How to Survive in the Nigerian Tech Space as a Newbie

by David Obiyenwa
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Like many great tech or business ideas, almost all tech startups in Nigeria stem from a bad experience. But, on the plus side, this ignites an enthusiasm for finding new solutions to problems that may otherwise go unsolved. In other words, the desire to do something different affords the entrance to beginners in the Nigerian tech space.

However, this part is usually hidden from most beginners in the tech industry. Transitioning your brand’s idea or product from ‘nobody-knows to everybody-knows’ could be overwhelming. 

How do I create a buzz around it?

 How do I move past the limited funds? 

These and many other questions this article aims to answer are what get many beginners in the tech industry up at night. All it takes now is a chilled coke and popcorn, and prep yourself for the knowledge needed to survive in the Nigerian tech space.

Nigeria’s Startup Ecosystem


The Nigerian Startup Ecosystem

Knowing the ambiance around your intended pursuit into the Nigerian tech space will do more good, as we will be discussing later. The common saying goes, “if your startup can survive in Nigeria, it can survive anywhere else.” This saying has found its expression with many Nigerians in the diaspora—Nigeria fashions in us the passion and tenacity to survive. 

Fortunately, the byzantine and hostile regulatory systems in Nigeria have earned a medal for it as the capital for tech startups in Africa. This means there are more beginners in the tech industry in Nigeria than in any other African country.

This can be validated by a Statista report, In 2021, there were 144 fintech startups in Nigeria. Compared to the previous years, such as 2019 with 101, the number of startups in this sector experienced an increase. Other sectors, such as health-tech and Edu-tech, have also experienced an increase in the last few years. Let us dig into how Nigerian startups have raised 60% of the $2.9 billion raised by Africa-based tech startups since 2021. 

The Huge Market Opportunity for Beginners in the Tech Industry

Nigeria’s population outweighs every other African country. This high population number has been an advantage to the Nigerian tech space. Tech in Nigeria is afforded a highly bright future due to the country’s vast and expanding population.

The nation with an educated middle class, rapid urbanization, and strong economic prospects creates a huge market for innovative ideas from beginners in the tech industry. Nigerians are desperate for change and development. The tech space, as a result, is hallowed already with a prepared, hungry market.

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Optimized Tech Environment

Many states have become a haven for tech in Nigeria. Clustering startups in cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Abeokuta, and Kaduna attracts investors. According to the data from StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index, Lagos ranked the top on the list of startup cities in Africa.

The ecosystem around tech in Nigeria creates thriving moments for beginners, with the high influx of investors taking a keen interest in their services.

A Continuous Flow of Investment

We stated earlier about the influx of investors into the tech space in many states in Nigeria. This has helped many startups raise their funds and the need for more talents in tech in Nigeria.

In addition, Nigeria received 2020 the highest equity funding in Africa. This has helped skyrocket the growth rate of the Nigerian Tech space.

Expansion Movements

Tech in Nigeria is exposed to investments afforded by both local and foreign investors. This enhances expansion in search for profitability and access to foreign capitals in other countries. In the last four years, at least four Nigerian startups have expanded into new locations. As a result of this expansion, the Nigerian tech space has gathered more global relevance.

The sustainability of Nigeria’s ecosystem is made possible by the country’s strong technological foundation. You have a choice in how you choose to participate as a beginner in the tech industry.

You have the option of working independently, remotely, or onsite full-time. Finally, you can decide to be the custodian of a tech startup. Most techies’ greatest dream is to become an entrepreneur.


5 Ways To Survive In The Nigerian Tech Space

1.   Intentionality With Rigor in Determination

As we previously stated, every tech tycoon entered the industry out of a desire to find a novel solution to a problem. Unfortunately, obstacles exist in the highly respected Nigerian tech space that may prevent success.

To succeed as a novice in the computer industry, one must undergo a profound mental transformation supported by sincere objectives. Make a plan for reaching your objectives, be deliberate about it, and resolve not to back out at any cost. That is how to succeed in the tech industry.

2.   Be Marketable

It’s great that you have an idea, but also know that many people will benefit. Nobody in the tech industry is indifferent to making money. Tech in Nigeria is incredibly lucrative. However, if you lack the necessary starting skills, you will fall behind in this space.

As a novice in the tech business, it makes more sense to develop a marketable solution that addresses peoples’ problems. It’s best to refresh your abilities frequently as a freelancer to stay marketable.

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3.   Profitability

As we’ve already stated, the objective of any business or person is to increase revenue. Therefore, it is advantageous for you to arrive with an eye toward profitability. As you continue on your adventure, be prepared to earn more money.

As much as you want to tackle an issue, you should be more mindful of your financial situation as a business or lone ranger in the tech sector.

4.   Build Relationships

In business, relationships and people are everything. “You don’t close a transaction, you create a connection if you want to build a long-term, successful organization,” Patricia Fripp once said in a quotation. In other words, make sure your actions are focused on people. Both foreign and local investors support the majority of newcomers.

Any newcomer to the industry could benefit from a well-performed act. Wear your finest smile at all times and visualize yourself succeeding greatly in the tech industry.

You need to meet with people who have played the game in the tech space. Join our Whatsapp Community to make new friends that can influence your journey in tech. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch our previous webinar centered on technology.

5.   Be a Big Disruptor

Nigeria’s tech industry is constantly evolving and has no plans to stop. To continue evolving as the tech business does is one surefire strategy to make it through as a novice.

Develop goods or services that will challenge and eventually replace the current market leaders. In the Nigerian tech market, this remains at the top.

Do I have to code?

Is coding necessary for a profession in technology? This is a common question that is thrown into the air. A significant portion of those working in Nigeria’s tech sector is programmers has long since been a cliché. It can be challenging to learn to code, so you might not want to put yourself through the strain.

You can work in the Nigerian tech space without knowing how to code. Techies without coding skills are welcome in the tech sector. If you want to work in the IT business but don’t want to learn how to code, here is a list of non-coding IT skills you can pick up;

  • Information Architecture
  • UI/UX design
  • Product Management
  • Technical writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Technology journalism
  • Business Analyst
  • Software Quality Tester
  • Software Sales Representative

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We now have a solid knowledge of the Nigerian tech space and know how to start as beginners in the tech industry. It’s more like you’re embarking on a journey as a startup or independent contractor.

Of course, you should take pleasure in the journey and strive to improve daily. But what should drive you to stay alive in the Nigerian tech industry?


The Nigerian Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, once said in a speech that he knows no other set of people as obsessed with constant self-improvement as young Nigerians, at home and abroad. This drive to not just be better but to be the best they can aspire to be what defines us.

The Nigerian tech industry lingers to be the best ecosystem in the world, and you can be among the game-changers. You have to be ready to pay the dues and learn how to survive in the space because many people have given up due to much pressure and inability to think of new ideas.

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