10 Tips on How to have Fun during Traffic Congestion in Nigeria

by Oluwatosin Ajayi
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10 Tips on How to have Fun during Traffic Congestion in Nigeria

This country is hard to live in, and one of the reasons is the constant traffic congestion. When we talk about traffic congestion in Nigeria, you know we mean ‘Lagos traffic,’ as we all call it.

So, to make your life easy despite this issue, we shall discuss how to beat traffic and 10 tips for enjoying your time in Lagos traffic. Also, we’ll look at items you shouldn’t buy and how to stay alert in traffic. 

How to Beat Traffic Congestion in Nigeria

  1. Follow who know road

My guy, if you want to beat Lagos traffic, you need to follow who know road o. Some people are like Google maps. They understand the Lagos road network like the back of their palms. They know every alternative route you can take if a road is congested. If you have these people in your lives, always follow their lead. In return, buy them a chilled smoothie or a few wraps of hot Amala. They deserve it. 

  1. Leave home early

You must try to leave home earlier than you should be at a place. If you can’t do this, how often would we have to tell you that Lagos is not for you? Set aside a few hours before your meeting time.

  1. Listen to the traffic report 

Lagos Traffic Radio on 96.1FM shares daily traffic updates from Mondays to Sundays. The station keeps you abreast of what Lagos roads look like when it comes to traffic for the day. Of course, you can always tune in as a Lagosian. Also, if you’re traveling to Lagos, you can tune in through your radio set/app or the Radio Garden. It will help you get a hold of Lagos traffic for the day. 

  1. Use Google Maps

Punch your destination into Google Maps to check whether there is traffic congestion on your route. Then, open the app on your phone or tablet and click on the top right. Then click ‘traffic.’

10 Ways to Have Fun in Traffic

If you get stuck in traffic because you didn’t do any of these, here’s how to make your time worthwhile.

  1. Listen to music

You’ve heard that Asake and Tiwa Savage just released a song. Now is the time to search and listen to the jam. You can quickly create a playlist from these Nigerian songs and listen away if you’ve listened to that. In the same vein, you can listen to a podcast. 

  1. Watch a movie 

You can watch the latest movies or series if Emeka hasn’t logged you out of his Netflix account. Suppose you have, head on to YouTube. Also, try to get some movies from your colleagues before leaving work if all of you are not too proud to share. 

  1. Sleep

If you’re not a driver and not on public transport, you have all the time in Lagos traffic to sleep. 

  1. Read a book

The genre doesn’t matter, pick a book and read it. It could be a soft copy, a paperback, or an audiobook. Even though the road will not be as quiet as a library, some of what you read will still stick. Then, schedule the following reading for the next day of traffic congestion. Before you know it, you’ll be done reading the book.

  1. Preach

As a good Nigerian, you should continue preaching to those who come to your bus at the park. Would you not like to tell people how great it is to come to God? I bet you do.

  1. Play a game

Get your phone and play your favourite game. Your time in traffic could even be when you’ll crack that puzzle of a nut. If you want to try a new game, you can pick and explore from these mood-boosting mobile games. 

  1. Advertise

Carry a few of what you sell around. Don’t just be a Twitter crochet creator or Instagram vendor. Advertise your business too in public transport. Who knows if that’s the day Florence Otedola would love to have a feel of public transport? You might sell an expensive pink wig that day. Think about this when alone. 

  1. Catch up on work

No carry your system out o. Just do what you can with your phone. For example, check that email you ignored when your boss sent it a few minutes before the close of business. 

  1. Clear unread messages 

This is an opportunity to reply to the messages you’ve ignored for a long. It’s an excellent time to open and close those group messages that leave an annoying bubble on your phone.

  1. Press your phone

10 Tips on How to have Fun during Traffic Congestion in Nigeria

You may work where phone use isn’t allowed. Take all the time available to have fun in traffic by pressing your phone. Who buys an iPhone 14 without pressing it?! Shey you dey whine me ni? Guard down a little bit and just surf around Instagram. It’s the perfect time to find out the latest news on some popular politicians on Instagram.

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How to Stay Alert while in Traffic Congestion in Nigeria

  1. Don’t sleep, Don’t sleep…

Wake up. You can only sleep all you want if your dad is driving or you’re with the love of your life. On the other hand, please don’t sleep on public transport, so they don’t collect your money. Always remember that if you snooze, you lose. 

  1. Mind the window

I remember a tweet I read. Pressing your phone carelessly by the window makes it easy to snatch. So, no go loose guard o.

Traffic Congestion in Nigeria

  1. Stay away from small talks

Small talks are meant to distract you. Please don’t fall for it. Nothing concern you with wetin no concern you. The person making the small talk has probably seen your iPhone and wants to steal it and become a baller like you. 

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3 Things you Shouldn’t Buy in Traffic

With the rate of what you can buy in traffic congestion in Nigeria, you can set up a building or even cook a pot of soup. However, here are some things you should avoid buying in traffic. 

  1. Maybe earphones, but not power banks

If you’re in dire need of earphones for music, radio, podcast, or audiobook, you can risk some cash to buy earphones. But, friend, do not buy power banks as they can be fake or not functional. Your phone would be better off dead than wasting money in this harsh economy.

  1. Phones

Do you still need an explanation for this? You should know what’s up already. 

  1. Puppies

Na you know why you wan buy puppy for traffic o. Don’t do it, as these puppies might be carrying diseases. If you need a puppy, ask people who know about puppies. You could even get a place quickly by typing into Google, ‘where to buy puppies in Lagos,’ or ‘where to buy puppies near me.’

Traffic congestion can be a time waster and can be frustrating. However, finding a way to beat it or enjoy yourself while stuck in it would be best. If it has become a part of your life, try to make the most of it by using the tips provided. 

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