5 Smart Tips on How to Choose a Career in the Tech Industry

by Henry Adepegba
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Choose a Career in the Tech Industry

Each generation has its major drivers of growth, development, influence, and overall world advancement. Technology seems to be the major driver of growth and development for this age. It is no brainer why many refer to this age with names such as the digital age, the internet age, and other coinages suggesting the influence of Technology.

This is also evidenced in the technological innovations that we have been experiencing for some years now. It shows in how companies are changing their production and service offerings with the advent of technological innovations. It is safe to say that tech is currently running the world.

In the wake of this reality, it is not surprising that many people would want to choose a career in the tech industry. This is because the tech course our world runs presently necessitates that we have more tech workers creating digital solutions for different areas of life. As such, there will be a high demand for tech workers.

Another reason many might want to choose a career in the tech industry is that the tech industry pays more.

The trouble with choosing a tech career is due to the varied options in the tech industry; there is the possibility of being unsure of which tech niche to choose from.

So, in this article, I will highlight the different areas in tech, why you should choose a tech career, and how to choose a career in the tech industry.

7 Top Careers in the Tech Industry

Choose a Career in the Tech Industry

A tech career is one of the best career paths ever. Recent research has revealed that Big Tech companies take top spots in one of the highest-paying companies in the world. Tech startups also pay relatively well when compared to startups in other fields.

You can explore different options to choose a career in the tech industry, but it is better to choose one that you can easily adapt to.

Some of the careers in tech are:

  1. Data Scientist

A data scientist analyzes data to help organizations make informed decisions. Skills needed for data science are Python, R programming language, Machine learning, Deep learning, Statistics, Analytical thinking, etc.

Data scientists are in high demand due to the growing number of tech organizations that need data analytics to understand their user needs and how to serve them. For example, data scientists work in hospitals, power companies, financial institutions, etc. In addition, they are needed to analyze facts so that organizations can make predictions for future outcomes. Thus, data science is a good option if you want to choose a career in the tech industry.

  1. Software Engineer

A software engineer is also an in-demand job in tech. In addition, nontech organizations hire software engineers to help with some of their digital products, increasing the need for software engineers beyond the confines of the tech space.

Skills needed for software engineering are Data structures and algorithms, MVC architecture, Python, JavaScript, PHP, MongoDB, and Golang. Some frameworks and libraries to learn alongside are: VueJS, React, NuxtJs, Node JS, Laravel, Codeigniter, Ruby on rails, etc. Also, version control systems like Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, etc.

  1. Cyber security

With the increase in data breaches in corporate organizations and even security breaches at the national and international level, it has become necessary for any organization dealing with data to get a cyber security expert.

Skills needed for cyber security are Ethical hacking, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Proficiency in Power shell, IPS penetration testing, etc.

  1. Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers are experts who design cloud -services for businesses and organizations. Most organizations are now moving their operations to the cloud to prevent the loss of essential files. Thus, almost every organization needs a cloud engineer to help them create a secure system for their operations.

  1. Product Manager

Product managers are in charge of the product development process. They manage tech products from conception and ideation to final launch. Skills needed are Project management, Team management, Azure, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability testing, etc.

  1. UX Designer

UX designers are responsible for designing products and ensuring they are fit for use. UX designers are needed in any company that provides tech solutions for people. UX designers ensure that products align with users’ needs and the company’s objectives.

For those who desire to choose a career in the tech industry and are wary of writing codes, UX design is a great option. However, although some UX designers can go the extra mile to learn HTML or CSS, those are not core requirements for UX designers.

Skills required for UX designers are Wireframing, prototyping, Research, and Critical thinking. They must also be familiar with tools like Figma, Figjam, Adobe XD, Webflow, Invision, etc.

  1. Web developer

Business is fast becoming more digital than physical nowadays. So, most people need a website to have an online presence and get customers outside their physical location.

A web developer builds a website for individuals, businesses, or organizations. This is a highly in-demand job. You can either be a Frontend developer or a Backend developer, or you can do both. Skills for frontend development are: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VueJS, React, NuxtJS, JQuery, Angular etc. Backend skills are: PHP, Golang, Mongo DB, C++. C#, Java, Python, etc.

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5 Smart Tips on what to do before you choose a career in the Tech Industry

Choose a Career in the Tech Industry

  1. Identify your strengths and transferable skills

Before you choose a career in the tech industry, you must naturally know the things you are good at. They might be things that you have gained expertise on due to experience. For example, if you are good with numbers and love Mathematics, you can consider being a Data Analyst or Software Engineer.

Now, you might think you don’t have any skill that relates to any area in tech, though I doubt that. But if you find yourself in that position, that is where your interest comes in. you might not have rich transferable skills for it, but if it is something that interests you. You should go for it.

  1. Conduct in-depth research on the options you are considering

You must at least know something about the industry you are planning to enter. Research the roles and responsibilities of the options before you, the salary range, the skill set, and the career progression, and decide if it fits what you want.

  1. Be clear on what you want and also decide on what you won’t do

Many people know what they want to do but are not quite sure what they will not do. So, if UX design doesn’t work for a few weeks, they hop off and go on to Software engineering; if that seems a bit hard, off, they go again. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

You must set clear goals and objectives for what you want before choosing a career in the tech industry. Then, knowing what you won’t do, helps you stick to the decision you have made. For example, some want to work in tech but don’t want to code. So, they know they must stay with options like UX design, technical writing, etc.

  1. Ask questions from professionals in the field

Don’t make uninformed decisions. Breaking into a tech niche requires that you have real-time information. This is different from researching online. It would help if you asked questions from real people around you.

Ask questions from professionals. Learn from their years of experience before making your choice. It’s more like looking before you leap.

  1. Stay committed

One thing that can help you with staying with a choice is commitment. Else, you will find yourself hopping from one career to another. Commitment means staying through even in difficult times. Learning a new skill won’t always be rosy, but it pays in the end.

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There are diverse options for careers in the tech space. You Don’t get buried in the varied options such that you hop from one option to the other. Sit down, relax, Research, read about the industry, know what interests you, and then choose.

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