10 Interesting Things To Do With Your Best Friend

by Ayopadeayo Oluwadamilola

Do you remember the phrase, “you owe no one, and no one owes you”

You owe your family, friends, and those with your best interest at heart. Because someone somewhere is always rooting for you, your best friend.

Your best friend is your number one fan. But, believe it or not, no matter how you preach the self-love agenda daily, you need a little support and encouragement. Those words will come from your bestie that knows everything about you (my best friend knows the best and worst part of me). I’m sure yours do too that’s why you are here to check ideas on some interesting things to do with your best friend to foster your friendship.


Interesting things to do with your best friend.

Sometimes socializing with your best friend is the best antidote you need because you get tired of your job and other duties, but you can never be exhausted from spending time with your best friend. From the catch-up stories, play-on-words, games and chit-chat, you surely can’t get enough of them.

Those moments are cherishable with you imagining how random things can become the special routine backbone of your friendship. But, you must realize that controlling your free life wouldn’t include your best friends. The feeling is deep when it comes to our best friend forever, BFF!!!

In this article, we will share interesting things you can do with your best friends to become closer again, rekindle old fires, and reinvest more in your friendship. These are things to do with your best friend at home and outside that can never go out of style.

10 Interesting Things To Do With Your Best Friend

  1. Go Window Shopping


Window Shopping

This means you’re not buying anything from the store. You are just seeing the items through the glass and enjoying each view. It might be online or offline. Shopping can be stressful, but it sounds easy with your best man available. This is common in Nigeria, it’s an exciting experience. You can discover other things you both need and add to your list—a very interesting thing to do with your best friend often.

  1. Kitchen Adventure


Food brings people together

This is a kitchen adventure and an interesting thing to do with your best friend. Do you have a new recipe? Explore this recipe with your best friend. This becomes more fun for the gentlemen. It keeps the discussion flowing and more fun even when you make mistakes. Perhaps you are a pro in kitchen cuisine. Invite your friend over; you can sort out issues and be one again. Food brings people together!

  1. Learn A New Skill Together

Learning a new skill is another interesting thing to do with your best friend. It improves you in all areas, which is one friendship goal. You get open to new opportunities, knowledge, ideas, tips and tactics. Exploring the learning world with your best friend will be a delight. Learn a new design, language and art. You don’t have to make weekly commitments but learning new things together makes the bond great.

  1. Arrange A Sleepover

Sleepovers are fun. You get to share experiences, take wines, and talk about teen escapees and things you did in school. It gets fun when you avoid all distractions. Try this sometimes with your best friend. It is one of the interesting things to do with your best friend.

  1. Create An Experience Day

One of the most interesting things to do with your best friend is to experience a day with your bestie by booking a reservation at a park, cinema, beach, or restaurant. Someday off to be with your best friend can reconnect memories and fun times. You get to share moments, stories and what your friend might be going through.

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  1. Do A Random Sport Together

What’s that sport you love to do? Try something out of the blues, not necessarily running or jumping. It might be yoga, hiking, or an online exercise, anything to keep you calm and reconnect with yourselves. It would be best if you experienced this, it is an interesting thing to do with your best friend.

  1. Talk About Past Experiences

You are out of sight with your best friend, which means a lot has happened. Make them share an experience they had at work, office, or with friends you made when you weren’t together. Make sure they are shared because moments like this bring a flame of the moment. You don’t want to miss out on this interesting thing to do with your best friend as it brings you closer to how meaningful your friendships are.

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  1. Explore Your Cities And Town Together

That you are friends doesn’t mean you are always together. You might even stay miles or cities away. However, visiting one another can be a great and interesting thing to do with your best friend. Go out into your city together, visit new places, show them fun things you do when alone, and introduce them to friends around. This gets interesting when you take them to relaxing places to behold nature and its simplicity.

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  1. Outdoors Exploration

outdoor exploration

Go outside to feel nature

Going outdoors depends on the weather and nature. But it is surely a great and interesting thing to do with your best friend and spend time with them. Long walks with friends, holding hands, and sharing laughter can help de-stress, and you will feel inspired. There’s always a relaxing thing about nature, which gets more intriguing when feeling down. That’s the moment to share deep words of strength.

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  1. Play Video Games

Ladies, are you doing this? It will be fun and interesting to do with your best friend. Remember how it is when you don’t know what you are doing, the laughter, chatter and happy moments? Perhaps men are used to playing video games, but you know how interesting it will be to do that with your best buddy, beating him blue-black? That draws you closer, and you get to remember the last time you did something like that and want to experience more together.


Sharing moments, experiences, ideas, and pasts can make you the admin of your best friend’s life. One thing about being best friends is being there (always) for each other. It is great to do when you have someone you can count on and vice versa. Probably your best friend is going through hurt, be a shoulder to lean on, searching for a job, give them recommendations, celebrating a new job, home, child, skill advancement, getting married, some out time with them is admirable.

Apart from that, spending time and having some interesting things to do with your best friend make your friendship last, fun, and bring you closer together. There’s much more to life than just your day-to-day job. So go all out, get creative and explore your friendship with the ten interesting things to do with your best friend we have listed in this article. Stay happy best friend!

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