and politics, and divides his time between Lagos and London. He helped introduce branding as a discipline in Nigeria and has consulted on strategy for the ministries of Information and Communication. Also, he has served as a member of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group and The World Economic Forum on Africa.

Another public speaker in Nigeria is Fela Durotoye, a computer science and Economics graduate. Fela Durotoye is the Chief Executive officer of Visible Impact. An organisation designed to tackle social and environmental challenges and limitations. Its goal is to build responsible leaders, transform corporate organisations into global market leaders, and assist governments in developing programs that create a progressive environment.

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7 Tips to become a Successful Public Speaker

To achieve success as a public speaker in Nigeria, keep the following in mind: 

  1. The body or content of the speech

The speaker must have enough critical information about the topic to deliver a successful presentation to the audience. The speaker should talk in a concise way, to the point, and not to bore the audience.

  1. Style

This pertains to the manner in which you present the content. You must determine the proper delivery style, whether professional or casual, and explain it to an audience effectively.

  1. Structure

The structure of the content deals with the introduction, body, and conclusion. Outline the presentation to maintain the validity of the message. From the first 60 seconds of the presentation, the audience should be captivated and want to know more.

  1. Audience

Any public speaker in Nigeria should have a clear understanding of the type of audience they are dealing with. In addition, take into account the educational level of the group as well as trade and profession.

  1. Channels

Public speakers in Nigeria use specific channels to pass messages; gestures, facial expressions, body movement, neither of which you should be exaggerate. There are also visual channels that you may employ, like diagrams, graphics, photographs, videos etc.

  1. Feedback

Feedback is an important aspect of public speaking since it allows the audience to ask questions. As a result, be aware of and attentive to the audience’s comments, and be prepared to respond to them.

  1. The venue

Also, the right place is equally as important as having the material for a public speaker. Venues should come equipped with proper devices and setup for effective delivery, one that the audience will remember for a long time to come.

Types of Public Speaking

  • Public Speaking that Informs
  • The public Speaking that Persuades and Motivates
  • Public Speaking that Entertains

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6 Popular and Effective Public Speaking Books to build your public speaking career in Nigeria

Listed below are six public speaking books that can enhance your public speaking career in Nigeria

  1. The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen Lucas

This book contains all aspects of speech preparation and presentation. Students will build confidence through speech practise and learn the basics of rhetoric.

  1. TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

This book will be a guide on how to deliver presentations that are unique to the presenter. It breaks down the elements of public speaking and readies the presenters to give it their all.

  1. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie

This book delves into practical measures for delivering a talk with a 3-part step by step guide.

  1. Speak With No Fear by Mike Acker

‘Imagine the Worst,’ ‘It’s not about you,’ and ‘Be in the Moment’ are three strategies in this book to help overcome the fear of public speaking.

  1. Speak like Churchill, stand like Lincoln by James C. Humes

By unlocking the greatness of histories most memorable public speakers, this book will allow the presenter to wow the audience and effectively climb the corporate ladder with ease.

  1. Confessions of a Public Speaker by Scott Berquin

With over 15 years of experience in public speaking, the author gives the guiding principles on communicating like a pro.

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Benefits of a Career in Public Speaking in Nigeria

  1. Critical thinking

You must put in a lot of thought and consideration to write an effective speech. Hence, planning and crafting the piece is crucial, as it may make or break a speaker’s performance.

  1. Make new social connections

A public speaking career in Nigeria is a perfect way to make new connections effectively. By answering questions and handing out contact details, a presenter can widen their circle and sphere of influence.

  1. Building leadership skills

By mastering the art of persuasion and effective communication, you will gain confidence in presenting and garner a following and the trust of an audience. This is a crucial element to building a great career as a public speaker in Nigeria.

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