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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools To Help Grow Your Business

by Ebunoluwa Owoniyi


In today’s world of technology, digital marketing tools have become one of the most valuable digital tools. These tools are essential for business development, you just have to pick one or some to help you in digital marketing. 

There are a lot of digital skills out there, but we will be looking at ten valuable digital marketing tools. We must note that not all digital marketing skills are marketing skills.

What are Marketing Skills?

Marketing skills are those skills used to convert potential clients into loyal customers. It is a means of communication with an existing audience to drive sales.

Marketing skills are used to attract customers to drive sales. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at what digital marketing is all about.

What are Digital Marketing Skills?

Digital marketing is just a form of marketing done digitally, that is, via an electronic medium – connecting sellers and buyers via online platforms.

Digital marketing skills are skills that involve using online tools to manage employees and customers. It is all about connecting customers to a service or product. 

However, some vital digital marketing tools are essential for digital marketing to be possible. We will describe ten valuable digital marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Before that, it is essential to note that digital marketing covers various platforms, from managing customer relationships to converting and winning leads and discovering new marketing opportunities.

These few listed digital marketing tools will harness the growth of your business if applied correctly.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools

  1. HubSpot

hubspot logo


HubSpot has several tools to help you grow your business, no matter your position. There are several tools available for free. You can set up web forms, popup forms, and live chat software for lead capture. Then, you can send email marketing campaigns, pipe all your data into the free CRM, and analyze site visitors’ behaviour.

Expanding into the paid tiers makes things sophisticated with advanced marketing automation. From managing your content and social media to tracking emails and connecting with your leads.

HubSpot is an all-in-one solution which works well with other point solutions you may use, such as Type form, Hot Jar, and so on. Moreso, the tools allow you to grow your traffic and convert sales. 

  1. Trello



Trello is a content management tool for brainstorming and strategizing content. It is used to know when blog posts are scheduled for publication. Trello is so appealing since it is free for small teams and businesses, and it provides a visual way to brainstorm and schedule content online, even if your team is remote or global.

Also, assigning multiple employees to a card is easy, so you know who’s in charge of writing, editing, or adding CTA (call to action) offers to a post.

  1. Asana



Asana is a collaborative workflow management system with a visual emphasis designed to streamline and de-silo information and goals between teams.

Here is a list of things that Asana allows you to do. Asana allows you to;

  • Record and visualize projects to be completed 
  • Map out deadlines and prioritize tasks.
  • Assign tasks to certain team members 
  • Identify points of friction and bottlenecks 
  • Report on projects quickly and openly 
  • De-silo data between teams

It also allows you to keep track of every project’s status, ensuring that your team members have the support and motivation to draft their digital marketing initiatives on time.

  1. Scribe

Scribe helps marketing teams of all sizes increase their productivity and create process documentation simultaneously. Scribe is a free Chrome extension that captures your screen and documents your work while you’re on the job. Scribe helps with a step-by-step guide breakdown of your entire workflow, complete with screenshots and instructions.

Rather than use manual snipping and adding arrows, Scribe highlights exactly where you click and how to get from Step A to Z. Using Guides can be shared via a link or embedded in a knowledge base or CMS, and you can choose to share them individually, with your team, or to the public.

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  1. Buffer



Managing all your social media marketing in one place can be a huge time saver. Buffer certainly helps keep a clean and simple interface and intuitive setup flow. Also, there are plenty of advanced features for the many social media jobs you need to do.

Buffer allows you to get a full social media management solution: plan, create, and schedule your social media posts, follow up on post-performance with smart analytics, and engage with your followers from a social media inbox. It also allows you to work with your team to run all your organic social strategies through Buffer.

  1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a unique content research tool that helps you identify top influencers in your industry and enables you to connect with them.

Buzzsumo is a digital marketing tool that allows you to look up trending topics and define the scope of your search to generate evergreen content and trending content aimed at your desired audience.

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  1. MailChimp



MailChimp is a digital marketing tool, email marketing tool, and social advertising tool designed to automate and orchestrate campaigns. It’s logo is popular among brands, so they know its usefulness.

You can track the traffic garnered from your campaigns.

Mail Chimp offers multiple integrations with other companies. The tool is especially powerful for email drip campaigns. Ultimately, it’s a good option for engaging with your audience.

  1. Hootsuite



Hootsuite is more of an enterprise social media management solution. It helps to store your approved content in a cloud that team members can access 24/7 for social media posting needs.

It allows multiple posts with developed tags and keywords to be scheduled at once. In addition, Hootsuite helps you track the performance of your social media content. Hootsuite can calculate retun on investment (ROI) and conversions and track public conversations about your brand or specific subject matter.

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  1. Moosend



Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing and marketing automation solution to help you set your digital marketing strategy. It helps lead generation to conversion.

Moosend equips you with a form builder to craft converting popups for your website visitors.

Moosend’s real-time reporting and analytics feature allows you to keep track of your campaign performance and improve your digital marketing strategy when needed.

  1. Slack



Slack is one of the most favoured communication services in business today. However, it operates in channels designated for certain information, so business conversations don’t get distracted or cut off by tangents about where everyone wants to go for team lunch.

Which startup in Nigeria doesn’t use Slack? I can’t count four. It has become a popular digital tool amongst businesses. 

Slack facilitates, de-silos, and focuses on employee and team collaboration. 

It’s an excellent tool for networking and meeting others in the digital marketing space and gives you the freedom to join or leave channels as needed. You can track on a seemingly unlimited amount of integrations and Slack applications to make the tool even more powerful.

For instance, many teams will pipe in A/B test results, analytics notifications, new customer or transaction notifications, or even sales or customer support bots.


Digital marketing tools will not only change the way business is handled but also contribute the growth of a business. Businessees, especially remote ones,  cannot do without these tools.

The 21st Century has made it essential to use these tools, so your business has to meet up with the standard to stand out. 

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