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customers appreciation

Everyone loves to be accorded appreciation. You want gratitude for helping out. People desire to be thanked for little things. Even a fragile man who walks in italics expects admiration for building a city and his followers plan to gift him the country to rule.  The streets can be odd like that. But in the true essence of appreciation comes joy, motivation, and peace.

One thing you can’t get wrong about appreciation are its appealing qualities. So, you can imagine what it would do or drive when customers appreciation in business is evident. If you consider what it takes to start up a business, the effort invested to gain customers and even keep them.

You’d understand that customers appreciation can exert a significant shift in the validity of a business in any country, Nigeria inclusive. It’s a cardinal art for both employers and employees to influence.

All points being taken into consideration, you should know the process and if it’s a norm for you, harnessing new ideas could spruce up your approach.  So, let’s get familiar with some of the processes and benefits of customers appreciation in business.

How to Implement Customers Appreciation in Business

  1. Introduce promo or discount in price

If you’re a fresh business owner, welcome to the entrepreneurs’ membership group. Thankfully, this isn’t a journey of no return. This idea might sound stressful especially if you haven’t made sales or your input exceeds your valuable return.  But you should understand that just the same way you’re working to earn income, the same applies to your clients.

 A discount in price reflects that you are empathetic. It might not necessarily keep every client. But it pins you on their good side. As little as a discount on every first order might seem, it’s a memorable way to appreciate customers in business. 

No one wants you to lose your business so it’s beneficial to calculate your prices and leave room for promo. You can decide to also make it once a month, every weekend. There’s also a shot to create special offers for referrals. Take your time but don’t neglect the profit it can yield.

customers appreciation

 If your target customers are elite aka the “I don’t check price tag” group, you might deem it fit to rescind the idea, Good! But better is the ability to apprehend that regardless of their position, they are humans. And it’s always an upside to be the peculiar vendor for customers appreciation in business. 


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  1. Surprise your clients with a “thank you gift” 

For every sale, there’s a matching thank you note. It might not necessarily be an essay but an appealing text that conveys the message. What about considering a thank you gift? If your client is to pay a sum of N10,000 for an order and your gain falls within the range of N3,000 – 5,000, that’s cool cash on ten orders daily. You can give up a thousand naira to get something from the list of household or office essentials, toiletries, name it. 

This prior illustration cannot work for every business but one radical thing you should take out is affinity. You make sacrifices for those you care about so whatever amount or method you decide on, build a relationship. No one pioneers a business to record losses but because you’re not dealing with bots, customers appreciation in business takes wisdom.

customers appreciation

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  1. Put the spotlight on customers 

Just before you worry about how some customers prefer to be low-key, take a chill pill. You will encounter diverse individuals in business. Some will subject you to sweating under the AC with numerous inquiries and conclude on minor orders.

It’s annoying and to think the catchphrase, “customers are always right ” still remains advocated. Do your soft life a favor of not dwelling much on yesterday’s delay or today’s loss, focus on what’s ahead.  You will make progress but you can also cultivate the habit of taking interest in a thing or more that matters to clients. 

If anyone is fine with being recognised, give them a shout-out and thank them publicly. You know how the economy can be dire, randomly send them optimistic messages unrelated to business. Acting out on this version of customers appreciation in business isn’t as seamless as reading it out loud. But, you know where you’re headed so, pull people along. 

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  1. Be a top supporter of customers 

It’s safe to say that referrals are one of the valid ingredients of a growing business or creative. No client is small. If you’re aware that your customers have a business or talents that could use promotions, be the vendor who raises a helping hand.

Customers appreciation in business is manifested through retweets, reposts, mentions, and tags of things that bring them joy or earnings. Even if it’s a one-time act, you upgrade the significance of both yourself and your business. 

There’s nothing more commendable than dishing what you hope to attract. The greater good will be to guide your mind to drink water and mind your business. You don’t want to be caught off guard holding grudges against a client that doesn’t reciprocate the referral energy. 

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Bottom line 

Know this and know peace. There’s a really good edge you get over competitors than the downside when you acknowledge customers appreciation in business. Think deeply about it. You’re the one who has a comprehensive idea of the labor invested to push your business forward. Either it’s single-handedly or with the help of a team. 

And not even  to centre one’s thoughts on an economy that doesn’t offer you a platter of support. Don’t sleep on these ideas. You need referrals. You need more clients. You need good street credibility. Your efforts should not just go in vain so carry customers appreciation in business on your head if you have to. 

The client who currently makes below your pay grade might subsequently get an upgrade or maybe a better-paying job. Help them keep you in their mind as the best choice not only for what you sell but how you make them feel. It’s an intentional effort so, wake up and activate customers appreciation for your business. Nigeria will not happen to us oh. 

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