Five Pro Tips For B2B Technology Marketing

by Henry Adepegba
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B2B technology marketing

The technology industry is moving at a fast pace, and this pace has to be matched with the same efforts in B2B technology marketing for us to have a progressive industry. Else, you might find your marketing strategies coming late to the technology industry party. 

You need to realize that the fast-paced technology movement is both a blessing and a curse. It signals that there will be opportunities for more products you can sell to tech companies.

On the other hand, it signifies that you will have lots of competition to deal with since there will be many B2B companies like yours seeking to provide software solutions to tech companies.

You need to be updated with the success tips for B2B technology marketing to win the game in the tech industry because the industry is constantly changing. Particularly for the Nigeria tech industry, where tech startups spring up almost every two months.

The market is becoming larger and harder to penetrate. You cannot depend on displaying product specifications and some random campaign ads as your B2B marketing tips for tech industries.

The big question is, how can you penetrate the tech market with your products or services in the most convincing way? How can you stand out among thousands of B2B tech marketers? It cannot happen by doing what I call “general marketing.” 

It would be best if you were industry and niche-specific with your tech B2B marketing strategies.

In this article, I will share updated tips for B2B technology marketing, how to get the attention you deserve and how to remain relevant as a B2B tech marketer.

What is B2B Technology Marketing?

B2B tech marketing refers to the strategies and techniques of selling a technology product or offering a tech service to another technology company. 

This includes selling tech products like office management systems, antivirus software, scheduling products, or cloud storage.  

The strategies in B2B marketing for tech industries will include content marketing to position the visibility of your products in search engines and product marketing to pitch the uniqueness of your product to target tech companies.

Tips for B2B Technology Marketing

Here are some tips for forming your B2B tech marketing strategy.

  1. Create a buyer persona 

The first thing you want to do is to clarify your target audience. Imagine trying to sell a cloud storage product to a nomad from the Northern part of Nigeria. That looks like strategy missed road, right? Exactly.

That’s what it looks like when you market your products or services to the wrong audience. You need to know who needs your product and why they need it before you start strategizing. This is what a buyer persona does. 

A buyer persona will help you tailor your marketing strategies to a specific audience. This is why you must conduct in-depth research on your prospective target audience.

 You should ask questions like, what services or products does this tech company provide? Why would they need your services? How will your products or services help them scale their business?

These questions will be for your research guide and help you create a buyer persona for specific users. This is an essential part of the B2B tech marketing strategies.

  1. Optimize your website

Your primary marketplace is your website. So, it would help if you did all you could to ensure it attracts the right people. For example, having a brick-and-mortar shop in an enclosed area that is difficult for people to locate already limits your sales, except you are already famous and people come looking for you.

 This is the same for your website. A website not visible on search engines will not get you the right customers because they don’t know you exist in the first place.

 What you want to do is to run checks on your website. Check your website accessibility and your site performance. Make sure you don’t have heavy images that slow down the speed of your website. No one will be interested in a website that takes forever to load.

  1. Provide relevant SEO content 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It simply means optimizing your content for visibility on search engines. The internet is so large that if it were a physical presence, it would be one chance in a hundred to stand out in that vast audience. But the good news is you can stand out by optimizing your content. 

Why do you need to optimize your content? Same reason for optimizing your website. Visibility. You can optimize your content by applying on-page and off-page SEO techniques to your content.

However, visibility should not be your only reason for optimizing your content. Your reason for optimizing your content should be that you want your value to be seen by your target audience.

Thus, you must stay updated on industry trends to provide relevant content for your prospective customers. Well-researched valuable content makes your prospective users see you as an authority on the service you are offering, and they can trust your judgement on the products you offer.

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  1. Leverage email marketing

Email marketing is the best method of converting leads to customers in B2B tech marketing. Though, you can only record success if you know how to do it right. For example, 77% of B2B marketers have seen an increase in engagement over the last 12 years.

Email marketing helps you have an organized system for marketing strategies. Sending emails already implies that you have a database of potential customers, which reduces the error of marketing to those who don’t need your services.

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  1. Leverage reviews from existing customers

Another proven strategy for B2B tech marketing is to take advantage of your previous reviews to attract new customers. Research has revealed that 72% of customers will not take any action until they have read reviews. 

Also, 92% of B2B buyers will purchase a product after reading a trusted review, and the chance of a product getting purchased after five reviews increases by 270%.  

That is massive! You should use your reviews more! It makes customers who don’t know you develop a desire to buy your products.

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The B2B tech marketing space is crowded already. But you can be a king in your own niche. This is why it is important that you start by identifying your target audience first. Then all your tech marketing strategies can be directed toward the right audience.

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