Morning Routines to Start a Healthy Day

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It is a known fact that to have a productive day, a healthy morning routine should be endorsed. A great day is better than a good day, and your morning habits or routines can be the ones to make that difference. It all begins when you get out of bed, how you get into bed, and what you do before getting into bed. 

So to have a great day, you must choose a healthy morning routine that nurtures happiness, encourages flow, sets you up to finalize essential tasks, and supports your work-life balance. Below are Important, tested, and trusted healthy morning routines for a great and healthy day.

Important Healthy Morning Routines

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

 As much as you would love to believe it, the routines for a healthy day do not start that morning. If you are preparing to create a great day that day itself, it is a significant error, and you would most likely have a near-average routine to start a day with prepping for the morning. What you do the night before significantly impacts the day ahead. It is the beginning of your healthy morning routine. Getting good big nights is crucial for a productive day. For most of us, getting a whole night of 8 hours each night as recommended seems impossible and unachievable. But this is not true. The problem is we have neglected our bodies and Punished ourselves all in the bid to make money and meet up with other daily activities forgetting that a healthy mind is a healthy brain. (a healthy body inclusive). Getting a quality sleep of 8 hours is very much possible. It only requires a bit of planning, strategy, commitment, and determination. There are a few advisable tips to follow when getting a quality night. These include the following:

  • Preparation Work: A little prep works the night before tackles fatigue in the morning and loads of work when you wake up in the morning. Things like Morning breakfast, for example, steel-cut meals with berries, can be partly arranged and refrigerated. Set aside the things you’d need for the new day, so you don’t get frustrated while trying to locate them.
  • Wind down at the end of the day: Avoid strenuous activities like exercising and heavy lifting towards the close of the day; a cool bath would keep you fresh, or try reading a book to induce sleep. All the strenuous activities should be done during the day; if there are any left, leave them until the next day. Make sure you don’t stress yourself before you go to bed.
  • Electronic discipline: Gadgets can be distracting; spending 2 hours on the internet or indulging in your favorite show feels like a few minutes. Set a time to Put off the TV and other electrical appliances which are not necessary for the night to avoid distraction. Instead, get comfortable on the couch or bed with a warm cup of decaf tea.
  • Early to rising: Set your alarms for eight hours or more to ensure quality sleep. This will only work if you go to bed early. Early to bed also plays a vital part in getting up early.
  • Don’t snooze your alarm: Avoid the snooze button because it can be detrimental to your morning routine. The reason is that while you may intend to get ten more minutes of sleep, hitting the snooze can quickly become half an hour.

The techniques mentioned above will help you achieve quality sleep for eight hours and still wake up feeling refreshed and agile. Just be mindful and intentional about your actions.

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  1. Wake up a few minutes earlier than you used to

After having a good night’s rest, the next item on your healthy morning routine is waking up earlier. Waking up about 10 minutes earlier than you used to is a positive turnout in your daily routine. It gives you more than enough time to look back at yesterday’s achievement and consider what went well, what could have been better, and then discover ways to make it better which would help improve your daily life, thereby making today better from the flops you discovered yesterday and making tomorrow better by avoiding the mistakes of yesterday.

  1. Self-care practice

Your definition of self-care is unique to you. They are the routine you create to support your happiness and improve your wellbeing. You can look for things that make your body feels good. Below are some unique ideas from which you can create a self-care routine unique to you.

  • Take a hot shower to relax or a cold bath as the weather demands.
  • Scribble encouraging and motivating quotes and mantras on the board or in a journal to get a positive vibe.
  • Repeat positive affirmation. It is said that what you say or believe is what you will become. Therefore you should speak positivity Into your life daily. Positive affirmations can motivate you to put in your best in all you do and believe in yourself throughout the day. Some examples of everyday positive affirmations are:

          ○ I am blessed.

          ○ I am excited for the day.

          ○ I’ll have a great week.

          ○ I am the best version of myself.

          ○ I am beautiful and loved

          ○ I am unique and many more.

You are advised to say these positive affirmations aloud or write them in a journal as part of your healthy morning routine to cultivate a more positive outlook. Of course, you can also add yours to it.

  • Read books you love to prepare your brain for the day’s activities. Motivational, vision-oriented books or magazines to be updated would do.
  • Apply a face mask to take care of your skin. Everybody wants to glow and have flawless skin, so don’t forget to take care of your skin. Take advantage of self-care to support a healthy work-life. Balance and reduce stress-related issues.

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  1. Healthy activities

For a productive day, a healthy morning routine is essential. So you’re advised to drink a full glass of water to stay hydrated. Hydration is a vital key to human health and wellbeing. Creating a routine of staying hydrated by gulping down a full glass of water when you wake up before your morning cup of coffee or tea is a crucial component of a great morning routine because it makes you feel great. When you feel good, you tend to be more focused and, consequently, more productive. This also helps fight dehydration which is caused by caffeinated drinks.

After a glass of water, you can now go for a cup of tea or coffee, making waking up easier and increasing the likelihood of sticking to your morning routine.

Likewise, you can take this time to breathe and give yourself a few minutes of mindfulness before you begin the rest of your morning routine. And don’t forget to be intentional about everything you do.

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  1. Work out /exercise

Preventing depression is just one of the many benefits of early morning workouts. This healthy morning routine adds other bonuses, including having a healthy sleep and waking with increased energy, among many others. You can also avoid mental fatigue by forming training in your morning routine. Some of the morning exercises you can try to get your heart rate up include:

  • Riding a stationary bike while watching the morning news or listening to music.
  • Jogging around your neighborhood 
  • Practicing Yoga to strengthen your core can also help set you up for success and keep you fit.
  • Go for a brisk walk or hit the gym. If you have 20-30 minutes to spare 
  • Make a morning playlist as it is believed that music melts stress.
  • Don’t forget to stretch every part of your body before getting out of bed. You may be surprised that a few stretches can promote efficiency and prepare your body for the day’s activities. Opt for a few legs and arm stretches. This will warm your body muscles and prepare them for the exercise session or work for the day, so don’t hesitate to work out the kinks with Yoga. Move your body in all directions.

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  1. Be intentional about your actions

To promote a healthy morning routine, you must be very much Intentional about every action you take, be determined, and be consistent. Know what works for you and what doesn’t.Plan how much time you’ll need for your morning routine and daily chores, and then plan how much time you have to yourself. Engage thoughtfully in your daily activities. It would be best if you also put off checking your phones in the morning because it distracts your whole morning routine. you are either stuck on Instagram or replying to one chat or the other

Make a to-do list if you’re a forgetful type. A to-do list is prioritizing your tasks for the day. Transidedicatingr tasks in the morning from personal time day professional time by dedicating your time each morning to reviewing the day’s activities. You can do this each morning by making a to-do list to avoid asking yourself questions like “ok. what next? or a personal planner. The more you have an autopilot, the better it is for you.

  1. Automate your morning

The next healthy morning routine is automating your morning. When you automate your morning, you develop habits that in no time feel second nature. For example, you are advised to make your bed as soon as you get off the bed in the morning and open the cotton to let the light in. Also, make your bed before you get into bed at night. The reason for this is manifold. It goes a long way in making your space less cluttered. It also encourages good sleeping hygiene. (who wouldn’t want to jump into an already made bed?). This part of the healthy morning routine does some incredible psychological work behind the scenes, and it would also drive you to keep the rest of your room and your whole house clean in no time. Remember, navy admiral Willian H Raven once said, “If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.”

  1. Meditation

Meditation supports relaxation and also works hand in hand with positive affirmations. This is an important healthy morning routine. Create time to sit with your thoughts and breathe deeply. Only think about things that motivate or encourage you, as negative thoughts will only ruin your day. You can also create an efficient routine by pairing your affirmations with a deep breathing exercise such as roll breathing. Say your affirmations out loud while you are in a state of calmness or quietly if you choose.

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  1. Maintain a fixed bedtime and waking up time

Next on the list of healthy morning routines is maintaining a fixed bedtime, and waking time is crucial because it sets your internal clock or circadian rhythm, which makes for better quality sleep. Finally, engage thoughtfully in each part of the routine because it reduces rushing and reactivity and increases the sense of calm and pleasure from completing the routine.

  1. Have a healthy breakfast

After you have had your entire glass of water and probably a cup of coffee or tea, a healthy and nutritious morning breakfast is also required. It is vital to achieving a healthy morning routine, so you should eat food that is rich in protein. Protein helps in building the body and also repairing worn-out tissues in the body. To get energy for the day, a highly nourishing meal is Important because it boosts focus and mood. A healthy morning meal cleans protein, fruits, whole grains, or vegetables.


A healthy morning routine will promote wellness and prepare you for a successful day. From staying away from social media to a few leg and hand stretches in bed to making your bed and opening the cotton to let light in, drinking a full glass of water, having tea or coffee, and listening to a podcast or music, many more. There are just too many steps to create a unique and healthy morning routine that works for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a morning person; making a way that works for you will help promote wellness, and it is also essential to staying productive and efficient for the rest of the day.

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