4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Insightpreneur 2021

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You must be wondering, “with all this hype, what is Insightpreneur 2021 about and why is attending the webinar a big deal?”

Our response: Insightpreneur 2021 is something HOOOOGE and is worth all the hype and more but before we tell you why you must attend Insightpreneur 2021, let us tell you what it is all about.

Insightpreneur is an annual free digital conference curated by Insight.ng, with a primary goal of giving insights to Nigerians on how to build and build run a successful business enterprise in Nigeria. Our goal is to bring together business experts and successful entrepreneurs to give ideas-focused talks and a wide range of subjects to foster learning, inspiration, and zeal to become financially buoyant and successful in Nigeria.

Last year, we had our first edition of this free webinar where we had over a thousand participants on our Telegram Group, with over 6 Business experts talking on the subject matter. This year’s edition themed “The Keys to Building a Multimillion Naira Online Business Venture in the 21st Century”, is going to be grander and more insightful.

4 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Insightpreneur 2021

  1. Popular and successful speakers

Insightpreneur 2021 is bringing together the most successful and popular individuals in their various fields. They will speak on what it takes to build a multimillion naira online business venture in their respective fields.

Meet the speakers for Insightpreneur 2021:

  • Babafaros – most sought after PR and social media influencer based in OAU
  • Bremen – pro-Upwork freelancer and coach
  • Emmanuel Akpe – millionaire marketer and coach
  • Xpecial – viral YouTuber and CEO FKlef TV
  • Fredrick Eghosa – expert digital entrepreneur
  • Esther Airemionkhale – EdTechPreneur
  • Bukola Bello – expert blogger and entrepreneur
  1. High-demand skills to be taught

Teaching how to make multimillions online in the 21st century won’t be complete without teaching the big guns. The high-demand skills and jobs that have the highest cash flow in the digital world.

At Insightpreneur 2021, get ready to learn Social media influencing, Digital product creation, Blogging, and YouTubing.

All these skills are tactics of digital marketing. The amazing thing about them is that they have proven to be valid and lucrative if you decide to specialize in any of them. They are the skills with which you can establish a multimillion naira online business venture in the 21st century or promote an existing online business into a multimillion naira online business venture. 

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  1. 8 sessions, 8 speakers

Insightpreneur 2021 is not the regular business empowerment program. It’s not the program where things you already know are constantly repeated. NO!

Insightpreneur 2021 is not just here to give business ideas but to breathe courage into the brilliant ideas you may be hoarding in your mind. It will help you visualize these ideas as online businesses that will make you millions and possibly billions.

To make this possible, we gathered 8 speakers to handle a session each. This means for every speaker, you will learn a new and resourceful lesson.

  1. Insightpreneur 2021 is FREE!

To be honest, we are also shocked. How is it FREE? Someone asked, how do you bring such prestigious speakers to such  an event and make attendance FREE for everyone? Our goal at Insight.ng is to make valuable information accessible to Nigerians and help you build successful business enterprises.

With these benefits, why else won’t we hype Insightpreneur? Most importantly, why would you decide not to register for the webinar?

Our advice: Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity. Click here to register for Insightpreneur 2021.

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