Effects of Online Food Retailing in Nigeria

by Ebunoluwa Owoniyi
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Effects of online food retailing in Nigeria.

The demand for online food retailing in Nigeria has increased due to the occurrences in 2020, COVID-19, civil unrest in some parts of the country, End SARS and the like. The situations mentioned previously led most Nigerians to see the benefit and possibilities of online food retailing in Nigeria.

Also, more factors like a more busy schedule, working online, working from home, more introduction and use of modern-day technology.

More busy schedule and increase in the number of working-class women, increased standard of living and the likes have opened the eyes of many Nigerians to see the benefit and increased possibilities of online food retailing in Nigeria.

food retailing

Introducing food retailing to its consumers via online platforms as we are in the computer age is a very nice idea

The internet has become more important for people in the computer age. The digital revolution has changed the way people live. Boundaries are getting smaller, relationships are getting closer, and new worlds are being discovered. As a result, smart businesses are investing in ways to expand their online retailing.

Online food retailing in Nigeria involves a large range of stores and outlets involved in selling food products to consumers via online requests. This ranges from a number of supermarkets, hypermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores and independent stores in Nigeria.

Introducing food retailing to its consumers via online platforms as we are in the computer age is a very nice idea.

Subsequently, we will be looking at the effects of online food retailing in Nigeria.

What is Online Food Retailing?

Online food retailing can be defined as buying and selling foods via online platforms. Online food retailing in Nigeria is an easy means of making food readily available to consumers, saving time and energy.

There are quite a number of effect of food retailing in Nigeria. Generally, there have been several unexpected events in 2020 with many unfavourable outcomes worldwide.

For example, in Nigeria, the effect of the lockdown on farming, irregular seasonal rainfall, insecurity, and massive naira devaluation.

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Driver Delivering Online Grocery Shopping Order

It is no news that most essential commodities, even food which people can’t do without, are majorly on the increase. Considering the spike in the price of food commodities in Nigeria over the past few years which doesn’t sit well with Nigerians.

It is more challenging to handle this micro-scale, where customers’ orders must be sourced in units from an open food market.

As a result, there are no escaping products that have become more expensive. Meanwhile, customers have no means of escaping them.

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Advantages of Online Food Retailing in Nigeria

  1. Convenience

When it comes to shopping, we all know how stressful that could be. You can get to your doorstep only to remembering you forgot to pick up palm oil that you will need for cooking the stew and vegetables and more scenarios like that.

However, bringing that same opportunity online, whereby you could shop for food items online in Nigeria from the comfort of your home using your fingertips comfortably in your pyjamas. No need for you to queue to secure your basket being filed or to be attended to by the cashier.

Having to pass through the rigour of shouting and deliberating about prices with the market women who are good at frustrating you to get you to buy their products. Online food retailing allows you to get your needed food items at supper ease.

  1. Better prices

Online food retailing allows you to get your food items at genuinely reasonable prices. Most online platforms give you the edge of getting your food items at reasonable rates.

Many food vendors have access to the manufacturers, farmers and producers of these food items. You can get value for your money when you buy quality food or foodstuff.

  1. More varieties

There are varieties of food items. Being on an online food retailing platform allows you to access various items at the tips of your fingertips, to provide fast, readily available pictures of the items.

You can make choices of the items you want or would prefer. There are also foreign dishes you can get without stressing yourself by going to the market to get the ingredients. 

  1. Easy price comparison

Shopping food items online in Nigeria allows for easy comparison of prices with no stress at all. For example, imagine going to the local market to get food and get to a particular vendor.

You have been given a ridiculous price, a norm you would want to go to another buyer to see if you can get it at a discounted price.

However, buying online gives you the edge of having access to different prices without having to move around the marketplace in search of food items.

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  1. No crowd

Buying online allows you to beat the crowd so that you don’t have to queue to get the food items. You pick all of what you want to pay and get them delivered at your convenience with no crowd.

You get electronic records of your purchase: This is quite understandable as there is no need for paper works. You can get access to them at the ease of your fingertips.

  1. It saves time

This cannot be over-emphasized. Online food retailing in Nigeria saves time and energy inclusive.

If you calculate the time you will spend at a grocery store or supermarket, it can prevent you from doing other things. Time is valuable and it is important that it is managed effectively. 

Shopping online allows you to do other activities without worrying.  The time saved will also prevent stress. 

Online food reatiling has a lot of benefits but there are some downsides to it. It’s still a work in progress. 

Disadvantages of Online Food Retailing in Nigeria.

    1. Risk and fraud

We all know how the internet works most time. However, sometimes shopping for food online might not be safe because of being exposed to fraudsters online.

There are fake food vendors online that can take away your money with no trace. This is why you should verify whoever you making transactions with.

  1. Less contact with people

Someone who sits in his room all day working on the internet. He gets his food via the internet, fun and all from the comfort of his chair at home.

This would massively reduce human contact or reduce the avenue of socializing. Some people think it’s okay but it can affect a person psychologically.

  1. Case of substandard food items

Sometimes there is a probability of getting a different or substandard food item compared to what you ordered.

You only get to see what you buy after it has been delivered, and returning them can be quite complicated.

There is always the case of “what I ordered vs what I got.”  It’s only when you’ve patronize the vendor or restaurant before that you can be confident of what you’re buying. 

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  1. It can be more expensive due to the additional delivery cost and other minor expenses.
  2. Shipping problems and delays may occur while shopping online

As we all know, food is very important. It makes it a very indispensable commodity that people can’t do without. The online food retailing business is becoming a popular idea to solve the problem of consumers making choices for food.


Now, we can deduce the effect of online food retailing in Nigeria, knowing fully well that there is always a disadvantage to every advantage. 

Since the world is advancing to becoming a global village, more improvement in technology and a wholesome improvement in the standard of living online food retailing has come to stay, thereby having its effect in Nigeria.

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