5 of the Best Programming Languages to Learn as a Beginner

Invest in Yourself: Learn the Art of Programming

by Oluwatosin Ajayi
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We’ve often heard that nearly every profession requires some math. These days, programming has crept into almost everything we now do. It goes from gaming to computing to web development, etc. It helps us automate, gather, analyze, and calculate data accurately. 

With the rate at which programming needs increase, many people now learn programming. It no longer matters their educational background. If you did not study Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical Electronics Engineering, and other related courses but want to invest in yourself and make cool cash from programming, this post is for you. 

What is Programming?



Programming is the process of giving a computer or machine a set of instructions in the language it understands. It also specifies how a computer or machine should process the information given and produce results. 

Computer instructions, in this case, can either be simple or complex. For example, it could be providing the square of 5 or solving a quadratic equation.

However, to understand tasks better, humans must instruct computers syntactically using programming languages. So let us now look at some of the programming languages you should learn.

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5 Major Programming Languages you should Learn

We all communicate using different languages. In Nigeria alone, we have over 200 ethnic groups with different languages. Computers also require different languages to run and act. Here, we shall examine a few of them you can learn as a beginner. 

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. Javascript
  4. C#
  5. PHP
  1. Java


Generic java programming code written on screen.

Java is a multi-purpose programming language. It is often used in game development, web development, mobile applications, graphical user interface (GUI), etc. This means if you are planning to venture into game development, web development, and developing embedded systems, Java is for you. 

You can also use Java to create applications without any fee. This is because the programming language is open-source and available for trial.

Some of Java’s advantages are ease of use, code maintenance, improved communication between processes, and improved CPU utilization. 

If you are considering learning programming, you should choose Java as a beginner. The language is easy to understand and makes data processing simple. 

It also gives you access to different development tools like android studio, net beans, etc. These tools will allow you to create and debug your program with ease. 

  1. Python


Program Code – Python and Flask framework

Python is helpful in different fields; machine learning, data science, data analysis, computer science, web development, etc., and for different purposes. 

Even though some beginners discontinue learning Python because they claim it got difficult along the line, it is a wonderful programming language. 

Python is a multi-purpose scripting and syntactical language. So, when you learn to program using Python, you can function in any field you choose. For example, you can do data analysis, machine learning, automation, software testing, web development (back-end), etc.

Python’s advantages are that it is easy to learn, applicable to real-life situations, and supports various programming classifications. 

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  1. Javascript


A sample code written in Javascript

Learning Javascript is another way to invest in yourself. Stack Overflow reports that 68% of developers use Javascript, which is used on more than 98% of websites.

You can use the programming language to build applications, develop games, and create websites. You can build different mobile and web applications with any Javascript application framework; React, Node.js, and React Native.

Some websites using this programming language include Twitter, Netflix, Shopify, etc. So, if you want to create powerful websites like this, you can learn how to use Javascript. 

In web development, you can use Javascript to implement features like adding animations, zooming in and out of an image, showing and hiding menus, playing audio or video, etc.

If you have a game idea in mind and you’re looking for a way to make it happen, Javascript is the way. With Javascript, you can create a platform, racing, and puzzle games.

  1. C# (C- sharp)

c sharp

C sharp programming language source code example on monitor.

C# is also versatile and helpful in various fields. You can learn C# if you are already exposed to other programming languages. It is useful for web development, games, and Windows applications. C# is easy to read, saves time when used to program, and is object-oriented. 

  1. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)


A sample code written in PHP

PHP is an open-source programming language used to script websites. You can use it for web development, GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), etc. The programming language works effectively on all platforms. This means you are not limited to a type of operating system to use PHP.

It is easy to learn, and it syncs with all databases. Some companies that use PHP are Wikipedia, web hosting platforms like BlueHost, and content management systems like Magento.

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Where to Learn Programming in Nigeria (Free & Paid) 

As the Nigerian economy continues to carry us dey go where we no know, many of us now keep two jobs, acquire new skills, and set up new businesses. You can check these channels if you’re willing to learn programming and invest yourself.

  1. YouTube


YouTube is the a place to learn programming free

YouTube is a free platform to learn programming from different channels. These channels can put you through any programming language as a beginner. 

  1. Anchorsoft



This academy teaches you programming languages like PHP, Python, Javascript, etc. You can study on-site on weekdays or weekends, especially if you’re in Lagos.

  1. Decagon Academy



This institution teaches more object-oriented programming languages. The training is on-site and lasts for six months. You only pay when you’ve found a job. They also help you find fitting entry-level and mid-level jobs. The training holds on-site in Lagos.

  1. Udemy



Udemy is an online learning platform where you can learn different programming languages. The platform offers both free and paid courses. You have to look through to confirm if there are free programming courses. If there are none, the paid ones are affordable.

You can learn Javascript, Python, C#, Kotlin, etc., from the comfort of anywhere you are in Nigeria. Its accessibility takes away the worry of not having a physical academy to attend near you. 

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Wrap it Up

Programming is one of the lucrative skills to acquire if you plan to go into web development, software development, mobile app development, etc. If you’ve been asking questions like “is programming a good career? Do you have to be smart to code? The answer is yes. If you also ask, “how can I learn programming by myself?” Read books, follows expert programmers, and apply what they teach.

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