10 Nollywood Movies about Entrepreneurs Nigerians Should Watch

by Tobiloba Funsized Adeola
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movies about entrepreneurs

Are you looking for movies about entrepreneurs? If yes, check this out.

Entrepreneurship is like a stimulating movie, from concluding on a story idea to choosing characters to planning production to achieving goals.

You might not notice the difference, and we could probably categorize it as a series. But, sometimes, the seasons never end even after it produces significant results.

The only contrasts are that there’s no screenplay to limit your challenges, and people don’t get to watch how your story plays out on screen unless you grant them access.

When you heed the call to be an entrepreneur, you embrace a cup that overflows with problems and solutions. You need all the help you can get from books, people, and movies.

To help you ease the stress of getting the right resources, I have compiled a list of 10 Nollywood movies about entrepreneurs. You might find them insightful.

10 Nollywood Movies about Entrepreneurs

  1. King of boys

movies about entrepreneurs

Possibly the most sought-after movie since its release in 2018. King of boys is a great movie. But don’t let your prejudice bury you because you feel it’s not one of the helpful movies about entrepreneurs.

Oba (Sola Sobowale) was dynamite, but she gave off harmless vibes as a businesswoman. And also had her proven insights for entrepreneurs. For example, it’s productive to understand how to personally win clients over by making them feel you can relate to their worries.

Empathy is good for progress. And clients like to feel understood when they trade their hard-earned money for planned or unplanned goods. So if you missed the part where this trait struck a chord, you could give it a re-watch.

  1. Falling

movies about entrepreneurs

Falling is a 2015 movie that kicks off to indicate the mastery of oxytocin in Muna (Adesua Etomi) and Imoh’s (Kunle Remi) life. Of course, love wasn’t the only feeling tested, but the drive to willingly choose intelligence even in frustrating moments stood out.

The transition from being laid off from a project and offering to help improve another was displayed by Muna. She had no intention of providing free services but didn’t back down to prove her worth.

The worst had been encountered in her marriage, but she didn’t let it pollute her mind to receive favor. Unlike the former, it shouldn’t take you up to three hours to complete this movie about entrepreneurs.

  1. Castle and Castle

movies about entrepreneurs

If you enjoy a pleasurable and enlightening series about law, Castle and Castle should be on your list. It’s also one of the good Nollywood movies for entrepreneurs.

This serves as a story that shows how the growth of a business can be threatened by impactful staff. So it’s vital not to slow down the progress of others for yours. And if the people who put in the work turn against you, the stakes are high.

Morality aside, It’s also a good viewing of how Remi Castle (Dakore Akande) accepted to defend a client with a sullied lifestyle. The company’s finances were saved, and maybe it was a risk. But, that’s not a deed that can be evaded for entrepreneurs. Although, you get to decide which risk is worth taking.

  1. Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

movies about entrepreneurs

Have you ever been under pressure to decide between poverty or power? Living in bondage: Breaking free is a sequel to the 1992 drama. But this film unravels struggles of ambition, and Nnamdi (Jide Kene) puts in the effort to make it a good watch.

You can learn a lot because Nnamdi was pushed to his limits. And he got carried away in the urge to live a fascinating life but not without huge consequences. If you think this film advocates supernatural means to earn money, you haven’t been a good or honest observer.

People naturally choose an option just to bid poverty goodbye, but this movie about entrepreneurs helps to tame the uproar.

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  1. Who’s the Boss

movies about entrepreneurs

Who’s the Boss is one of the all-time must-watch movies about entrepreneurs. The movie is profound for advertising agencies, and the scenes are a mix of enthusiasm and rage. All of which can help you navigate how to work with an overbearing boss and manage to be an entrepreneur.

It also highlights the significance of breaking shells of fear and pursuing progress as an individual. Watch and learn how to fight for what you deserve in Liah’s (Sharon Ooja) style.

  1. Man of God

movies about entrepreneurs

This 2022 movie is based on how Samuel (Akah Nnani) forsakes his harsh religious upbringing to live his own life. In Man of God, the story shows how power can influence various fiction of success.

And how people can stan anyone without critically thinking that regardless of their position, erring is not below them. It qualifies as one of the movies about entrepreneurs.

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  1. Fate of Alakada

movies about entrepreneurs

In Fate of Alakada, you might not feel your top-notch desire for a comedy film. But, you’ll find that it’s a good Nollywood movie for entrepreneurs. The story delves into the life of Yetunde (Toyin Abraham), who wants to get rich quickly without learning competence.

It shows how one bad decision can ruin all the good connections you could use as a ladder to the top. You might have said God forbid you to download this movie, but you never know what value you’ll be missing.

  1. The Men’s Club (TMC)

movies about entrepreneurs

When you hear TMC, you picture this group of four dashing men with names that complement their character.

Aminu Garba (Ayoola Ayolola), Louis (Baaj Adebule), Tayo (Efa Iwara), and Lanre (Daniel Etim-Effiong). More telling is how each man gets around his love life, career, family, and staying loyal to a healthy friendship.

The movie also explores themes like proper planning, insurance, and leadership which serve as good knowledge for an aspiring entrepreneur.

  1. This lady called life

movies about entrepreneurs

This Lady Called Life is a must-watch if you enjoy a grass to grace story with incredible twists. It is based on a story of a single mother who struggles through life to become an elite chef.

After a fateful encounter, Aiye (Bisola Aiyeola) met her husband, who linked her to her first life-changing gig. It touches several layers of believing in yourself, shutting fear out, and effective communication. And those are valuable insights for a movie about entrepreneurs.

  1. The CEO

movies about entrepreneurs

If you missed a visit to the cinema in 2016, this is your cue to watch The CEO. You also get to learn some of the dilemmas of entrepreneurs from the comfort of your couch. The movie is based on five top members of a company in different branches who are sent to a retreat. And they were told that one of them would emerge as the new CEO.

The event evolved from competition to proving leadership skills to a flop that had people worrying for their safety. But, they still chose to rival in games to avoid unforeseen consequences. It gets more intriguing with the right amount of suspense; you shouldn’t miss how it pans out.


Keep learning from people, books, and movies, don’t shut anything out. Once you immerse yourself in the race to become an entrepreneur, you cannot raise your shoulder pad too high. It’s mixed feelings all the way, but you’ll get there. Now, get your popcorn set for these movies about entrepreneurs. A day won’t be enough to finish it all but take your time. Besides, what is learning without doing? All the best. The entire team is rooting for you. Chao!

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