How to Make People to Compliment You in Nigeria 

by Taiwo Sotikare
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beautiful woman in jewelry

Sorry, the original title of this article should have been “how to force people to compliment your beautiful and glamorous look“. Or apparel. I mean, are they blind that they don’t know they ought to compliment the wonders of God in your life. 

 You are wearing a clothe worth tens of thousands of naira and these people just want to look you and ignore you. How dare them?

Also, in this article, I will be teaching you how to make people compliment you, even if you are not beautiful. Being beautiful and nonbeautiful is never your fault. And you should not be held responsible for it. 

However, what are the common thing people can compliment you on

Common Things People can Admire and Compliment in You

  1. Beauty

If you believe in your heart and can confess it with your mouth that you are beautiful, you deserve a compliment.

  1. Beautifully Dressed

By beautiful dressed, I mean, clothes that fit your body.  Of course, the clothing must be beautiful. However, other than that, it should fit you properly too. I am talking of clothes you can confidently say “it fits me”  Then, you deserve some compliment. Let dem know.

  1. Expensive Wears

I am not talking about your N2,500 watches here. Sorry, I don’t mean to insult you. If you feel insulted, check out how to avoid billings as a Nigerian. Through this, you get to save yourself some costs.

  1. Killer body

Maybe you are a beautiful damsel with a big ass. Sorry, I am not a big fan of boob, though I wouldn’t mind it if it comes with the ass. Or you are a tall dark and handsome Nigerian price.

P.S: I am a guy and I do not possess any of those three qualities (I mean, tall, dark and handsome). Therefore, it is not surprising I don’t have a girlfriend. That is why I know all these formulas to make people admire you even if you don’t deserve it. I have beards tho. So follow closely!

  1. Intelligence

When you talk in the public and people feel like, OMG! You are too brainy. Everyone loves brainy people; they love the saint of intelligence. If people don’t compliment you when you talk in the public. I have a solution for you. READ GOOD BOOK.

Check out how to turn yourself into a breathing cash machine and stop being broke.

5 ways to make people compliment you even if they don’t want 

  1. Compliment them first

Since the need to be complimented dey hungry you, why don’t you compliment these people first and watch them compliment you in return? It is pretty simple; Nigerians like to reciprocate what people do for them. I know their clothing, bag or nails are not are beautiful as yours; nevertheless, complimenting something about them will force them to compliment your beauty and expensive clothing.

Compliment your beautiful skin

If the person is too “wanting” that you no fit see anything admire in him or her, compliment their soul. Them him or her, “you have a beautiful soul”.

  1. Call them and correct them 

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Let’s face it, how will they see someone wonderful like you, wearing “bling-bling” dem never see in their life and they can’t open their big mouth to offer some complimentary words? Like, “I love your bag” etc. Just call them clout and let dem understand what you are wearing cost a mountain. Watch him or her apologise, while you get the compliment you deserve. Sorry, compliment you won die on top.

  1. Tell them the cost of what you are wearing

beautiful woman in jewelry

The second formula may not work for everyone, especially your boss. So not just use style to direct the conversation to that thing you feel they should complement. It is simple, just ask them “would you believe this Nike shoe costs me 500 dollars?” Come and beat me if they do not call you boss and compliment you immediately.

  1. Waka Up and Down

waka up and down

Some people don’t know how to notice things at first sight. They need to see it up to 5 to 6 times before they notice anything. The best way to get these people’s attention and make them appreciate your stunning body, or beautiful clothes or jewellery is to walk up and down in front of them multiple times.

  1. Compliment yourself if they don’t 

admire yourself

You see, some people are stubborn. Even after doing all these things, they still won’t compliment you. And there is nothing you can do about it, else you hit them with rock. God forbid! I do not recommend violence. So the best thing to do in this scenario is to compliment yourself.


No kill yourself on top complimentary. If people don’t admire or compliment you, compliment yourself. Life no hard, na you dey give yourself the headache. See, life hard jare… heehheee

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