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How to Use Pay Per Click Advertising on Your Website

by Ebunoluwa Owoniyi

Your website’s up. You are confident that it has awesome features and meets your customers’ needs. But the results are not up to your expectations when you check your analytics.
How can you solve this? You can increase your website’s presence by using pay per click advertising. Incorporating it into your website gives it a boost in search engines. Pay per click is an efficient and effective model of digital advertising that has changed the status of websites over the years.

Fret not about your website not getting the results it deserve. This article will show you how to use pay per click advertising for your websites and tools to use.

What is Pay Per Click?  

Pay per click, as the name implies, is an advertising system by which you place your adverts at strategic places online, whereby a certain fee is paid when visitors to your website click on the link. 

Your business will pay a specified fee whenever a user clicks on the link ad. This fee is what we call Cost per click. The Cost per click across each website varies accordingly. Some clicks can be very cheap, and some cost more accordingly.

You might have built a very good and attractive website, yeah? But if no one clicks on your site, the whole effort is bounded to waste. However, pay per click helps you avoid this by attracting visitors to your site. 

Now, let’s look at five reasons why pay per click is important for your website.

Importance of Pay Per Click for Your Website

  1. It is extremely targeted

Using pay per click allows you to choose precisely who you want to show your ads, which is usually based on their location, keywords, interest, age, gender, language, and even the type of device visitors would use to access your site.

This gives you an edge. It allows you to advertise your goods and services to the most probable people who are likely to be highly interested in them.

  1. It allows you to target previous visitors to your site

On average, at least out of the 100 people that visit your site, two will convert to customers. That is a total of 98% that goes to waste. Now retargeting your visitors allows advertisers to remind people who left the site without any action of purchase to come back to see what they are missing out on your site.

  1. It is very trackable

Being trackable means, you can monitor how effective your ads are performing and adjust them where necessary to help your business site drive sales.

  1. It is cost effective

When I say it is cost effective, this means you only get to pay a fee when your ad has been clicked.

  1. It is fast

Pay per click is fast compared to organic traffic driving, as it takes time to get there. You can create a new ad and start seeing results in days, if not hours, compared to pay per click.

If you are looking to attract more traffic to your site almost immediately to boost your sales, pay per click is your number one option. Pay per click helps your business derive the attention it needs.

In as much as the main goal of online advertising is to drive people to your website, which is to raise awareness of your website and convert traffic to customers.

Let me take you through the rudiments of using pay-per-click advertising on your website. 

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Steps to Creating Successful Pay Per Click to Increase Ad Presence

  • Create a pay per click account with your preferred search engine, e.g., Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
  • Create campaigns for your site and ad groups around the products or services to be advertised.
  • Ensure to set up your website analytics: To know if your pay per click is effective, you need to set up software that can show how effective your pay per click is, such as google analytics which will help you to collect your data about who is visiting your site. Analytics can tell if your goals have been reached, such as increased page views and sales.
  • You should create an online advertising account and choose your keywords: Setting up the right keywords for your website is very important. You can learn how to use Ad words and easily place search engines on your website for quick optimization.
  • Upon creating keywords for your search engine optimizations, create ads that have those specified keywords in them to help explain to potential customers, what benefits, features of sizes are available for each of your products.
  • Monitor your site continuously: Once you familiarize yourself with the basics of pay per click for advertising, you should control your site effectively for it to yield results. You can do this by controlling the settings on your website. 

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It is important to know that pay per click helps drive traffic to your site, which can yield you, potential clients, or customers.

This pay per clicks can be used on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Pay Per Click Advertising Tools

There are a lot of PPC tools to increase your ad presence. Before you download one, compare the features and make an informed choice.

  1. Semrush

This is a popular tool that specializes in SEO and PPC. The advertising toolkit helps with all aspects of paid campaigns. This PPC tool will boost your creative strategy to find the best ads by competitors.


  • Keyword research
  • PPC costs benchmarking
  • Competitor analysis of budgets
  • Competitor discovery


  • Pro – $83.28 per month, billed annually
  • Guru – $166.62 per month, billed annually
  • Business – $333.28 per month, billed annually
  1. Google Ads Editor

If you want a free ads creation and editing tool, Google ads editor is your best bet. It will help work on different ad campaigns and strategies across multiple accounts, both online and offline. This PPC tool helps website owners manage their campaigns with ease.

One astonishing thing about Google Ads Editor is that it allows you to change all your accounts from a single dashboard.

  1. SpyFu

SpyFu is packed with a whole suite of pay per click tools that can manage any ad campaign. It provides keyword suggestions to spy on competitors’ activity. It also provides an AdWords template that can be imported into your AdWords account.


  • Provides smart keyword suggestions
  • Identifies others bidding on your keywords
  • Finds competitors’ ad spend and paid keywords history
  • Gives intelligent bidding advice


  • Basic – $33 per month, billed annually
  • Professional – $58 per month, billed annually
  • Team – $199 per month, billed annually

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  1. Google Trends

If you are familiar with search engine optimization, you will know that Google Trends is one of the most popular SEO and PPC tools, trusted by marketers worldwide. It enables you to see how often a keyword has been searched over a period of time. In addition, Google Trends presents the results in a graph, showing the relative level of interest in a keyword. This will help you in your campaigns and strategy.

  1. iSpionage

This is a competitive PPC tool that provides your competitors’ SEO data. It helps you increase conversion rates and generate leads. In addition, it will tell you the keywords you should compete for and how much your competitor has spent so that you can beat them.


Using pay per click helps drive traffic to your website, yielding potential customers to your page. It is important to know how this works to yield effective results for the website it has been used for.

The search engine determines how well the advertiser’s campaign and keyword match each other for users’ searches. The search engine helps display the ads effectively on the user’s page.

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