An Easy Guide On How To Write A Query Letter

by Angela Ajani

What is a Query?

You should first understand what a query is all about before you proceed to writing a query letter.

Simply put, a query is a question. You are asking an individual a question, most especially to settle or resolve your doubt on a particular situation.

It could be placed in such a way that you are questioning such a person to gain knowledge about the person’s misconduct. Like, “can you answer why you are yet to get to the office at this time?”.

What is a Query Letter?

Query letter is issued out to an individual or a worker of an organisation who in one way or the other has committed an offence. 

All you need to know about how to write a query letter will be stated here and you will gain enough from this. Learning how to write a query letter is quite simple, as it should be a one-page letter. 

A query letter should be short and straight to the point. There is no need for a long story. 

The recipient of the query should know that you’re displeased with him/her, no time for how you are, or unnecessary questions.

A query letter is given to people, be it in the financial institutions, federal service, state service and a host of others. 

Often times, a query letter is mostly given to someone that has gone against the code and conduct of a particular organisation and to call such a person to order, the need for it comes up.

A query letter is also seen as a warning letter. A letter given to an individual to warn him/her to desist from their misconduct, else, leading to grave consequences.

No one at work would want to be issued a warning letter as it is a minus in his/her records.

A query letter is written to address issues such as late coming, inappropriate dressing/behaviour, poor performance at the workplace and a host of others.

As a boss at the working place, you have noticed quite a number of toxic coworkers and you must confront their misconduct by sending a query letter or warning letter.

Or when a co-worker is not performing as he/she should, the person is first reprimanded, this could be by word of mouth or a letter of misconduct is issued. 

If such a person fails to persist from such an act, then, it is issued to such person to know the cause of misconduct. 

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How To Write a Query Letter

Put in mind that the query letter should be written as formal letter, not informal letter. Don’t make the mistake of being friendly or asking questions that doesn’t involve the offense you’re addressing.

At most your query letter should be between 3-5 paragraphs. You should provide a detailed explanation of why you’re writing the letter in the first place. Include details about the wrongdoings of the person and also the time it occurred should be clearly stated in the letter, what the person did wrong, and if there had been prior warnings before writing the query letter, they should be mentioned in the letter.

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Samples of a Query Letter 


Head of Department,

Digging & Wells Co,

Esther Banks,


Florence Peter,


Date: 16th March 2018

Subject: Late Coming to the Business Office 

Dear Florence,

It has  come to our recent observation that you have been coming late to the business office for the last two weeks (14 working days)and it is in your best interest to reconsider your choice of resumption to the business office, as your decision would either affect you positively or negatively. 

You can go back to the company’s code of conduct books to get acquainted better with the timings of the business office. From 7:30am till 5:30pm

Kindly desist from your newfound hobby of coming late to the business office as this practice is strongly frowned upon by the management. Take this as a warning as a repeat of such behaviour would lead to serious punishment.

Thank you,

(Your Signature),

Esther Banks,


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Here is another sample of a query letter below and this is placing focus on the nonchalant attitude of this particular worker to work.

Perhaps you have such a person in your office/organisation, this query letter is definitely your go-to if you’re considering issuing one to the person.


Abayomi Pamilerin,

Retail Officer.

Marketing Department.

From: Justin Joseph,

Head of Human Resources.

December 12th, 2022. 

Subject: Letter of Query for Misconduct.

This letter serves as a formal reprimand for your display of unprofessionalism and nonchalant attitude to the growth of the business office.

You were invited to a meeting that included the branch manager, the head of the disciplinary committee and other co workers that were involved in this misconduct on October 20, 2022. 

You were informed at this meeting that your nonchalant attitude and poor performance are not acceptable in the workplace. You were warned against engaging in such activity. 

On November 15, 2022, a warning email was sent to you requesting you to change your behaviour which you have failed to obey after the meeting. You continued your behaviour despite the warnings you have received.

Seeing that this is the third time we have expressed our dislike towards your behaviour, you have decided to desist from this same attitude. This behaviour of yours is inappropriate because it is against our code of conduct in Section 1, Part B which states boldly that the working environment should be peaceful, and the laws abided to, anything against this seeks for the disunity of the organisation which you have failed to abide by.

Your employment would be terminated without further notice if such behaviour is repeated as you have been given enough chances to change your attitude to work and your attitude to your coworkers.

Let this letter open your eyes to your nonchalant attitude and total disregard to your boss and fellow workers in the business office as a repeat performance would not be accepted.

A justification for your continued attitude must be written and sent to as requested by the management. Should you have a justification or you feel there is a miscommunication, include it in your letter also. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Justin Joseph.

[Your Signature] 


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Now you know what a query letter is. With the samples above, you have something to use as a guide at your place of work. Don’t forget that the query letter should be a formal letter and not an informal letter.

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