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How to Easily Process Voters Card in Nigeria

by Maryann Opatola

Four years after an election, Nigerians prepare to elect another leader. This means that after every tenure, voters card processing begins.

However, many Nigerians, who have misplaced their voter’s card, made a mistake in their biometrics, or those who recently clocked 18 years are always negligent to process their voter cards because of the strenuous routes to successfully acquire one.

In this article, I’ll reveal the easy steps to process your voter’s card. With no further fuss, let’s start by describing the voter’s card, its function, and the criteria needed for its process.

The PVC – Permanent Voters Card

The Nigerian permanent voter’s card is a sort of identity card, which authorises one to be eligible to vote.

 The voter’s card contains one’s passport, and biodata printed on a mixed green plastic card. For PVC processing, below are the criteria required before one can process a PVC.

Criteria for Obtaining the PVC

  1. Age

The minimum age to vote is 18 years. Just as most rights become authorised when one is 18; the age to get a driver’s license, the legal age of sex, and the legal age to be independent is 18, the same applies to voting. 

Once you are up to 18, you’re verified to have a PVC. According to INEC, 20 million Nigerians would clock 18 years before the 2023 elections, following the National population commission statistics given. 

This is to say, after every four years, millions of Nigerians are added to the pool of registered voters. 

  1. Location

For instance, you requested that your polling unit should be in a certain location in the previous election, and for the coming election, you want somewhere else. You would have to go to the INEC office for a change of location.

For this purpose, it is important to note that you’re already a registered voter, and only a few changes on the location on their website would be made.

  1. Misplaced or damaged voters card

You are also eligible for a PVC if you have misplaced your voter’s card, or perhaps, it has been ripped or faded.

As an already registered number, all you have to do is to go to the INEC office and make your clarification on ‘I’m already a  registered voter’ so that they process another voter’s card with your already registered data.

  1. Accreditation issue

While registering for PVC, the issue of accreditation is always common. The INEC might not approve your PVC due to voters card verification issues asserted for some reasons.

If this occurs, you are eligible to come back for it when it’s ready.

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  1. Mistake in biodata

Voters’ card validations are often unstable due to mistakes in your name, age, or occupation. You are always eligible to come for correction at the INEC office and be given a new voter’s card.

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5 Easy Steps to Process Your Voters Card in Nigeria 

If you’re in any of the criteria listed above, it means you need another voter’s card. But you find the long queue, and processing to weigh more than your strength. So what do you do?

Follow these easy steps below to process your voter’s card in Nigeria.

  1. Visit the INEC Registration Centre in your local government area

It is advised that you choose the INEC centre closer to you for your registration. Also, when picking a polling unit, pick a location that you are certain to be close to during the election. 

Also, go early in the morning, so has to be among the first to be attended to. Also, go immediately after the processing begins. Do not wait till a week or a few days before the end of the processing.

  1. Fill in your biometrics information

You will be asked to present all your National identity information. You are required to come with your National Identity card(NIN) or Student ID which has all your Biodata.

Once it is filled where the need is, your passport will be taken and your thumbprint will be recognized with Direct Data Capture Device and will be catalogued in the INEC database.

Make sure to be careful while filling in the information, so you have to avoid mistakes and time wastage.

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  1. Collect your temporary voter’s card

Once you’re done with your biometrics, you will be given a temporary voter’s card as proof of your complete registration. The temporary voter’s card is meant to be kept safe because it is the ticket for your permanent voter’s card.

  1. Wait for your PVC

After a while (like 3-4 months), the INEC officials will contact you for your Permanent Voters Card, which can only be collected with proof of your Temporary Voters Card. 

You are to come to the same INEC office where you were registered for the collection, or you might be told to come to another centre, due to some reasons

  1. Wait patiently to exercise your voting right

Once all these are done, prepare to exercise your right on Election Day. It’s ironic how many Nigerians get their PVC and they end up not voting. 

Then why did you process the PVC then? It is your civic right to vote, and be voted for. Hence, in either position, you are required to have a PVC and utilise it by voting on election day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Voters Card

  1. How to check my lost voter’s card online in Nigeria
  • Visit the portal for INEC voters verification @ 
  • On the website, fill in the fields that are required
  • Click the ‘Check Status’ Icon
  • The details of your lost card will appear on the screen
  • A new voter card will be provided to the person if the INEC officials find the reason behind the loss of the PVC legitimate and if Election Day is within 30 days.
  1. How to check voters card ID(VIN) numbers in Nigeria

It’s very easy to check your VIN. You just need to have either a temporary voters card or permanent voters card. Once you have it, you will find your VIN at the top left corner of the card.

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Final Words

Voting and its processing will stress you. That is for sure. Thousands of people will come to the INEC centre that you were allocated to, and it will take some time for someone to respond to you. 

However, the steps listed above are a smarter and easier way to be done with your registration and be given your PVC, without any mix-up.

NB: You will still face a bit of stress, even after following these steps; but it is important to note that exercising your right for Nigeria’s future is worth the stress.

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