12 Important Online Shopping Tips for Nigerians

by Ayopadeayo Oluwadamilola

Do you know you can save yourself the stress of going through the hurt or swindling that accompanies online shopping? Yes, you can! The online shopping tips in this article can help you out. Perhaps you are scared of online shopping because of your past experiences. No worries, you are in the right place.

Nowadays, you can’t just escape online shopping. You can shop on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp business or any other social media. It is official, that nearly everyone has an online store or online fraud which you might fall victim to if you are not careful.

However, this article comprises some online shopping tips to help you out and save you some stress.

What Online Shopping Entails

There are numerous stories and trends of what I ordered vs what I got. As a Nigerian, you need to know better about how you can make the most of online shopping. If not, you won’t get what you want. And at the end, you will start narrating stories that touch the heart.

An average Nigerian suspects everything and everyone. This is no one’s fault. You just need to be extra careful in Nigeria. Nevertheless, your cover is here. Below are some important online shopping tips to note as a shopper.

These online shopping tips can also help you leverage platforms to shop online frequently if not all time. 

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Important Online Shopping Tips for Nigerians

  1. Make your research

The first important online shopping tip is to make proper research. Make a research before you buy from any online shop. Finish your homework, and do an internet/offline search for the company’s name, and address for the journey you want to embark on. 

Research helps a lot. You will get to know who your seller is, address number, friends’ feedback about the seller and all other things needed. It’s more likely you would want to know how the previous customers rate their services. However, be observant as some might not be real.

If everyone had made it a priority to always make the right findings on whom they want to patronise or do business with, the world would have been a better place. Moreover, online fraud would be curbed. 

  1. Stick to a reputable platform

I’m not saying you shouldn’t shop online in Nigeria through the available small businesses. But any business these days should have what it takes to be a reliable store. Sticking to a reputable platform is one of the best online shopping tips.

When you want to shop online, shop with a known brand. It saves you from unforeseen outcomes. Shop with recognized websites like Konga, Jiji, Jumia, and Amazon. Not some ‘lady bee best store’ that hasn’t proven it right to be trusted.

This online shopping tip works well when you want to shop faster and conveniently.

  1. Do pay on delivery 

This online shopping tip is a very important one. Keep it in the palm of your hands. There is a story of a lady and a dispatch rider guy that ran off with her package. It was a typical fraud that still baffles me. But all the same, it is an indication to study online shopping tips harder.

If the lady hadn’t paid before delivery, the scene wouldn’t have taken place. So, paying for delivery is online shopping you should not take lightly. Some online shops consider payment on delivery as an option for their market. If you see a small, medium business doing such, they are bankable to patrons.

This is one of the best ways to prepare the mind of their customers for how trustworthy they can be. Hence, if you don’t see your goods, don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Be security conscious

It is said that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Be on alert in everything you do relating to online shopping. Not just with online shopping but normal daily running inclusive. Be security-conscious. 

When you are doing the check on that website, check the website URL. It must have HTTPS not HTTP. By the right corner, check for a lock before the HTTPS, the lock means the site is secure. 

Another way to be conscious is by securing your password. Do not use a public computer or Wifi to make your purchases and if you do, always log out. This keeps your password and account safe. Note these online shopping tips to avoid fraud.

  1. Too good to be true

Let me tell you a short story on this particular online shopping tip. A friend of mine was skimming through Instagram when she saw this online market where she can get an iPhone for 10k. She grabbed this offer and paid for the phone. Imagine, a 10k iPhone! No be juju be that? Smiles.

However, on her phone’s delivery day, she didn’t hear from the online phone store again. The fact that the iPhone was 10k makes the shopping seems too good to be true. So, next time, if a product is too good to be true as that of my friend, run from it. That’s fraud standing right beside you.

Scepticism is one of the traits you can imbibe to curb online shopping frauds. It will also save you from future duping stress.

  1. Price comparison

This also reminds me of a time I want to get a new phone. My friend sent me different prices for that same phone, with me deciding which I’d go for. So, I picked my choice, though I later skipped getting it for something else.

When it comes to online shopping, your choice of item is infinite. Different websites have what you want. Some have it at a high price while some go for a low. What suits you best is to know your pocket. Check the sites for prices. Then, compare and go for the one that suits you. 

Do you know the best aspect? The fact that no salesperson is pressuring you to make a purchase. Thus, don’t forget to compare prices. It is a great online shopping tip to work around.

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  1. Know the return policy 

It is vital to know the return policy of the online shop you want to patronise. This online shopping tip is to be noted closely. It is the idea of getting to know if you’re safe with a product.

Before you give any online store your money, understand that they have loopholes, and anything can happen. Make sure you check before patronage. Don’t consider a store that doesn’t support a return policy. It means they can’t guarantee the welfare of their product. So, you shouldn’t trust them too. 

Moreso, check the warranty when returning the purchase. Make sure there’s no returning fee or other expenses for those who go beyond their promise.

  1. Don’t browse mindlessly

Always take note of this online shopping tip. As much as you’d love to buy everything that you see, I’m telling you now that you don’t need them. They are your wants and not needs. It suits you the best when you go for the needed part of life, that’s a lifestyle tip for you.

When shopping online, create a wishlist and budget that keeps you from impulse buying. For your clothes shopping, keep colour in mind. Not all colours will suit your skin. It’s important to know what works for you to avoid what I ordered versus what I got.

Also, know your size, check the fabric well and pay close attention to every detail. You need to know what you want to purchase. It helps your shopping progress. 

  1. Search reviews, but don’t dwell on it

Reviews are given for another patroniser to know the experience a customer once had with the online store. So, it’s best to do a review search on the store before moving ahead. This online shopping tip is all about that.

Moreover, it won’t be a bad idea to ask for reviews about a product and delivery from a friend. Like, hey, what do you think about this store and its services? Or better still type about the store on Google, and check what it has to say about them. 

As much as it’s a great one, online stores tend to buy reviews. Someone once sent me a mail to buy reviews for my work. However, that doesn’t null the fact that reviews are great, I check them a lot. It lets you know if it’s safe or not to shop with a particular store. Keep these online shopping tips in mind as a Nigerian.

  1. Don’t use a store that requires more information than necessary

It’s okay to provide information to stores you are patronising like shipping address, telephone number, email address, and some methods of payment. 

Now, if the information is getting way too much than the ordinary, leave the site. Don’t give out your bank account information, license number, and all. That sounds like danger. Make sure you check the site’s privacy. This is the part where I said, you are guilty because you don’t read them. Therefore, always read the privacy policy. 

Some stores keep it private while some own your information. However, always note the privacy online shopping tip before dabbling into any shopping.

  1. Review bill line-by-line

This is another important online shopping tip. Anything can happen, there have been several related cases of ordering a product with a chargeable connection. So, when the product arrived, it has to be returned. Now, what’s the bargain for a return?

Always check your shopping spree thoroughly to make sure your order is complete. Check if there’s no duplicate order. This is why pay on delivery seems helpful. When an item is returned, make sure you keep a list to avoid any occurrence. Keep the record and save all warranty information. This is Nigeria, you can’t be too sure.

  1. Review your account regularly

Go through your account details, transaction or even request your bank for banking statements. This will save you from the stress of unauthorized charges. 

And of course, if you notice any trace of a fraudulent charge, address the issue immediately. You can call your bank to disable the account. Observing this online shopping tip will make you free from fraud.

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As cheesy as this may sound, little things count. The moment you keep this in mind, the best it will be for you. Sometimes, it’s hard to trust online shopping. This is why you need to know how to get on the right track and get products that work for you, worth your money and resources.

The above online shopping tips are effective. They will keep you off the ‘had I known’ episode of tears and regrets. Not every online dealing is bad if you are smart enough. You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep track of more engaging posts. 

Remember to always use the internet power to your advantage. Now, let’s begin shopping!

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